Bike locks & Bike Security / Bicycle lock Test – 2015/2016

Bicycle lock Test – 2015/2016

Bicycle lock test – Always on the safe side

Bike lock from the bicycle lock test

Fahrradschloss Test – If you look at the price of a bicycle and juxtaposes these to the average income of a citizen, so one quickly, a purchase like a high-quality bike is not always favorable and not always easy. If you have bought a high-quality bicycle, one might even long have something like this. There must also be a high-quality bike lock forth.
It is important that the bicycle lock the new but also the old bike so ensures that it is done thieves possible difficult or impossible to steal the bike. In 2012 were approximately 326,159 bicycle thefts in police displayed. (source: Wikipedia) Protect yourself from having your bike with flows in the next statistics, even if you have a good bike insurance have the expense and trouble is too great. We show what is still important even 2016th

What is important in a good bike lock?

A good, high-quality bike lock should meet several characteristics. Of course, safety is given top priority. In addition to safety, the topic weight and size should play a role. Is it a free bike lock, not fixed to the frame, then it should not be too heavy, but it lose none of safety.

These locks also the transport is important, bulky and heavy, it should not be. Also it should not be too quick to crack or break. Also, it should not interfere with the bike, eg. By an over-width or weight Also the bike should not be damaged, as. By a chain lock without gummingAnnoying, it is then, however, once you lose the key, and then himself is the one who has to crack or break the bike lock.

Good wheel locks should therefore:

  • Small and lightweight
  • secure and stable
  • be low and high quality

Fahrradschloss Test - lock the bicycle on the KepäckträgerEveryone has this other claims for itself and to the bicycle lock. The right wheel lock can be found on the bicycle lock test. Here, different bicycle locks with different attributes are compared. Normally be in testing features such as the weight, not as highly valued, here is the ADAC / ADFC bicycle lock test, with safety in mind. Of course, the handling plays a role in handling, but this is not critical for safety. The winner of each report so you can designate as safe. The ADFC has it brought out its own seal. Bicycle locks the seal from the ADFC to offer maximum protection against theft.

Cheap Fahrradschlösser often scare only optically from

Bicycle lock on street signCheap processed cable locks often provide no protection and can usually already be cracked with an ordinary wire cutter or a small bolt cutters. It rather serves as a visual deterrent.

There has been a thief apart on the bicycle, cheap locks and cable locks hold him not starting.Also prone to thefts are simple padlock, it can be frozen partially by ice spray and burst with a hammer.

Do you remember the frame locks?

Frame lock made of sheet metalThe cheap models from sheet metal are easy to crack. Sometimes it can happen inadvertently. Simply lift the rear wheel in the air, roll on the front and then abruptly leave the rear fall to the ground.

Through that momentum the cheap frame locks are already bent out of the locking mechanism and can be pushed aside now easily. Also, opening by bolt cutters is easy. Better Frame locks, including the xa Defender RL is much more stable and not easy to open with this trick like that.

Various types of locks compared

We distinguish in principle between castles, which are firmly mounted on the bicycle, and those that are loose and have no fixed connection to the bicycle.

The former include the so-called frame locks, these are usually mounted on the luggage carrier attachment. Castles like the

  • U-lock,
  • Chain locks or
  • Folding

are often mounted in a holder on the frame, but may be taken out therefrom. The advantage is, these locks can also be used for other cycles. A unscrewing a frame lock designed to the effect difficult.

Bicycle lock test - padlock and Folding

Our appeal to you, buy a decent lock and protect your bike about to be stolen. Choose a castle from the bicycle lock test. Also in 2015, the winner of the years previously still safe.

The bicycle lock test

We provide in the table below present a selection of locks that met with “very good” or “good.” Like the helmet test we have summarized the results in a table. In our bike lock test in 2015 as having Faltschloss Lidl   just enough abegeschnitten.

mounted Folding the bicycle frame - Abus Bordo

The padlocks having uGrip Plus 501 of Abus finished with 1.9 in the final grade and with a partial score of 1.1 in the durability. In the area that is Folding Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500with an overall score of 2.1 found above. Here convinced the length and the possibility to connect the bike to another subject. More about the Abus Faltschlössern you will also find in our Abus Bordo products . In the field of chain locks itself could AXA Cherto Compact 95prevail with the total test score of 2.0.

