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Cycle – park the bike properly

Cycle – How is your bike safely

Various Cycle - For parking, and putting down

The term cycle stand has a double meaning. There is the bicycle parking and bicycle kickstand or bicycle center stand. Just click on the appropriate image and we will show you the right item for your to you.

Simply fold the foot and finished. Simple and efficient. There are the bike racks, but also a few things that you should consider. The mounting and attachment of the bicycle and the type can be quite different and relevant.

Bicycle kickstand

As the name suggests, this rack is mounted on the side of the bike. Ange flap shows the cycle stand to the rear, the site for the installation can vary depending on the bike. Classically the side stand on an adapter plate (stator plate / backing plate) is mounted behind the bottom bracket. Screwed is this with only one screw.

stand plate

Bicycle Rear / Rear Stand

Modern it is, when it comes to the rear stand. This is attached to the rear of the lower frame bar. There is the possibility to use a prefabricated bulge on the frame (with KSA 40 receiving) to fix or the Cycle with a clamp. Often one has to mount the setting the side stand with two screws here. Thus, the paint does not scratch the frame, it is advisable to wrap the point at which the stand is fitted with a strip of adhesive tape.

Rear KSA 40

Bike center stand / Zweibeinständer

The center stand is mounted behind the bottom bracket to the aforementioned adapter plate. The stand folds out to a back and it is adjacent to the rear respectively an upright support. This bike racks offer if for example a child seat has mounted on the carrier and the bicycle when parking is not to fall into an inclined position. In this Ständerart the front wheel is lifted from the ground and the bike is on the rear and the center stand. Arises as with the other stand types, a three-point contact with the floor.

Zweibeinständer bike

The safe state of the bicycle

Thus, the bicycle has a secure footing, the footprint should be to the ground at a perfect angle. The unfolded stand should be designed from the bottom so that existing slopes are exactly horizontally. The larger the footprint, the poorer and worsen pierced the stator tip into the ground. Is the bike with panniers loaded or the ground soft, it can happen that the tip is pressed into the ground and the bike loses the firm and stable support and possibly tip over.

wide foot

In addition to the stand, the stand length for a stable parking is important. The inclination angle of the bike is also crucial as it is stable and can fall in which force it. Since most bicycles turn after installation on the beam axle, the stand must not be too short. Wind and light nudge may make bike nothing.

Many bike racks you can shorten in length, it is advisable, however, to look for a model that can vary in length by moving in and out. Leiert the rack once, you can readjust here without investing again. Simple side stand can be brought with a hacksaw to the correct length. If you remove too much material here, the cycle stand is useless.

Various Cycle Overview

model kind Assembly Price from provider
XLC page center 13 Euro Amazon
System-S page clamp 15 euro Amazon
Prophete bipod center 14 Euro Amazon
Filmer bipod center 15 euro Amazon

Cycle is available in different designs, sizes, materials and construction methods. The Classic Cycle is structured so that you can adjust the front wheel and the rim is instrumental in the attitude and the stabilization. Simple models, for up to three bikes, you get already from 20 euros.

Different designs of bike racks / bicycle parking

Quite simple and cheap models have several parking spaces set to a front wheel. These are all next to each other and do not differ in the attachment. This simple design has the advantage that these stands are getting already priced. However, a disadvantage of this construction also. All bikes are exactly the same. If one now, for example, three mountain bikes with the same amount in, the handlebar can get in the way.


The drawback with the same high ironing parkers here is that the bicycle can be most difficult to get out without getting stuck on the Bautenzügen or cables of other bicycle handlebar. Also you can schhnell fingers caught, hands on foreign links.

This design has been optimized. Every second bicycle is simply parked slightly higher in the bike racks. So every second link is in a different level, sure it can still come by accident to the fact that to meet two links on itself altitude, but the probability is much lower. Given every second pitch is mounted at a different height. As usual, pushes it into the front wheel and turn off the bike. Anyone who wants to make more than three bicycles in a bicycle rack, should consider this type.

Cycle Ironing Parker bolted different heights on the ground

Fixing the bike racks on the floor

Normal Cycle should be fixed on the floor, the paving stones or paving. On one hand it is protected from theft and unauthorized purloining, secondly, the park has the necessary stability and can not be pushed or upset when put on and take pushing a bicycle.

Bottom bracket Fahrradstaender screw

For this purpose a hole is required in at least four locations in the soil. Some bike racks have already pre-drilled mounting holes, the cycle stand should now align properly and the holes visible on the ground. When paving slabs or paving stones, you have to bring a hammer drill the holes in the ground. Following you can here insert dowels and fix the bike racks with appropriate screws.

Individual soil Parker

There are versions that screwed you stand for stand firmly on the ground. The assembly effort here is very high, since each post must be mounted stably and firmly. Depending on the surface, this may already be problematic. If the distance between the parking lots so that the stand should be mounted on two instead of only on a stone, there may be difficulties already by small bumps. Overall, these brackets are very compact and quite good for a level surface.

Bicycle holders / cycle stand for wall mounting

Cycle stand for the wall, these models can be seen as whole sections or get individually. Here is screwed zoom the bracket to the desired wall, can the bicycle forward park it. A decision on individual elements, you can determine the distance and the amount itself. Children’s bicycles with a smaller tire diameter can be parked in a deeply attached stand.

Bike racks wall mounting

Stop to bike Anlehnsysteme

These systems are becoming increasingly common in the cityscape. Here, there are one or more bars, where you can lean the bike. Like other models have this Anlehnsysteme advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is, no matter how great the bike is, you can lean it almost always. The downside, the bike leaning often directly with the paint on the metal rod. This may lead to unsightly scratches. Anlehnsysteme are often found in the park, at the station or at schools and universities. They are anchored very robust and firmly in the ground.

A special model is the Cycle Willworx Super Stand. In this simple but effective stand can adjust a bicycle. It is held at two points of the rim and with a fairly large footprint provides a good grip. This bicycle stand is ideal for home use in the garage, the bike shed or in the bicycle cellar.

Cycle stand with advertising space

Compact Fahrradabstellständer with an advertising space, these models are often seen before smaller shops or kiosks. Here you have the possibility to turn off the bikes and gleichzeitigt to advertise his business or his service. Advertising boards are mounted above the front wheels and in the middle of the cancellation units.

Various Cycle Overview

Cycle plots Assembly Price from provider
Relax Days 1 piece wall 10 Euro Amazon
Willworx Super Stand 1 piece ground 24 Euro Amazon
Relax Days 3 pieces ground 25 euros Amazon
Relax Days 4 pieces ground 33 Euro Amazon
Cycle High / Low 5 pieces ground 82 Euro Amazon
stand Parker 4 pieces ground 130 Euro Amazon
support stand 2 pieces ground 70 Euro Amazon
Cycle stand with advertising sign 4 pieces was standing 160 Euro Amazon

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