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Bicycle size chart for kids

Bicycle size chart for kids

The size of a frame of a bicycle (a skeleton) is height and length of a frame, the size (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 etc.) in inches, centimetres (44, 45, 46, 47 etc.) or conditional units (XS, S, M, L, XL) in bicycle size chart. More often the vertical (seat tube) is measured, sometimes the length of the upper tube (from the steering wheel to the saddle). Check out our bicycle size chart for kids and find the right frame for your size bicycle!

When choosing a bike, start with the size of the wheel and the size of the frame. Different types of frame provide different (vertical, inclined, lying) landing and several sizes of a frame of a bicycle under different growth.

Bicycle frame

The classic diamond-shaped bicycle frame is divided into two triangles by a seat tube. A comfortable, correct fit requires the right bike frame to be selected and the saddle length, handlebar stem and handlebar inclination to be adjusted. The main types of frames are shown in the table.

Frame and type of bike

Growth, cm


130 to 190


150 to 200


160 to 190


150 to 200


150 to 180


80 to 130


120 to 160

The bike frame in the model range is made in several sizes: mountain bikes in 3 – 5 sizes, road 2 or 3 variants, and folding in one universal shoe.

The frame of a child’s bicycle has a size for a certain diameter of the wheel: the size of the wheel makes it easier to determine how to choose a child’s bicycle (table of child’s bicycle sizes)

How do you choose the size of the bike frame according to height?

Frame size, inchheight, cmFrame height, cmMarkNote
12 125 – 14030 XXS (XXSmall) Ultra-small
13130 – 15033XS (XSmall)Very small
14135 – 15535XS (Small)Very small
15140 – 16038S (Small)Small
16150 – 16540S (Small)Small
17155 – 17543M (Medium) Medium
18160 – 18045M (Medium)Medium
19165 – 18248L (Large)Large
20170 – 18550L (Large) Large
21180 – 19053XL (ExtraLarge)Very large
22185 – 19555XL (ExtraLarge)Very large
23190 – 20058XXL (XXLarge)Ultra-large
24195 – 21061XXL (XXLarge)Ultra-large

The bike frame size table is needed to select the height of the bike frame. The shootout is usually on the top of the seat tube, under the saddle. For conventional models (mountain, road), it is sufficient to measure the length of the seat tube from the carriage of the pedal assembly to the end of the upper tube in centimetres.

How to choose a bike according to child’s height?

Child’s heightAge, yearsKids’, wheel sizeTeenagers Foldable
110-115 518
140-1458-924, 2620, 24
150-155 10-1224, 2620, 24, 26

How to choose a bicycle by height and weight?

To select a bike by height and weight (depending on your body size and physical shape), look up the ratio of wheel size, frame and weight in the table. If your weight is high, it will be difficult to move around on the mountainous geometry of the frame (high tilt forward with weight transfer to the steering wheel). Choose from sturdy road or city models with a rigid front fork. A large loaded saddle and a vertical fit are better. Weighing more than 140-150 kg, you will need reinforced (with more spokes) road bikes and hiking bikes. We will help with the individual selection of the model!

The right balance between bike frame and height

Correct fit and health benefits are only possible if the bike frame is selected correctly. The spine and knee joints are lightweight and allow cycling at any age.
Avoid mistakes when choosing the correct slipform paver. You can not take the bike to the growth! At the current cost of budget models will be reasonable as the growth changes to choose a bike with the most appropriate frame size and wheel diameter.


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