Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Busch + Müller Lumotec Lyt T senso plus front light gray

Busch + Müller Lumotec Lyt T senso plus front light gray

Busch + Mueller



The LUMOTEC Lyt T senso plus not only offers a good light output, but also positions itself as a cost-effective alternative to halogen headlights. But also in terms of outstanding technology and appealing design, the headlamp fulfills the high standards, which are connected with the name Busch & Müller. A computer-designed lens system distributes the light of a high-power LED evenly on the road. The LUMOTEC Lyt T senso plus achieves a light output of approx. 30 lux. Light in the near field also increases safety. In addition, the LUMOTEC Lyt T senso plus is presented in an attractive compact design in which the front reflector, which has been prescribed in Germany, has already been integrated.

With retro-reflector / near-field illumination, parking light, automatic switch-on, switch for nighttime dynamo and daytime driving lights


  • LED spotlight with new lens system
  • With light in the near field
  • Attractive compact design
  • Solid stainless steel holder
  • Integrated front reflector
  • With German test mark
  • With stand light (condenser technology, without accumulators)
  • With triple switch (on / off / automatic) and an itegrated light / dark sensor


gender Unisex
brand Busch + Mueller
Model description Lumotec Lyt T senso plus
Type LED spotlight
Front lights Type: 1 LED | Light intensity: 30 Lux
Backlights Type : —
Functions Light function: yes
Power source Nabendynamo
holder Holder included in delivery: yes
Model year 2017

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