Kids' Bikes / Children bike Puky 16 inches in big test

Children bike Puky 16 inches in big test

Children bike Puky 16 inches Lillifee


With the 16 inches children’s bike Puky has once again set an example, because it has everything that makes girls’ hearts leap

The Puky children’s bike with great amenities!

The aluminum frame has a low step, so getting on and off quickly and Puky 16 inches children's bike Detailssafely of goes.Impact resistant powder coating ensures that not every unpleasant treatment results equal to a scratch.
This Kinderrad the manufacturer has fully set to safety. In addition to a rim brake, the children’s bike Puky has 16 inches also feature a children’s hands just brake handle that can be adjusted individually. About a bell on the handlebars can make their front man to be attentive the driver that does not belong in any child’s bike as standard.

The Puky has more to offer

Puky rear view

Rear view with reflector, chain guard and Gepräckträger

Our test also the pneumatic tires, we noticed positive, supporting the tread force. Ornate these are fitted with chic aluminum wheels that give the Puky Lillifee 16 inches children’s bike an attractive appearance. The front fender is protected by an additional plastic edge. Another visual highlight is the crash pad, which is color-coordinated with the framework and bell. Front and rear reflectors are included in the child’s bike as well as a stable kickstand included. The steering, wheels and the pedals have ball bearings. Regarding the quality and appearance, the children’s bike Puky thus receives 16 inches in the test, the highest score.

Who is the 16 inch children’s bike is suitable?

Puky 16 inches front view

Secure matter: child-friendly brake pads and Lillifee Jingle

The Puky children’s bike is suitable for girls with a minimum height of 100 cm and a step height from 42 cm, which corresponds to about the age of 3 years and older.The height-adjustable
handlebars and saddle the 16 inches children’s bike grows with for quite some time, so you do not have to buy a new children’s bike for a growth spurt of young alike. With a net weight of 9.5 kg, the Kid cuts here in the test excellently from, so that the children’s bike Puky 16 inches can be worn from one corner to another also fast times. A car transport is not a problem.

Fast start after delivery!

The children’s bike is assembled in a few minutes, because only the handlebars, seat and the pedals have to be mounted. After the brake is set, the young can losflitzen and enjoy his new 16 inches Puky. Should some visual highlights are missing, such as a small bicycle bag, a basket, lock or pennant, they can be bought easily.

Conclusion in Puky bicycle test

In the 16 inches children’s bike of Puky is a stable, secure and very visually appealing bike, which for a small driver is a real pleasure, and gives parents a good feeling to have bought some quality for their child. The Puky is for these reasons our quality winner!

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