Rear mounted bike racks / Bike carrier test – trailer hitch, tailgate, roof bars

Bike carrier test – trailer hitch, tailgate, roof bars

Bike carrier test: trailer coupling, roof rack, rear hatch

Bike carrier test - trailer hitch

Anyone with a bike in a strange city or region an extensive bike tour would like to make, which can charge its bikes with a bike rack flexibly and within a few minutes and pull out.Depending on the car and claim there are different carriers that are available in stores. With the bike carrier test you find the right bike rack for his bikes and his car. Depending on the vehicle vary models between models for the trailer hitch, bicycle carrier for the car roof or the tailgate. In these things you should pay attention also 2016th

Bike carrier test – models for the tow bar

The bicycle rack for the trailer hitch (bike clutch carrier) can be used individually and fits in any car that has a trailer hitch. As with a conventional trailer, also the carrier with a pan is placed and secured on the head. Here, the carrier is clamped and is located directly behind the car. An assembly is thus easily and quickly goes out of hand. With a castle is the unauthorized “uncoupling” prevented.

What to look for in a clutch carrier

It is important to pay attention to the load of the vehicle or the trailer coupling. In a vertical load of 50 kg can be achieved with the weight of the bicycle rack and the bicycles quickly limits. This advice is especially to be considered when carrying of electric bicycles. Example: the pedelec Kreidler Vitality Elite weighs about 25 kg.

Example calculation for load capacity and vertical load: Maximum vertical load of 50 kg – 13 kg weight from the carrier = 37 kg load by bicycles. All wheels together seal must not exceed 37 kg accordingly.

Bike rack on towbar without bikeFixing the bike carrier on the towbar with bicycles

All complied values for the maximum weight, the load capacity and the speed can be found on a sticker or a badge on the carrier (see picture). In order to keep the weight as low as possible, aluminum and stainless steel are used as materials for the most part. Another advantage of both materials, they put no rust.

Nameplate bike carrier with carrying capacity of Uebler

Some clutch carriers have an opening function with which you can fold the carrier forward (away from the trunk lid), to open the tailgate without problems. If you want to boot, a disassembly is not necessary.

For all bicycle racks comes while driving a high load on the material. Quality has also in this case its price, simple and inexpensive bike rack can be a security risk quickly. With the new acquisition, you should always pay attention to a TÜV seal or a GS certificate , just so you know that the bike carrier has been approved in Germany. It is important that the support is, whether mounted on the trailer coupling, on the roof or on the tailgate, according to the manufacturer. When bike carrier test is discussed these things with.

(Load is an indication how much weight must be maximum yet been loaded onto the bike trailer and is dependent on the vertical load your trailer hitch – tire prices at the time of our research)

Number of bikes – two, three or four bicycles

Most bicycle carrier can transport from work of two bicycles. If you want to take more than two wheels, you can extend the support to modules or rails. If you want to go with a family of four on vacation, you can not avoid the expansion or manages directly a bike carrier for four bicycles. Hiebei should directly choose a model that has a high payload. The operation of the attachment is always the same, it may be that you have to cross filters for space reasons the handlebars of a wheel, but this is dependent on the combination car / bike rack.

Wheel holder on the bicycle rack of Uebler

Bicycle carrier for the tailgate – Rear rack

If the tailgate or trunk lid of a car big enough, there is some vehicle models also get a bike rack, the one on the attached the tailgate (rear carrier). Suitable vehicle models of this would be, for example, the VW Touran, Caddy or the VW Bus (T2, T3, T4, T5). Here the bike rack is hooked with a hook on the door.

Fixing the carrier to the trunk lid

Thus, the paint is not damaged, the hooks can be kept away from the bike carrier with a rubber coating on the paint. This variant has the advantage that the trailer coupling remains free and in addition for a caravan ö.a. can be used. If one has no towing hitch, the tailgate carrier / rear luggage rack is a good alternative. The rear carrier has next de, coupling support a lower air resistance than the roof rack.

Bicycle rack for Hecklappte on VW Touran

Bicycle carrier for the tailgate on VW Touran – Rear carrier

Note for tailgate damper when bicycle rack

If the bike rack mounted on the tailgate (rear bike carrier), are no longer sufficient in most cars from the tailgate damper to keep the trunk lid up. For this, you can put small aluminum profiles in the trunk, which are then allocated to the damper, the boot lid can no longer close.Are mounted on the carrier bikes, an opening is often no longer possible. Important things from the trunk to which you have to zoom quickly, you should possibly store at a different location.

