Bike Repair Stand / Contec Rocksteady – Bicycle Repair Stand Test

Contec Rocksteady – Bicycle Repair Stand Test

Contec Rocksteady

 Foldable repair stand

light weight

quick and easy adjustment

360 degree swivel

no accessories

With Amazon only EUR 95.08

Below the Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady is to be taken under the microscope. Whether this assembly stand, which is available to buy for an average price of about 100 € holds, what it promises and whether it is suitable for hobby moderate and professional maintenance and repair of various bicycles, we have of course tested extensively for you.

Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady

contec rocksteady clamping handle

Who in the expansion of its artisanal equipment to a bicycle – repair stand not want too deeply into their pockets, for the Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady could be a good, solid alternative.

For just under 100 € you get a device that, although on the web pages, photos and especially when folded small and inconspicuous looks a little, but it has definitely convinced in our tests.

To remove the tension a little: what is promised by the manufacturer on this model, is also maintained. This mounting stand made at any time of our tests on an unstable impression – and provides our opinion also really good.

Take a few minutes to find out in the following, which has convinced the Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady us – and where still find smaller weaknesses.

Stability and processing

contec rocksteady

If you read this report, you should at all times the price – keep in mind to get the wrong impression of this unit ratio – power. The Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady course has some shortcomings, when compared with our top models, such as the Feedback Sports Pro Elite – but the former does not cost even half.

According to the manufacturer, the device weighs approximately 5kg and is for wheels up to 25kg suitable, making it suited perfectly for all popular Fahrradttypen. However, one has, similarly to the Powerfix mounting stand , rely on powerful colleagues, if you, for example, very heavy electric – will repair bicycles or wait.

For wheels up to 25kg of Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady is stable and without slipping on the floor, so easy and especially safe working at any time is guaranteed.
Some skilled craftsmen are perhaps annoyed or surprised when they hear that the supporting elements the instrument are made of a composite of lightweight aluminum and plastic; however, processing is not bad at all, had at any time of our tests very solid and also looks elegant.

Little plus: the inside of the retaining clip is coated with rubber, so that the clamped workpieces are not damaged or scratched.


In the field of functionality Contec Repair Stand Rocksteady scores with two features. On the one hand this repair stand is collapsible, which for every handyman who has not too much space certainly beneficial. The folding is done in a few steps and also after a few trials in our test works without problems.

Second, the clamped workpiece is 360 degrees rotatable , which we personally very important. This allows a convenient and especially efficient machining of the clamped part, without the hassle of re-clamping, because it does not reach certain points. The claw of Contec Rocksteady can be up to 70mm wide open that even our top model is slightly superior to 4mm and thus leaves no wishes unfulfilled. One can the Contec Rocksteady also strip down to head height, the trouble-free and comfortable work also guaranteed.

A small additional plus: the cycle stand is completely assembled at home, ensuring the immediate start of work, and often avoids annoying screwing the device.

  • stability
  • 9. 1

  • processing
  • 8th. 6

  • functionality
  • 9. 2

  • Price-performance
  • 8th. 7


Total score:


The mounting stand Contec Rocksteady is a rock-solid mounting stand in the middle price range, which will appeal especially among amateur and Gelgenheitshandwerken. With only about 5kg he is a true lightweight, which is up to 25kg up to all current bicycle types easily and with a maximum clamping width of 70mm even exceeds our winner. The processing with a mix of plastic and aluminum is not outstanding, but adequate for the price and definitely not bad or cheap. The functionality of the device to satisfy all desires: Sufficient working height, 360 degrees rotation ability of the workpieces and the ability to fold the stand, have definitely convinced us. However, the stand may not score with an additional tool tray, as for instance, the Powerfix doing stand.

Who is looking for a stable and orderly processed, functional and visually noble bike racks, and is not willing to spend more 100 euros for models of the highest class, which is the Contec Rocksteady to heart. In our opinion, definitely a buy recommendation, the long time will serve you well!


Buy now at Amazon for EUR 95.08!

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