Electric Bicycles / Comparison chart of E-Bike Tests 2015

Comparison chart of E-Bike Tests 2015


Comparison chart of E-Bike Tests 2015 – The Top 3 E Bike Comparison

In this e-bike comparison chart, we have faced the most important details of the TOP 3 E- bikes. It is highly recommended that each e-bike tests read before you opt for a pedelec. The items are of course one of the main indicators of the quality of the wheel, but just in our testing has found out that often no-name products meet a higher standard than well-known brand manufacturers.

E bike:

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Check Price:


Gear hub motor
brushless 36V / 250W
Yamaha Motor means
36 Volt / 250 Watt
Gear hub motor
36V / 250W

Battery pack:

Lithium ion 36V 16Ah Lithium ion 36V / 11Ah Lithium manganese 36V / 11AH


7-speed Shimano 9-speed Shimano 6-speed Shimano

Coverage of the E Bike Test achieved:

about 75km about 60-90km about 60-72km


Total weight: 24 kg Total weight: 21.2 kg Total weight: 23.3 kg


5 of 5 stars 4.9 of 5 stars 4.5 of 5 stars
1 to 6 of 6 entries

The E Bike Comparison – The main differences at a glance

In our pedelec comparison table can be found clearly presented some details about the e-bikes we tested. Thanks to today’s technology, further product properties can be virtually present in a table. This we have made in our E Bike test to use. We have the best 3 pedelecs juxtaposed to create a clarity and round the overpowering effect of a long test report. In this E Bike comparison, see the product photo on the top line. Clicking on it will lead you directly to the relevant test report. The bottom line gives you the ability to go directly to the seller of pedelecs to check the current price. In this way, we veruschen you convey only the essential details. Detailed information about the test results you receive already in our detailed e-bike test reports, in which we – have a closer look for a mostly fixed scheme, the product features. There you also have the opportunity to see how the overall assessment in E Bike Test could.

The E Compare bikes so is therefore a dispensable but extremely convenient way to compare the best electric bikes together. Finally, an investment must be well thought out in the bicycle of the future and adapted to the specific needs himself. There are e-bikes in various designs, often, it makes sense not to an e-bike conversion kit zuzulegen. A instructions can be downloaded here but .Hierbei should be noted that the battery is usually needed separately and is not included here.



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