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Bike Helmet Test – What A Bike Helmet Should Offer

The winners of the ADAC bike helmet test 2014 / 2015 / 2017. At first glance, every bicycle helmet looks like another. The construction is at least very similar. However, there are serious differences in the price range. The range that a helmet can cost ranges from 20 euros to more than 140 euros. In the bicycle helmet test different models were taken under the magnifying glass. This has to be considered also in 2019.

Well invested is the money for a bicycle helmet in any case. Every year, tens of thousands of cyclists are killed in accidents in Germany alone – several hundred of them pay for these accidents with their lives. However, this does not have to be. Almost all head injuries could be at least defused or even avoided with a bicycle helmet. A high degree of safety is also offered by inexpensive helmets. Even if we do not yet have a helmet obligation in Germany, every cyclist should take a look at the test reports and think about a bicycle helmet.

Bicycle helmet test

1st place: Casco Active 2 adults

The Casco Active 2 scores with reflective stripes and 30 ventilation holes. In addition, there are functions such as Casco-Loc, a locking system that allows the helmet to be opened with one hand. The insect screen is made of thin aluminium.

2nd place: Cratoni Pacer / Pacer+

Quite light and modern bicycle helmet. The Cratoni Pacer scores with a good price-performance ratio. In our detailed report we tested the Pacer and the Pacer+.

Place 3: Lazer helmet Beam

Available in various colours and sizes in lightweight construction. Ventilation holes provide ventilation by airflow and air exchange. Optically modern design.

Place 4: Alpina Mythos 3

The Alpina Mythos 3 is the successor of the Alpina Mythos 2. Good workmanship and good possibilities to adapt the bicycle helmet to your own head. Ventilation holes and insect protection available. In test report to the myth 3 we went into the details.

Place 5: Uvex City E

The Uvex City E is a lightweight helmet construction with a firmly connected unit of inner shell and outer shell (EPS inner layer). The basic size of the helmet must be adapted exactly to the head circumference. Uvex City E with 18 ventilation openings.

6th place: Bell Annex Shield MIPS

A higher weight of over 400 g, but equipped with a visor and a modern design. The BELL Annex Shield MIPS is available in different sizes for different head circumferences.

7th place: Abus In-Vizz Ascent

The Abus In-Vizz Ascent is a helmet for bicycles but according to the manufacturer optimal for inline skating. With integrated visor it is also suitable for spectacle wearers. Light construction and firm connection of the inner and outer shell made of shock-absorbing EPS.

Bicycle helmet PropertiesResultPrice Buy
Cratoni Pacer test – Lightweight construction 
– Padded chin strap


42,99 €
48.78 €

Alpina Myth 3 – Very light construction
– Adjustable headband

68,00 €
99.95 €

Casco Adult Active 2 – reflective stripes 
– 30 vents
1.7 78.45 €
80,00 €

Lazer helmet beam – Lightweight construction 
– Different colors

N / A
Uvex City E – Stepless adjustment 
– 18 ventilation ducts
2.5 N / A
BELL Unisex Annex Shield MIPS – 15 vents 
– Integrated visor
2.5 129,90 €
135.48 €

Abus In-vizz Ascent – Helmet material (EPS) 
– Integrated visor
104,87 €
159.95 €

Data in the tables: July 22, 2019 15:17

Test results 2017 – The test winner is already available for about 80 euros. Overall, test scores were awarded from 1.7 (good) to 3.9 (sufficient). A top placement could prove the Casco Active 2 helmet. In some cases, cycling helmets have finished in heat resistance with a 4.0 (sufficient). Source: ADAC eV – infographic – transmission errors are not excluded, all information without guarantee.

Safety with the bicycle helmet: The material decides with the bike helmet

KED vs Fahrradhelm Mikroschalen Helm in blau

KED vs bicycle helmet micro-shell helmet in blueThe most widely used micro-shell helmet, is coated with a thin layer of plastic and has a smooth surface. This should make it easier to slide off the ground. In addition, these helmets are provided with ventilation openings so that the wearer sweats less and the heat cannot accumulate in summer.

Hard-shell helmets however have a hard plastic shell over the foam material and are to be found due to their quite high weight usually only in the Radsport. These helmets are often equipped with an additional chin strap. The third type of helmet is Softshell helmets (also known as soft-shell helmets), which consist solely of a shell made of hard foam. Today, soft-shell helmets are hardly used and are considered obsolete by experts.

Additional safety through reflectors and lighting on the helmet

With additional reflectors and a reflector band on the helmet, you can attract my attention in the dark. There are bicycle helmets which have beside the reflector stickers also an additional LED light attached to the back of the head.

Also more and more popular are the Nutcase bicycle helmets which, as the name suggests, have a nut shell look. With the slogan “I love my brain” and great designs, they also try to convince children and teenagers. In the sports sector, e.g. BMX riding or skating, these helmets have long been established.

Nutcase Helm

Protection during impact with the right helmet size

In the event of an impact, the foam layer of the helmet offers a crumple zone that absorbs energy through compression or fractures and thus keeps it away from the head. The acceleration thus has less effect on the wearer’s brain, protects him reliably and also reduces the risk of skull fractures – this is particularly the case with hard-shell helmets.

Adults as well as children are well protected by a bicycle helmet.

Provided that the helmet has an optimal fit and does not slip back and forth on the head. Safety first is the motto here and therefore more and more people use a helmet when cycling. Here the correct helmet size is also decisive. If the helmet slips, it offers no protection and even a helmet that is too small can have negative effects and lead to headaches, for example. It does not matter whether the helmet did well or poorly in the test.

Kind mit Fahrradhelm mit Kinderhelm
Child with a bicycle helmet on a running wheel

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