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Coleman CXS + 250 LED Headlamp




The robust LED headlamp CXS + 250 has 5 different light levels and is equipped with the freehand KineSIX control and with the REAX sensor, which automatically adjusts the light to its surroundings.The BatteryLock technology makes the headlamp ready for use at any time.

BatteryLock technology
Even after long periods in which they did not use their flashlight or headlamp, they can safely have his light, when they need it urgently thanks BatteryLock! Standard electric lamps lose battery power even when they are switched off, as the battery unit is never completely disconnected from the circuit.The patent-pending, Coleman BatteryLock technology and a simple twist on the head of the lamp make leakage current a thing of the past.

Coleman KineSix — controlled by hand movements
KineSix offers a comfortable, hands-free way to use their headlamp while, go running wheel or simply are! In order to change through the modes, the user simply has to swing his hand at a distance of about 3 cm in front of the headlamp. The cumbersome search for a small button while they are doing sports, doing crafts or wearing thick gloves is a thing of the past.

Coleman REAX — light sensor
The innovative Coleman REAX light sensing technology automatically adjusts the light beam of the headlamp to the environment and thus to the needs of the wearer.
CLOSE: When they focus on a close object, the Lumenzahl is automatically reduced.
UNDERWAY: When they are running, the light beam is wide and bright enough to illuminate the path ahead of them.
REMOTE: If they focus on more distant objects, the Lum number is increased to increase the range of the light beam.

DuraGuard is an extremely durable surface that increases the life of their product. In the event of a fall, DuraGueard protects your lamp from shattering or shattering, and also allows harder use. They depend on the protection of DuraGuard and the longevity of their lamp.


  • Light Output: 250/20 Lumen (High / Low)
  • Light: 40/5 meters
  • Features: BatteryLock, REAX Auto Adjust, KineSix hand-swipe
  • IPX 4 splash water protected
  • Headband: 60 cm
  • Rubber band can be easily adjusted
  • Item number: 483577


gender Unisex
lamp Type: headlamp | Terrain: Mountain Climbing | Power Source: Battery
Functions Lighting range: 40 m | Brightness: 250 lm | Light modes: 5 | Light duration: 5 — 40 h
equipment Bracket: headband
Measure Size (L x W x H): 6.8 x 3 x 4 cm | Weight: 114 g
delivery Including batteries (3 AAA Duracell)
Model year 2016

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