Child Bike Trailers / Bicycle trailer test – Child Bike Trailer – Very good

Bicycle trailer test – Child Bike Trailer – Very good

Bicycle trailer test – kids bike trailer and more

Bicycle trailer test - 4 kids trailer compared

When bicycle trailer test, we distinguish between two different fields of application. The classic bike trailer / load trailer is designed for the transport of goods and loads. Mostly it involves a rather unspectacular structure with a frame structure and a box etc. as loading area. The second variant is the bicycle trailer for children. With him can people, more precisely, children are transported. Which trailer is for the personal needs of the right, you learn about the bicycle trailer test. What to do before the acquisition, we present in this article. The focus is on the use, safety and processing.

Children bicycle trailer test – bicycle trailers for children

If the children are still too small for its own bicycle, then the child’s bicycle trailer is the perfect alternative to not to abandon the planned nature trip. Also in the city score bicycle trailer with the flexible use. In recent years a real boom to which is bicycle trailers for children emerged. Various Manufacturers lure with different models, versions and extensions. Whether joggers, walkers or buggy, hardly a model is limited to use as a trailer.The child trailers, there is also legal regulations and guidelines that should definitely be met, more on this later in the article.

Burley D

Bicycle trailer test – Safety Child Trailer

When bicycle trailer, it also applies to the safety attention to how on the bike itself. The Chain moves at the same speed as the lead bicycle and takes just part of the road. Integrated seatbelts are to put the children on every ride and even at short distances. The seating is either formed by a spanned cloth (cloth seat) or is integrated as a seat. Also, the child should wear a helmet in the trailer. If there is an accident, the head is protected and injuries can be reduced. Matching bicycle helmets for children we have in the article for helmet testing listed.

Large tire on bicycle trailer

The Raddruchmesser determined driving

Large tires provide a safer drive and absorb small bumps the distance. At the same time the ride is quiet and the bicycle trailer is better on the road. Through a wide track, the road will also be improved. It should be mounted at least 16 inches, but preferably 20-inch wheels. The track width should not be more than 90 cm.

A bike suspension trailers absorbs vibrations and shocks

If the interest for more comfort, so choose a bike trailer with integrated suspension. These models are not always provided with an additional cost, but for frequent travelers it is a worthwhile extra. The type of suspension, the choice between a leaf spring suspension and a normal spring suspension is (see picture from Burley bike trailer). Although there is for such a trailer with regard to the suspension no statutory regulations, the ride comfort is not insignificant for the child.

Suspension on Qeridoo Sportrex-1

note seal, certificates and standards

We recommend to buy models that have a TÜV, GS or other meaningful, official seal. Often, the manufacturers also to which standards and regulations you have followed in the design and construction. Will held here on applicable standards, the trailer meets the necessary standards. More about the regulations you read further down in the article.

Sign pollutant test

A safety strap provides optimum protection when the clutch failed. The tether is thereby the bicycle and secured to the trailer and is used as a second backup. Should failure by the towbar, the tow bar from falling to the street. With this device, a wedging of the drawbar is prevented on the ground and the trailer will not overturn not characterized.

fixed rope through towbar on bicycle

Height from bicycle trailer

The teams are all substantially lower on the road than the cyclists themselves. Even if the child carrier reaches almost Sattelhähe, is with the driver upgrade, the difference again considerably. Drivers can significantly heavier seen a trailer and easily overlooked. A flag or a pennant approaching vehicles and other road users can be warned and pointed out that after the cyclist is something else.

Brakes on Child Bike Trailer

On the subject of safety also means that the trailer as far as possible has its own brake.Engages to the team from, it prevents uncontrolled rolling. Even if the trailer is not disconnected, it can not roll on slopes, climbs and descents through the brakes. The weight and the payload by a child is not to be underestimated. With distinct possibility of 30-40 kg, the inertia is in place, however, the mass moved first down, you have to muster a lot of force to stop it.

The brakes should be so designed that they can be operated quickly and easily and solve again. In addition, the brake should engage on both wheels.

Lever of a brake on the trailer

Lighting the bike trailer – bike trailer test

Each trailer should be equipped with adequate reflectors. Typically, the chain is also wider than the wheel which attracts him, what must be taken into account especially when overtaking. The “extra width” is particularly apparent when one drives a model for two children, such as the Croozer Kid for 2 or Chariot Cougar. 2

Red reflex reflector for the back and white retro-reflectors for the front. Ideally, these sit as far as possible outside. Thus the other road users is signaled directly: Attention, here comes something Wider than a normal bike.

After mounting the bicycle trailer to the bicycle should always be checked whether the rear light can be seen from the bike behind the trailer yet. Very often this is not the case. Who wants to be sure, should attach for driving in the dark, an additional light on the eagerly. For this, intrinsically bicycle lamps with batteries especially well and parking light. The spokes can be made more conspicuous with other reflectors, in this case there is no “too much”.

Taillight with battery of Trelock LS 320

Floor unit, processing and material

The pendant is available with a flexible bottom unit or a hard bottom shell. Here both versions have their advantage. While the flexible variant weighs less and possibly existing folding mechanisms can be used to stow the bike trailer, bring the hard bottom shell durability and weatherability in rain. Splash has penetrate here from below no chance in the car.

Cabin on bicycle trailer

The roof of the trailer is fitted with windows made of transparent tarpaulin, here you can look out not only the child, the parents can from each side their protege in mind. The outer shell is water-resistant and waterproof. The seams are double stitched with good quality and allow rainwater through.

The trailer should be closed completely. So no splashing and ride dirt come inside, at the same time drafts is kept away from the child. Thus, it is not too hot in summer, it is advisable to pay attention, that you can install a fly- or power grid. The positive effect here: The trailer is ventilated and insects are kept out. Many child carrier have insect screens as standard.

