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BikeStar 16 inch Cruiser bicycle children

Bike star Cruiser 16 inches children’s bike in pink-rose


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The 16 inch Cruiser bike star – a “cooler” kids bike-girl dream in pink

dreams come true

bike star Cruiser 16 inch girl Details

bike * star wins the ladies hearts with usual attention to detail!

This children’s bike in the 16 inch class has bike star surpassed in the truest sense of the word itself. The children’s bike in the test not only the well-known high quality standards, bike star has also taken up the Cruiser trend of adults. Optically very appealing, it makes girls’ hearts beat faster and radiate princesses eyes.

Strong optics and good quality of
16 inches Cruisers

Who on this child’s bicycle from bike star moves, is cool. Point. The impact-resistant metallic finish of Cruisers in appealing glitter paint also provide for an eye-catcher as the shape of the wheel. The beautifully curved tubular steel frame in shape Cruiser gives the Kid a certain something. The slightly higher starting the little ones get a bit adult ago when bike starcruiser from behindon most other bikes, which are produced for children. The 16 inches children’s bike is suitable for being about 105 cm, which is roughly equivalent to or an age of 4-5 years a stride on the inside leg of about 48 cm.The handlebars can be adjusted not only in height, but also in the tilt. Also, the wide and comfortable saddle is height-adjustable and can be changed in inclination angle if required. A coaster brake is provided on site as a child-friendly brake lever for the front wheel. The alignment prevents an abrupt stop, even if the child suddenly strongly actuates the front brake. A fall can be avoided. The safety handlebar grips are non-toxic, certified and provided with an impact protection. Of course this has Kid on the prescribed reflectors on pedals, spokes, front and back of the bike. The partially closed chain guard with his funny ornaments evaluates the Cruiser in the test for optically even more and provides further protection. Of course, the Cruiser-white wall-pneumatic tires should not remain unmentioned. on aluminum wheels

Setting Child Bike Cruiser

Gorgeous graphics with a failed frame

drawn, they complete the picture and have a large proportion of the visual appeal of this children’s wheel.Bicycle bell, kickstand and Lenkerkorb supplied with the kit and must not be purchased separately.

Supply and installation of bike star

The 16 inches children’s bike from bike star weighs 11 kg and is therefore good to wear for each adult and to transport from one place to another. If the cruiser delivered, it is already pre-assembled to 95%. The remaining installation goes relatively quickly from equip, with the right tools, the Kid is assembled in about 15 minutes and ready for our first walk.Other accessories like a bicycle lock or a doll’s seat not belong to the equipment and must be purchased separately if required.

Color selection BikeStar Cruiser for girls

Click on the image for wide range of colors!

Conclusion of bike * star Cruiser 16 inch test

Biking like the grown – due to the Cruiser shape this star no problem with the 16 inches children’s bike from bike *. This Kinderrad the offspring is anywhere the Star.A small, but notable drawback is the somewhat wide tires that do some things here for the optics, but also provide for a slightly higher frictional resistance. As children, but in the age to move a lot more than adults, they are this but even barely noticeable.

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