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Chariot Cougar 1 – Child Bike Trailer

Perhaps the most popular and most flexible bicycle trailer on the market.Jogger, stroller, Hiker trailers for bikes and even for skis – the possibilities seem endless. However, he does not come cheap. Read on to find out whether ers is worth.

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kinderfahrradanhaenger Chariot cougar 1Today we examine for the single seater Cougar 1 market leader Chariot . The promised multifunctionality is impressive, so is the price.
Stiftung Warentest the Cougar 1 and 2 rated in 2010 with a score of 2.4. Available the Cougar 1 is available in three colors: green, red and purple. All three can be seen, where the green a bit flattens compared. The Cougar is actually the bicycle trailer our choice currently, and we chose a red version.

What can he all?

Here we come to the same huge advantage: The Cougar Namely whole lot. Clear, us it is about bicycle trailer, but it is quite useful if it can be used for example as a stroller. However, the Cougar is three strikes (!): A variant as a jogger for athletic walk when Hiker if they want to pull up the hill their little ones, and even a variation on skis for the cold months.
Since we are here on the features want to focus the bicycle trailer, and also the necessary equipment is not included and also again will cost several hundred euros, we go at this point first not us detail. However, it should be noted that customer reviews are consistently very positive.

If the safe?

The Single-seat Cougar 1 is damped by means of adjustable spring suspension. The suspension can be individually adapted to the weight of her child. This is for security and is a big plus compared to the models of the competition. However, the technology has its price!
In addition to the reflective material Cougar has sewn some luminescent light strip, ie this light activated after being charged by the sun. The seat itself is well padded and the straps can be nothing to be desired.The use of all these components is well thought out and brings joy.

Luxury car or clunker?

The side ventilation with UV windows provides their child best comfort on hot summer days and so also makes the parents happy. The aforementioned leaf spring suspension is not only safe but also scores in terms of comfort.
The height-adjustable handlebar offers you ergonomic comfort when pushing. The Cougar is definitely to settle in the luxury class and leaves the comfort nothing to be desired.

And the driving experience?

The Cougar is part of Chariots sports series, and keeps its promises. The just 10.9 kg tare weight make the competition look old, and it is therefore suitable also very good for longer trips. With 40cm shoulder width, it is significantly narrower than many alternatives. The Croozer Kid for 1 is, for example, all 15cm wide and 2kg heavier. In the interior, however, one notices the Cougar the lower space of barely. He is a real racer with high maneuverability. Also, taxiing is easy.

Keeps the well for a while?

The processing of the plan-covered body of the child’s bicycle trailer top. The features are well thought out and executed with quality. Noteworthy is the attention to detail, for example, allows the deck quietly open not to wake sleeping passengers.
The suspension, frame and handles are very high quality and also for future siblings can still serve.

What do I get for the price?

The word ‘premium’ describes the trailer best so far, and also makes the price not stop. The Cougar is the most expensive to date model we tested. All accessories are not even included. So if you want a really flexible equipment with multiple applications and even more bags etc. to get quickly to 1000 € limit, and if you want and can even past it.
He was worth it us personally, and we have the investment does not repented. However, we do use it so far, even without additional accessories.
For whom it may still be a bit more premium, the company Chariot CX nor the class on offer.


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The comfortable athletes: for those who want to do with child many kilometers.Radreise Magazine


test criteria

criteria rating
total  5/5
functionality    5/5
safety    5/5
Comfort    5/5
Price-performance    4/5
processing    5/5
maneuverability    5/5


  • Steel suspension for increased safety and comfort
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Anodized aluminum frame with roll bar
  • Reflective and luminous material
  • 5-point harness
  • Suitable for any weather
  • Parking brake
  • rapidly collapsible


  • relatively high price
  • (The plan covering is not 100% Rain Festival can be purchased separately )
  • Additional parts for conversion to a jogger, stroller, etc. must be purchased separately


Chariot Cougar 1 defined by the luxury class with a sporty character. Wind and weather sealed with multifunctional expansion options. Pure comfort, for you and your little ones.

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Technical specifications

seating 1
Maximum shoulder width 40 cm
seat height 67 cm
L x W x H 118 x 67 x 107 cm
L x W x H (folded, excluding handlebar and wheels) 107 x 61 x 26 cm
weight 10.9 kg
payload 34 kg

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