Roof rack for bicycles

Is the car no towbar mounted and gives the tailgate is no way of fixing forth, can be used alternatively, a roof rack. Here, the bicycles are mounted on the car roof in a wheel track.Struts provide the necessary stability.

However, the roof rack has a few drawbacks:

  • Higher air resistance with bikes on the roof
  • Heavy Bicycles are to get under heavy exertion on the roof
  • The laden bicycle roof rack is prone to crosswinds
  • The basis is a roof rail

Benefits from the roof bike carrier, to purchase these are often cheaper than the other models. The flexibility for different bicycles is given by individually adjustable brackets. Again, the bicycle can be attached to the roof rack. This should make umbedingt to the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting and payload. As always, those who save in the wrong place, at the end pays twice.

Drawbar support for caravans

The drawbar support is mounted in caravans on the front portion of the towing caravans.Here bicycles can now be charged before the caravan and behind the car. It must be noted here again the vertical load of the trailer coupling (trailer coupling). Advantage of this variant, the AHK remains free for the camper trailer, the tailgate is available and may be opened. the tiller handles Attached usually with U-bolts and self-locking nuts.

Drawbar support of Carry Bike

Notice of us: The tiller must be long enough for the assembly to be, please note the advice of the manufacturer at this point.


Fixing the bikes on the bike rack

The bicycles are provided in a tire shell, so the bike is on a rail in the so-called wheel holders.These rails are straps, belts or Wheel straps. With their help, the wheels of the bicycles are lashed and secured. Additionally, there is a frame holder with a clip, this is attached to the bicycle carrier and surrounds a rod from the bicycle frame. The result is a three-point mounting on and on the bicycle rack.

Caravan with a bike rack and two bicycles

The clips or clamps that hold the bicycle frame are lockable. Thus, the bicycle is protected from theft. The maximum frame diameter is to be noted here only in very thick frame and also be specified by the manufacturer. The Thule Euro Classic G6 has the frame holder for frame diameters 22-80 mm. Those who want to protect the wheel from scratches, can lay between the bicycle frame and terminal nor a cloth.


Crash test bike carrier test with E-Bikes

In the video shows impressively how the E-Bike redeemed by the impact and can move freely.Only the wall prevents the bike on the fly further.

One of the e-bikes has completely dissolved and the straps are torn.

Note: All loose attachments should be removed before driving, this may be the batteries from pedelec, a detachable bicycle lights or bike baskets .bike Mount

The bicycle rack for trailer coupling, there is also an illumination unit. As with a real trailer you also each have a turn signal, tail lamp and a stop lamp for each side and partially a reversing lamp. Because this variant often obscured the license plate, the trailer hitch carriers have a number plate holder to which a further indicator can be fixed. The bridge lighting is supplied via the trailer outlet. Does not fit the connector, an adapter can be used.

Electricity Fahrradträgerr for Lichtbrücke

What to look for before buying:

  • the vertical load of the trailer hitch,
  • to a valid and existing GS or TÜV seal for the wearer,
  • stainless material (even with the screws)
  • a way of expandability through additional rails or modules of the rim bowls.

One can support Easily order online at cheap Chinese clothes but you should own interests without.

Bike carrier test – Results

Date: September 20, 2016 11:55

Bike rack wall mount

If you do not use the bike rack, you can comfortably hang out with a bike rack wall mount to the garage wall. This is around the ball of a trailer coupling which is mounted on a steel plate, this is then screwed to the wall. The support can now be mounted as in the car on the wall bracket, of course, parallel to the wall.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Who likes to ride a bicycle and sometimes in other regions which can be reacted with a bike rack his passion. Who bentuzt the carrier more than 5-10 times a year, should be ready to grab a little deeper into their pockets when purchasing. Only with a high-quality processing has one long his joy at buying pieces. Before the first practice is advisable to use a dry run with the cultivation and loading the bikes.

Our note: bicycles which are carried on the bicycle carrier should be completed. Do not forget to insert the bike key. Often this happens in the context castles such as the Axa Defender . Nothing is more annoying than when you can not unlock the bicycles at the destination. Personal experience can confirm this.


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