Ventilation plays an important role, especially in the state. If you stand at the traffic light and the sun shines with full force, it will warm very quickly in the trailer. Ventilation grille on the bottom and in the rear area ensure sufficient circulation.

Bike Trailer Test 2016 – Test results

model Sitzpl. test result price provider
Qeridoo Sportrex 1 1 Very good € 388.00
Burley child bike trailer D`Lite incl. Walking Set water repellent, D`LITE, color green Burley D’Lite 1-2 Very good € 260.00
XLC Mono children Pendant silver / lime 2016 kids trailer XLC mono 1 Good € 391.49
M-Wave Alu children and luggage-bike trailer, yellow, 20 inches M-Wave Bicycle Trailer 2 Satisf. € 225.90
Child Trailers Qeridoo KidGoo-1 incl. Disc brake blue Qeridoo Kidgoo 1 1 N / A € 218.00
Qeridoo Q6000A Green Sportrex 2 Kids Bike Trailer (2 seater) - green Qeridoo Sportrex 2 2 N / A € 399.00
homcom 5664-1099 2 in 1 Jogger Child Bike Trailer 5 colors to choose New, green / black Homcom 5664-1099 2 N / A € 109.95
Burley Transport Trolley Travoy, gray, 53.3 x 46.7 x 20.3 cm, 951 301 Burley Travoy Good (FM) € 254.95
2015 2015 2015 2015 2015
Thule Chariot Cougar 2 seater Avocado Thule Chariot Cougar 2 2 Good (Adac) € 849.00
Thule Cougar1 bicycle trailer red red Thule Chariot Courgar 1 1 Very good (TB) € 249.00

Date: September 20, 2016 14:06

Accessories and attachments

Almost all bike trailer can be extended and repurpose by components. As mentioned before the conversion is to buggy almost standard. For this purpose, an additional, third wheel is mounted at the front region in most cases. The manufacturers make mostly that this can happen without tools. The this expansion, the little ones at your destination easily and comfortably in the vehicle be moved through the area. You might want to order also jog or go running. An extension set some models can be converted into a jogger. Unlike the buggy mode here a larger, third wheel is grown.

Burley bike trailer with suspension

What to look for when bike trailer

Due to the width of the bicycle trailer should be when negotiating obstacles always look down and backwards to avoid snagging on an obstacle. A disadvantage is that of course does not have the youth directly in view. For this you can attach to a rear view mirror on the handlebar and this set up so that you can look to the trailer about him. A neighborhood is so rarely needed during the journey.

The trailer should not be wider than the door

Anyone who buys a bicycle trailer, should take particular care in the bicycle trailer test that the trailer is wider than the basement, flake or garage door. If the external dimensions is always the entire bike trailer to look at. Pay attention to it, you can easily pull the trailer through the doors without him ever fold or even having to disconnect the wheels.

Fixing the bike trailer to the bicycle

So you can fix the bicycle trailer safely, you should put in the trailer hitch on a secure closure.The classical ball coupling (like a car) is enclosed by a pan. Only the strongest shocks this clutch can lose their grip and jump the trailer from the trailer hitch. The ball hitch is attached as a rule with at the seat post bolt. For the classic bike trailer, with no persons are transported, the towbar is often also an access and sitting thus slightly higher.

Burley trailer coupling with tether

The people followers are employed, however a deep tiller and an attachment to the bicycle frame or directly on the rear axle. This is safer and can just be rapidly turned on and disconnected. Proficient takes appending less than 30 seconds. The child carrier is to do is secured by a tether.

Legal requirements for bicycle trailer

Since 2009, the legislature has established rules for driving or pulling of bicycle trailers, in which people are transported. So may max. 2 Children are admitted up to 7 years in a trailer.With such a team allowed to drive only on a cycle path and not faster than 30 km / h. Who wants to carry a child in a bike trailer, which must be at least 16 years old. Since 2013, EU safety standard for bicycle trailers, which is regulated in the DIN EN 15918 applies.

These rules should always and at all times comply with the specifications and instructions of the manufacturer. There is often speed limits to 25 km / h, a maximum weight up to 6 kg.

Pet Bicycle Trailer – The Vollstänigkeit sake

In addition to the load trailers and child bicycle trailers, there is also the dog bike trailers.Whenever you want to take his four-legged friend and this for a dog bike basket is too large, a bike trailer for dogs offers itself.

Dog bike trailer by crane with dog

Bike Trailer for Dogs

The dog can occupy inside the dog charm his place on a cushion and appraised by the window environment. Depending on the trailer there is still fasten seatbelt harness for the dog, he is also protected in case of accidents.

If you want the dog maximum comfort, you will take care that the entry in the dog trailer is back. Located at the entry behind the rear wheel, it can be a bit tight for large dogs. With the entrance at the rear of the dog can easily get on the bike trailer.

Bicycle trailer test – Conclusion

When purchasing the new bicycle trailer the budget does play a significant role. However, anyone who wants to invest in the area of 350 euros to 550 euros, find good and suitable models the fun in everyday life. Safety should be at all top priority at every bike trailer, here it is necessary to make any compromises. The processing and a high-quality impression is rounded off the decision for the right bicycle trailer. While driving you will get used to the extra 14 kg and 18 kg, more intense it is, if not a sprout in it and you sometimes have to strutting up to 45 kg behind the bicycle. There hot practice makes perfect and after the first few kilometers has a flair for the changed driving behavior. The Stiftung Warentest checks in their own tests as well as on pollutants. This is, Customised when used with children is very important.


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