Bike for beginners / Child bicycle seat test: Find the right bike seat

Child bicycle seat test: Find the right bike seat

The child bicycle seat test – Then you should make

Child bicycle seat test - Child and bicycle

There is hardly anything looser time when it comes to be with the child or children on the bike on the road, as a child bike seat. The principle of a bicycle seat has remained always the same, over the years, however, the technique, the material and the processing has improved.Security stands beside the functionality in the first place. Despite rising popularity of thechildren’s bike trailer kids bike seats will not lose its appeal.

Fixing the child’s bicycle seat on the bicycle

The attachment of the child seat is in addition to processing the most important issue. During the trip quite higher loads occur on the material. Since you want to be with the child seat on the bicycle on the road not always, most models are designed so that you can remove them easily and with very little effort. For this purpose the holder is firmly attached to the bicycle, it is screwed to the frame, offering the possibility the child seat by locking mount.

Bicycle child seat mounting on the bicycle frame

Here, at least two metal rods are inserted into the cradle, is ensured by this technique that the bicycle child seat can not rotate. Depending on the model, the child seat sits also on the luggage rack. Thus, the resulting forces are ideally collected and distributed. The mounting bracket should also be lockable, so the child seat from unwanted theft is protected.Depending on bike insurance are insured as a child’s bicycle seat attachments.

In addition to the child’s bicycle seat for the rear there are also children’s bicycle seats for the front. These are mounted on the handlebars, with a steering movement to the child, including child seat rotates. Unlike the rear models one has the child in view. The positive effects of the improved focus subject of excessive suspension by wind and weather conditions such as rain and snow.

Material from the bike seat

Plastic is the material of choice, high flexibility and low weight, also in this case there are qualitative differences. Especially the material behavior under the influence of temperature is crucial. In summer or winter, the plastic parts should not be brittle or brittle when exposed to sunlight or the influence of cold. The plastics used should always comply with European standard. Plasticizers and other harmful substances are an absolute no-go. This is ensured by a seal from TÜV or GS. Known manufacturers of children’s bicycle seats are: Romans, Bellelli, Hamax, Kettler, among others Polisport

Results from the bicycle seat test – rear mounting

Manufacturer / seat price Test (~ 1-5.5) provider
Römer Jockey Comfort from 90 Euro Good 2.2 Amazon
Römer Jockey Relax 80 Euro Good 2.3 Amazon
Pegasus BC09 35 Euro Satisfactory 2.6 Amazon
Kettler Flipper from 90 Euro Satisfactory 2.7 Amazon
Kettler Teddy 80 Euro Not known Amazon
BOBIKE child seat maxi + from 90 Euro Not known Amazon
Hamax Sleepy 80 Euro Not known Amazon

Padding of the seat

So that the children do not have to learn any shock upholstered, the upholstery should be sufficiently secured thick and sturdy. one Noting the passage of time, that the attached seat cushion is not sufficient, you can help out with a pillow here.

Child bicycle seat belts in Romans bicycle child seat for the rear

Safety bicycle seat

The child should at all times and be buckled even at shorter distances. Only with a safety function, the safety principle of the bicycle seat properly. In addition, the child should wear a bicycle helmet.

The feet and legs of the children must be separated by the design of the bicycle seat of the spokes. The seat and footrests should be adjustable. This function has a grow-along child seat for the bike and have to buy a new bicycle child seat when the child grows. In the picture you can see the Verstellmechnik the footrests well. With these scroll to the support for the feet to the respective leg length. If you want to not lose the kids while driving out of sight, is a rear-view mirror is recommended to install to the bicycle handlebar.

Child bicycle seat footrest adjustable in size

If you set the bike on a normal bike racks, this upsets due to the increased weight. A bipod Cycle are depending on the model the necessary safety when parking. At the same time one should teach the child, however, that it will sit quietly in the bicycle seat.

Bipod Cycle

Guidelines for children bicycle seat

From a weight of 15 kg, the children have to be transported always in the rear seat. In Germany bodyweight allowed children up to 15 kg and are transported forward. Where: children aged 9 months to 5 years or weighing 9 kg to 22 kg may be carried in a child bike seat.

Bicycle child seat rear with TÜV and GS seal and weight of Romans

What to look for before buying:

  • Pipe diameter from the bike must match the child’s bicycle seat
  • Inch size the bike also has to match the manufacturer’s specifications of the seat
  • Other mounting dimensions for seat post or the porter should vote
  • Suitability for children of the right age, in this case you should pay close attention to the age specified by the manufacturer. This will ensure that the seat belts fit properly.

Conclusion: bicycle seat test

A bicycle child seat is ideal for anyone who make his children a bike ride and not want to let go of even the little ones. Ideal for excursions on good days and not too cold temperatures.When to sub-zero temperatures, one should note the airstream. Whether for shopping, to the kindergarten or to visit the grandmother, a bicycle seat is suitable for it.

If someone looks for a covered and weather-protected way, which should keep their eyes open for a child bike trailer.


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