Overview – locks from the bicycle lock test 2014/2015/2016

image manufacturer Type Bewert. price provider
AXA Toucan Folding Good N / A
N / A
AXA Linq Castle, Black, One Size AXA Linq chain lock Very good € 42.50
€ 49.95
AXA Linq City Bike Lock, Black, One Size AXA Linq City chain lock Very good € 31.34
€ 36.95
Axa chain closed Cherto 95 "black 5900269500S AXA Cherto 95 chain lock Good € 23.50
ABUS Folding 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus, Black, 85 cm, 55160 Abus Granit X-Plus 54/160 HB 300 U-lock Very good € 79.59
€ 129.95
TRELOCK FS455 / 84 Folding FS 455 black / silver, 85 cm Trelock FS 455 Folding Very good € 54.64
€ 79.99
ABUS Folding Lock Bordo 6000/120 Big, Black, 120 cm, 51794 Abus Bordo Big – 120 cm Folding Very good € 59.90
€ 93.95
Trelock Schloss BC 515/110/8, 8001695 Trelock BC 515 chain lock Very good € 54.02
€ 76.99
Kryptonite U-Lock Evolution Mini-5 Frame with Flex holder 3500327 Kryptonite Evolution 5 U-lock Good € 32.80
€ 49.95
Kryptonite U-Lock Evolution 4 hrs. FlexFrame holder 3500329 Kryptonite Evolution 4 U-lock Good € 45.85
€ 69.95
AXA DEFENDER frame lock RL black Axa Defender RL frame lock Very good € 16.39
ABUS Folding 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus, Black, 85 cm, 55160 Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 Folding Good € 79.59
€ 129.95
ABUS Ugrip Plus 501/160 HB 230+ USH, Black, 58487 uGrip Plus 501 Abus U-lock Very good € 57.50
€ 88.95
Axa chain closed Cherto 95 "black 5900269500S AXA Cherto Compact 95 chain lock Good € 23.50
AXA Faltschloss FLC 800, Gray, 59800495SB AXA Faltschloss 800 Folding Satisf. € 38.50
€ 54.95
Tchibo Stahlkabe Ungen. € 9.95 Tchibo
Tchibo Fahrradschloss Folding Ungen. € 17.95 Tchibo

Data as of September 20, 2016 11:04

Results of Stiftung Warentest in 2015

The Stiftung Warentest in May about 2015. awarded in Fahrradschloss Test 05/2015 the best locks. Tested were castles of the category: U-lock, folding lock and chain lock. A total of 30 different locks were examined. We evaluated the criteria: security against being broken (70%), handling (20%), durability (5%) and pollutants (5%).

It total test scores were awarded from 1.9 to 5.5, wherein the locks with the very poor results often have high pollution levels, partly a relatively good performance in terms of safety.

Our note: The Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 would also be our castle of choice, we have very good experience in securing our wheels can do with the Faltschlössern.

Know the safest bicycle lock in the world?

Just look at the video, they will laugh and be sure to catch it as you have yourself thinking once about that possibility.

Our recommendation is that Axa Basta Defender RL as a frame lock and the Abus Granit X-Plus 54/160 HB 300 as padlock. These bicycle locks make it difficult a potential bike thief.Basically, it comes to the time a thief needs to crack to push up. A perfect anti-theft protection is hard to find. Bicycles are stolen spontaneous and fast rule. Popular places for a bicycle theft are railway stations, schools, universities, colleges and other public spaces, come where many bicycles together.

Connect your bicycle to a fixed object to . The wheel is first in the hands of thieves, so the lock can be opened slowly with a Flex. Pay attention, however, that this is also allowed.Connecting with bike racks is a major hurdle for the theft.


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