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Croozer Kid for 1 – Child Bike Trailer

We find the Croozer Kid for 1 awesome! Versatile, practical and incredibly handy. He is the Kid for 2 almost identical, except that it has only one seat and comes in other colors.

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kinderfahrradanhaenger croozer-kid-for-1The Croozer Kid for 1 is one of the multifunctional. For afternoon stroll as baggy, for jogging in the park or course for multi-day bicycle tours as child bike trailer.The expansion and remodeling accessories are included and ready to use. It is available in sky blue or pink for less than 400 €.
By the way, the Markem Croozer and Chariot are in Germany under the same roof at the Two Plus Two GmbH combines.

What can he all?

With just a few clicks of the Croozer 1 is broken, thanks to the quick release. Also, the conversion from the buggy for joggers or bicycle trailer is a breeze and done in a few minutes each. By loosening the two brackets can stow the trailer without problems in the trunk. All users are very satisfied with the functionality.

If the safe?

The low center of gravity Croozer Kid series guarantees a stable ride. The rollover was even from Stiftung Warentest with “very good”: certified (thus very low).
A 5-point harness protects and brings their little ones safely through traffic. However, the here equipped somewhat minimalist and may experience after a Licensees somewhat cumbersome to handle his.
Reflective materials provide enough visibility, although you never can it recommend enough. We have installed additional LED lamps at our bike trailer, better safe than sorry. The sturdy aluminum front and rear bumpers avoid snagging. It is advisable also to install additional reflectors.
The passenger cell is spacious and specially reinforced by international safety standard ASTM F1975-09. The inner frame of Croozers provides extra impact protection (side and rear). Similarly, if you do not already know, the handlebar is the additional rollover protection – really a clever and safe design.

On the subject of pollutants

Stiftung Warentest for pollutants in the material reviewed in issue 5/2010 the Croozer Kid 1 “poor”.Not really worth seeing and a reason to purchase to consider for many is again thoroughly.However, if you look at the review closer you recognize why the judgment failed miserably: The Series Croozer Kid used textiles, the guidelines Oekotex 100 meet. This is the current standard for baby clothes. Stiftung Warentest was stricter in its pollutant test and has set the standards for baby products, the Infants frequently in your mouth such as pacifiers, teething rings applied. Here everyone has to decide for themselves. For us it is clear that a child’s bicycle trailer is not a teething ring and we would therefore drive our Small undoubtedly walk in the Croozer. Who wants to read more deeply into the matter may be here to read the manufacturer’s opinion.

Luxury car or clunker?

Of course, you are probably wondering how the Croozer Kid for 1 wants to ensure the comfort of their children, and therefore comes at the same time without shock absorbers. The Croozer has cleverly solved: the car seat has a Hammock construction which can swing in the air her child and thus compensates for the coarsest vibrations.
For your comfort is also taken care of: The push handle is height adjustable and scores at this point enormously in terms of jogging and Buggy comfort. The generous storage space can be seen also as well.

And the driving experience?

Users have become particularly pronounced for the ride; the agility and flexibility of the trailer is definitely noteworthy. The low center of gravity keeps it well and safely on the road.

Keeps the well for a while?

Regarding the processing there are different opinions among customers. With daily use for several years, the Velcro fasteners and materials tend to auszuleiern, particularly when the trailer is also used in winter and in cold temperatures. One can in such a case may still complain, but pluses there for not anyway.

What do I get for the price?

No question, for the price they get a stable, safe and as we find chic coach. The manufacturer seems to take pride in the quality and workmanship of Croozers because the product contains a ten-year guarantee.


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The “assembly” is then almost a breeze. Oh, and did I mention that “Croozer” a sub-brand of “Chariot” is? For us, the purchase decision was clear with this knowledge.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total  4/4
functionality    5/5
safety    3/5
Comfort    3/5
Price-performance    5/5
processing    4/4
maneuverability    4/4


  • Secure and Robust bicycle trailer
  • Including accessories
  • Push handle as a “roll-over bar, height adjustable
  • Sturdy aluminum bumpers
  • Unbeatable price / performance ratio
  • Sturdy aluminum bumpers
  • Simple, fast assembly / remodeling
  • Innovative quick


  • No Shock (for swinging cloth seats)
  • (The plan covering is not 100% Rain Festival can be purchased separately )
  • 5-point harness quite minimalist
  • retrofitted for joggers option no handbrake


A true all-rounder, uncomplicated, practical and safe matter for their little ones.

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Technical specifications

Maximum shoulder width 55 cm
Leg length / legroom 58 cm
head height 69 cm
L x W x H (without handle) 110 x 74 x 84 cm
L x W x H (folded, excluding handlebar and wheels) 103 x 74 x 27.5 cm
Grip height high (average of joggers & Buggy) 107 cm
Handle height low (average of joggers & Buggy) 95 cm
Weight (Base, with handle) 13.9 kg
payload 35 kg
wheels 20 “spoked wheels

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