Electric Bicycles / BMW Cruise E-Bike Test – 100% independent test

BMW Cruise E-Bike Test – 100% independent test

BMW Cruise E-Bike Test

Last year the otherwise well-known automotive manufacturer BMW before his first e-bike. It is an elegant and more fuel-less bike, which is perfect for long trips without effort. Unlike the classic e-bike you can only move forward when you pedal. The powerful Bosch engine will but actively support, so you can travel at a high speed and minimal effort a long distance. But what does the new BMW Cruise Bike E- nor to offer?

The advantages:

+ High-quality design + Long-lasting battery + Many options + High performance processes + Top quality

The disadvantages:

– High price – heavy


A cleaner and Chic Look

Primarily, you notice the design of the BMW Cruise E-Bike. It has the character of Mountanbikes and is therefore kept very athletic. The middle bar is quite high and descends to the saddle back from. This eases entry, but acts without being stuffy. It was done with a modern sports racing saddle, which both provides for long tours and high speeds for the necessary comfort. Otherwise was omitted other frills , which would detract from the clean look of the e-bikes. The BMW Cruise E-Bike was painted entirely in white, and there are some black elements. This makes for a nice contrast and a high-quality look.

Die you go!

Most important is the driving experience with the BMW Cruise E-Bike. The e-bike feels sportive and dynamic. You owe the 250 Watt from Bosch engine. Thus, you can achieve up to a speed of 25 km / h without having to exert much. A highlight is that you can adjust the support of almost infinitely. Thus you are always master of the situation and do not have to use the full capacity of the engine when it is not necessary. This has the advantage that the battery consumes much slower than in other pedelecs. Three sensors are attached to the e-bike. This measure around 1,000 times per second, the speed, cadence and torque. The engine output may be adjusted dynamically to the data. Thus, the Bosch engine driver’s by up to 225 percent performance. In addition, there are several modes that you can use. Example of the ECO mode is optimal when a mountainous route lies before you. This is a very restrictive support and thus compensates for the additional weight of the electric bike made. But even in “Sport” mode or “Turbo” You can overcome steep inclines and get significant relief.

The individual components of the BMW Cruise E-Bike

The battery is with a capacity of 400 Wh equipped and supports the driver therefore to up to 100 kilometers . Conveniently, you do not have to estimate how many kilometers you’ve traveled. Similar to a car see the currently available battery power at the Bosch-display on the handlebars. You the expected remaining mileage is also displayed, so everything is always in view. Long you do not need to charge the battery. After only 3.5 hours the battery is full again and can be used. Do you have a particular hurry, you can use the fast charge mode. This reaches 50 percent of capacity in just 90 minutes. Otherwise, the BMW Cruise e-bike is made of aluminum. It works with a solid Shimano circuit and a disc brake, thus a high safety is ensured.The suspension fork for a smooth ride comes from Suntour. In general, all components are solid and well-coordinated. Conveniently, an e-bike did not save on quality, which is why although you have to pay a higher price, but it is obtained, which may be in use for many years.

The Conclusion

BMW is a brand, which rely not only people in Germany for years. The automaker is known for its high quality Fahrzeute why this does not have to make a stop in front of a Send E-Bike. Already alone the futuristic look convinced directly because were dispensed with annoying colors or unnecessary little things that affect only the driving experience. The color combination of black and white works wonders. Add to this the high performance that gives you the BMW Cruise E-Bike. With a Bosch engine pedelec is operated, whereby you up to 25 km / h can be reached. Uphill or mountainous sections are thus quickly overcome. You can set how high the support to turn the 250 watt motor. To keep track, a generous display on the handlebars attached. Here you can see not only the current mode, but can check the status of your battery. Charged this is already after 90 minutes.


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