Bike for beginners / Bottle holders Bicycle – To attach the bottle

Bottle holders Bicycle – To attach the bottle

Bottle holders for the bicycle – The Bottle always there

Bottle holders Bicycle

Whether for sport or leisure contractor who is traveling by bicycle, which should drink enough. Thus, the bottle is always there, the bottle holder is the perfect method for a simple transport for the bicycle.

Fixing the bottle holder on the bicycle

Most bikes have the down tube or the seat tube an attachment for various components. This can be a bicycle lock its holder or a holder for a bicycle water bottle. The two screws are sunk in a standard distance in the frame and can be solved in most cases with an Allen key.

Setting screws for Trinkflaschenhalter

Who has the possibility of mounting on both frame tubes should opt for large water bottles for the down tube. This leaves enough room around the bottles also to capitalize on the bottle holder in a moving vehicle. The problem on the seat tube is usually the top tube. Here comes the water bottle, especially if you use a large bicycle bottle with 1 liter volume to. Who wants to take two bottles, the smaller should be positioned as in the photo.

Bottles in the holder on the bicycle made of aluminum and plastic

Alternative mounting option

Who has not the two frames holes that can fix its bracket with cable ties or Velcro to the frame. However, it is important that the bracket is firmly mounted as possible. Due to the special design of the bottle holder quite significant forces act on this construction.Alternatively, one can also use screw clamps here. One should, however, draw a strip of tape around the frame, as the metal clamps otherwise can damage the paint.

Alternatively, there are from SKS a bottle holder adapter . Here, an adapter plate is attached by Velcro to the frame or at another bar. The normal water bottle holder can now be screwed to the adapter plate. Ideal for retrofitting and complete.

Construction of the bottle holder

In addition to the mounting plane / plate is the holder of the basic body in the bottle is plugged. Depending on the material here is a catch. The bottles have a notch into the fässt the catch. To the bottle is firmly in the bottle holder and can not fall out even with bumps and rough terrain. Different materials

Different Bottle Holder for Bicycle

The bottle holder for the bike in different materials. Plastic, aluminum and even bottle holders made of carbon are used here. The latter are always used when you want to save weight. For example, the time trial or race.

Seen Priced is a bottle holder, a low to get pro accessories. This involves going on already for 5 euros. Unlike a bottle itself, the holder does not have to be changed regularly in Normal.

Various bottle holder Overview

product material Price from provider
Elite bottle cage Custom Race glass fiber 10 Euro Amazon
Zefal Bottle cage MANUAL GLASS glass fiber 8 euro Amazon
Elite bottle cage Cannibal Skin elastomer Gumm 13 Euro Amazon
Foxnovo universal adjustable hard plastic 6 Euro Amazon
Zefal Bottle container Plast 124 aluminum 6 Euro Amazon
Bottle cage Carbon carbon 20 Euros Amazon

Fatigue due to weather conditions

On the Trinkflaschenhalter come through the tuck and take out the bottle completely loads.Normal plastics possibility fatigue under constant UV radiation from the sun. Sand and dirt will lead over time to friction between the bottle and the holder. Here impurities act like sandpaper. The less surface of the holder has, the lower the risk. Except for the aluminum bottle cages less material is usually accompanied with less stability.


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