Bike helmets / Bike Helmet Test – Test Winner & tested helmets – 2015/2016

Bike Helmet Test – Test Winner & tested helmets – 2015/2016

Bike Helmet Test – What should offer a bike helmet

Bicycle helmet test - Various bicycle helmets on a wall

Here we present again the winner of the ADAC Bike Helmet Test 2014/2015 before. At first glance, each helmet is like the other. The construction is at least similar to strong. For the price range, however, there are significant differences. From 20 euros to more than 140 euros, the range, which can cost a bicycle helmet is sufficient. In the helmet test different models have been put under the microscope. This should be noted also 2016th. Well laid out the money for a bike helmet in any case, every year tens of thousands of crash cyclists in Germany alone – several hundred of them pay these accidents with their lives. However, this need not be. Almost all head injuries could be alleviated with a cycle helmet at least or even avoided. A high degree of safety is provided by this quite well priced helmets. Although we do not have a helmet law in Germany, each cyclist should even look at the reviews and think about a bike helmet.

Bicycle helmet Alpina Mythos MTB 2.2

Bicycle helmet Alpina Mythos


Bicycle helmets from the ADAC bicycle helmet testing 04/2015 Overview

Data as of 23 September 2016 8:03

(Excerpts from the test – notes: 0.5-5.5 / contents © 04/2015 ADAC eV / ADAC test:. Infographic not excluded for helmet testing for adults transmission errors and omissions excepted – See infographic .)

A conclusion can be drawn from the test, as Markus rain, project manager of ADAC Consumer Protection on bicycle helmets for adults: micro shell helmets have the test performed better than hard-shell helmets. As favorites Mr. rain denotes the KED Certus K-Star .

Video for Cycling Helmet Test

Best Bicycle helmets from the helmet test in the previous year

In helmet test in 2014 in particular five helmets with cut “good”. These include helmets from different manufacturers. In addition to the uvex “xenova” for 60 Euro , which was “good” score in both the security and handling with, is also the Abus “Lane-U” to find the best tested helmets. This model costs 50 euros and could also convince in both categories. Although theBELL “CITI” suffered deductions to handle, the helmet in the area could also convince security and thus achieved a good result. Good were the results of the model “Daimor Road”of Casco and “SPICE LE” of Alpina. In results from the helmet test 2015, we will point directly after the announcement.

Results from the 2014

Our recommendation is the helmet Alpina Mythos 2 with a very good test result. We also wear this helmet and are 100% satisfied with it.

Safety helmet: The material shall decide by

KED vs helmet shells micro helmet in blueThe most widely used micro-shell helmet is covered with a thin layer of plastic and has a smooth surface. This is to facilitate the descent from the substrate. In addition, this type are helmets with ventilation holes / vents provided, so that the wearer perspires less and the heat in the summer can not jam.

Hardshell helmets, however, have a hard plastic shell over the foam and, because of their relatively high weight usually found only in cycling. These helmets are often equipped with an additional chin strap. The third helmet genus there is the soft shell helmets (also soft shell helmets), consisting solely of a shell of rigid foam. Today soft shell helmets are rarely used and apply when experts considered obsolete.

For added safety reflectors and lights on your bike helmet

With additional reflectors and a reflector strip on the helmet , you can make in the dark for me attention. There is this bicycle helmets have also mounted adjacent the reflector stickers an additional LED light at the back.

Also growing in popularity are Nutcase bicycle helmets which, as the name implies, have a Nutshell optics. With the slogan “I love my brain” and great design you are trying to convince children and young people here. In sports, for example when driving BMX or skating these helmets are already established long.

Nutcase helmet

Protection at Aufprällen with the correct helmet size

Upon impact, the foam layer of the helmet has a crumple zone that receives compression fractures or energy and this way keeps the head. The acceleration acts less on the brain of the wearer, protects these reliable and also reduces the risk of skull fractures – particularly in hard-shell helmets is the case.

K indians fahrradhelm Test 2016 – Stiftung Warentest / ADAC

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC testing helmets – In the issue 6/2016 of the magazine “test” (This appears on Friday, May 27, 2016) were tested 19 bicycle helmets for children. There were thereby tested 11 models for larger and 8 models for younger children. The result shows 3 bicycle helmet e are polluted. Here applies a health risk. A helmet this category and another helmet have slipped in the laboratory from the head. Here also there is no adequate protection in Aufprällen.

Data as of 23 September 2016 8:03The winner for kids helmets are available starting at 40 euros, the Cratoni occupied while the top spot, followed by Bell. Also good was the Nutcase Helmet (for toddlers) cut for 70 Euro.Total awarded in this Test scores of 2.1 (Good) to 5.0 (Poor). Investigated criteria were: accident prevention, handling, comfort, heat resistance and pollution.


Bicycle helmets for children from the ADAC Test 2014

In this table, we present the top three results before the ADAC test for children bicycle helmets. With the adjustable and grow-along bicycle helmets for children, you can adjust the helmet size to the larger becoming head. So you do not often buy a new helmet and spares the purse.

Two cycling helmets for children in blue and pinkAdults and children are well protected by a bicycle helmet.

Assuming the helmet has an optimal fit and does not slide back and forth on the head. Safety first is the motto here, and therefore more and more people use a helmet when riding a bicycle. In this case the correct helmet size is crucial. Slipped the helmet, it does not provide protection and also too small a helmet may have adverse effects and, for example, lead to headaches. It plays it then no matter whether the helmet in the test has good or bad cut.

Child with bicycle helmet kids helmet

Child with bicycle helmet on a wheel


determine the correct helmet size

Bicycle helmets are not only in different forms from different manufacturers, but also in different sizes. The helmet size is important for the function. Only when the helmet is properly seated on and at the head, the helmet can fulfill its protective function. The correct helmet size depends on the head circumference. It is divided just as in hats in S, M, L and XL.The question which helmet size your child needs can be answered by the head circumference. Simply put a measuring tape around her head, while approximately a height of 10 mm (1 cm) can be spaced above the eyebrows and measure the head circumference and a centimeter added.

Helmet size in letter Head circumference (approximate values)
XS 51 to 54 cm
S 55-56 cm
M 57-58 cm
L 59 and 60 above cm
XL 61 to 62 cm
XXL 62 to 64 cm

Measuring tape with helmet sizes

The bicycle helmet begins forces acting on

In a bicycle accident strong forces act on the body. This takes the body to a large extent on the head, since it almost always strikes with the ground or another object. With a tailor-made bicycle helmet can reduce the force. This ensures that head injuries can be avoided or at least mitigated. A precisely fitting helmet plays a major role. In essential, there are only minor differences in shape at the helmets of different manufacturers. These have on the safety and efficacy but no effect.

Conclusion for helmet

Although we have no helmet law in Germany, then a helmet just in case, avoid or attenuate severe head injuries. It’s about extreme situations where collisions with other road users are the reason for a fall. It remains a personal decision whether you want to wear a helmet or not. Who feels safer with bicycle helmet, which should set a and also wear this.


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