Bike for beginners / Bicycle Radio Test – This need to be considered

Bicycle Radio Test – This need to be considered

Bicycle Radio Test – Then you should make before buying

Bicycle Radio with FM Batteries

Music is in the air and who wants to break in spring and summer with the bike to the next bike tour, can experience by bike Radio musical entertainment. Unlike the MP3 player such radio allows safe listening pleasure, because traveling by bike on the roads and bike paths, should never wear in-ear headphones to listen to music.

As a cyclist, you should always be aware of the fact that your hearing will help you on the road. Do you want to hear when cycling music, earplugs reduce your security seriously, because you can not hear ambient noises (horns, sirens, shouts, etc.) more. The bike radio offers you a safe alternative.

Prices, facilities and quality of bicycle Radio

Bicycle radios can be easily fixed to the bike and are available in a price range of about 12 euros to about 45 euros. For occasional jaunts may be sufficient a discount Radio. Are you often traveling by bike, it is worthwhile to invest in a better quality. With increasing price the quality of the bike radios increases.

bicycle handlebar on radio

Cheap radio models for the bicycle assemblers are often sold without batteries. Buyer is to remember mitzubestellen the right batteries. Radios in the lower price range are partly equipped with a telescopic antenna, while FM / AM tuner with better quality all have built an integrated antenna. Due to the improved security and with regard to the fact that a telescopic antenna can break off in a crash with a bike, we advise you to take only radios with built-in antenna in the shortlist.

The focus should should be on the receiving

One weakness of cheaper radio models is the reception. As you move continuously while cycling, the bicycle radio must have an automatic station search function, which automatically adjusted to the selected channel, if this is necessary. It makes sense that you can set the channels manually.

An illuminated display is an asset that pays off when driving at night or adverse weather conditions. Drive only in good weather and in daylight, can be dispensed with this function.Unfortunately, the backlight is not all bike radio standard, but should be included in a radio in the medium price range.

The ideal equipment at a glance:

  • splash protection
  • weatherproof polypropylene speaker
  • Quick release bracket
  • integrated radio antenna
  • automatic station search
  • manual station fine tuning
  • LCD display with backlight
  • USB port
  • AUX jack for connecting an MP3 player or iPhone
  • MicroSD card slot
  • replaceable battery

More powerful bike Radios

Radios in the lower price range are powered by batteries. If you decide on a model in the middle or upper price segment, is the option, should buy a lithium-ion battery. So the built-in battery can be replaced easily.

Bicycle Radio Test - volume control

In addition, to play music from the microSD card or the USB flash drive higher quality driving radios. In such a radio you are not forced to use the radio program, but can home draw your favorite music to a storage device and go to hear the music that you prefer. At the same time the bike Radio allows you at any time, during the bicycle tour to receive weather reports and traffic reports.

Size & Weight for bicycle Radio

Bicycle radios are handy devices that have a low weight. The actual size and the Radio weight depend on the chosen model. Roughly speaking, the degree to about 12 x 6 x 6 cm with a weight of between 220 to 350 grams quantify. For amateur cyclists make the dimensions of a radio thus hardly a serious burden, but the race bike radio and bracket should be removed.

Easy mounting from the radio to the bicycle handlebar

Installation of bicycle radios varies by model. Usually, the handlebar assembly, the best usability of the radio during the bike ride is guaranteed. Necessary accessories are included with every radio and a few simple steps can be the holder on the handlebars of the wheel mount. Depending on the model, a holder included for the bicycle radio included, in some models of radio holder must be purchased separately. The price for a separate radio support amounts to about 10 to 13 euros. Usually the holder of two clamps is made that are placed and bolted together around the handlebar until the retaining device for the radio is firmly on the handle bar.

Mount the bike Radio

Buyer should make sure that a quick attachment allows easy removal and attachment of the radio. So you can summarily remove your radio during stops from the handlebars to prevent theft. While most bicycle radios are waterproof, but it is advisable to remove the radio in the rain or with a film (eg. The freezer bag) cover.

The difference for Smartphone

A bicycle Radio consumes far less power than the smartphone. Some smartphone models need a wired headset as an antenna for a sufficient FM reception. The speaker in the modern smart phone is usually not as powerful and smaller than the speakers in a bike Radio.

image radio price provider
Fun Collection Radio BR 23, black Fun Collection Radio BR 23, black € 24.19
€ 39.90
Point Bicycle Radio, black, BR 24 Point Bicycle Radio, black, BR 24 € 26.95
€ 46.90
Security Plus Bicycle Radio BR 28, black and silver, 14,001,101 Security Plus Bicycle Radio BR 28 € 35.69
€ 49.00

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