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Best Bike Reviews

Test: Hawk Classic Ace

Review: Hawk Classic Ace         The Ace offers classically beautiful design, wide handlebars and loving features a particular specialty: Instead of a chain comes in driving a propeller shaft used. Ha...

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Test: Hawk Classic Elise

Review: Hawk Classic Elise         Highly nostalgic Ladies Cruiser – but with LED light and cardan drive technology quite at the level of the time. Could be smooth out of a black and white Schma...

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Test: Felt Tip

Review: Felt Tip         Sleek 7-speed cruiser of Felt with extravagant frame graphics. You like old movies? Then also these chic black and white cruiser with its graphically very nice frame and fende...

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Test: Felt Le Mans

Review: Felt Le Mans       Three-speed gearbox and super thick tires – the Le Mans Felt good for rather fit leisurely excursions as for sporting acres – even though the name suggests other...

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Test: Felt Gridloc

Review: Felt Gridloc         The Felt Gridloc: Fixie without turning hub for 999 euros. designed Optical consuming – a jewel for your living room Product data for Felt Gridloc Single speed type:...

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Test: Fixie Inc. backspin

Review: Fixie Inc. Backspin         The Fixie Inc. Backspin: entry-fixie with turn-hub front wheel brake and Timing Belts for 799 Euro. Product data for Fixie Inc. Backspin Single speed type: Fixie wi...

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