Cycling Clothing / Cycling Gloves test – this is what counts also 2016

Cycling Gloves test – this is what counts also 2016

Cycling Gloves test – Gloves and their functions

Cycling gloves tightened - Gloves

Cycling gloves are more than just fashion accessories for cyclists, they protect against injury and included are bicycle clothing . When cycling much body weight is on the hands and wrists, this weight it is ergonomic accessories and attachments trap as well as possible. Cycling gloves are among the accessories that fulfill this purpose.

By padding good bicycle gloves act as a shock absorber. Summing up the handlebars without gloves on, transferred to vibration and impact directly on the hand and the wrist. Bumps in the road and the road are transmitted directly. Good Cycling gloves defuse these influences and take the load off his hands. However, they do not only protect the joints, they bend even blisters and prevent the “sleep” of hands. Nerves and blood vessels are not squeezed.

Bicycle glove grips a handlebar

The padding is in this case at least until the first member of each finger. It works as well. it crashes again with the bike, so protect the gloves against abrasions and injuries. The top consists mostly of thin material, is used for ventilation and the evaporation of sweat. On thumb found in good bike gloves still a kind of mini towel or toweling, which can be used to wash the sweat from his forehead.

Gloves or short finger gloves

Cycling Gloves Short FingerThere are the bike gloves here than gloves and a variant without fingers, sogennate short finger gloves; the latter are used often in cycling and more athletic cyclists. They are also called racing gloves. The gloves are often used in winter, then sometimes as thermal gloves. Especially during hard and unpadded road handlebar reasonable padded cycling gloves are essential.

Cycling gloves should be non-slip

What it still arrives at bicycle gloves, is that these are non-slip. Even if the gloves are wet again, they can not slip on the handlebar. It is important that the gloves in any situation really have a reasonable and additional grip. Welding must be optimally dissipated and the glove has to be for good ventilation.

Winner of a cycling glove test

Cycling Glove test result price provider
O’Neal AMX – Gloves very good from 20 Euro Amazon
Gore Bike Wear 2.0 Gloves – Fingerless very good from 31 Euro Amazon
Roeckl Reinbek – Gloves very good 40 Euro Amazon
Vaude Cardo Gloves – Gloves very good from 28 Euro Amazon
Gore Bike Wear Fusion 2.0 Gloves very good from 49 Euro Amazon

Ergonomic bicycle gloves

Thus, the bicycle gloves can also examine their function, they should be adequate padding.For this purpose is located on the palm and in the palm padding that absorbs the force of the hand. A ergonomic padding the natural handling can be supported and promoted. This can happen by means of gel pad. Optimal in the supplement with ergonomic bicycle handles .

Cycling gloves on ergonomic bicycle grips grip the handleGloves should fit snugly, but not cut off. This is optimally achieved by elastic material.Thus, the bicycle gloves do not slip, they are closed with a velcro behind the wrist. The gloves fit so slip on the hand. When processing the seams are the weak points of many gloves. If the fingers are better supplied with blood and attacks the hand to the handlebar, the gloves can stretch a little at the seams. Here it must not lead to early fatigue. Reflector strips are used in addition to the safety evening cruises or in the dark.

As in almost all product groups, there are also in the bicycle gloves and a test course a winner. Tested were doing different models with different attributes.

The optimal material for bicycle gloves Leather

Leather has special properties. It does not absorb water or moisture and is extremely robust and weatherproof. The permanent sunlight and therefore UV radiation exposure is not to be underestimated. Even when maintaining the seams and the pad must hold. To clean the gloves they can be washed with the washing machine. This applies, however, to pay attention to the care instructions of the respective gloves.

Bicycle leather gloves short fingerOne should the gloves but never dry in the dryer or in direct sunlight. Polyester gloves suck quickly with sweat fully and must be washed regularly. This is not only the cleanliness and hygiene, it also prevents unpleasant odors. Often the synthetic imitation leather is replaced with genuine leather, but whether it is genuine leather, is always there.

Which to choose size Bicycle gloves

Like regular gloves should be based on the standard sizes. Whether bicycle gloves for men and women who, just pay attention to the normal glove size chart. To determine the optimal size, simply measure out your hand. Given measure the widest part of her open hand (without including the thumb) the extent and so determine a value in cm-information. This value can now be read the right glove size in the table.

Measuring tape around a hand for measuring the bicycle glove size

Circumference in cm size women Men
15.5 4.5 XS
16 5 XS
16.5 5.5 S
17 6 S
18 6.5 M
19 7 M S
20 7 ML S
20.5 7.5 L SM
21 7.5 L M
22 8th L M
23 8.5 XL ML
24 9 XL L
25 9 L
26 9.5 L
27 10 XL
28 10.5 XL
29 11 XXL

Conclusion and what matters

Important is / are therefore,

  • that the gloves fit well,
  • have a reasonable grip on the handlebars,
  • good stitching and high quality workmanship show,
  • let your fingers a reasonable freedom of movement
  • and are sufficiently padded.

Who takes this into account when buying, which can permanently enjoy his bicycle gloves.With a glance at the bike glove test table, you will find easily the winner.

Which questions are still open for you or what we have not yet arrived, but what you want to know about cycling gloves? Leave us your questions and suggestions just as a comment under the post.


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