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Best Bike Reviews / E-bike for ladies in the test of 2017: the best E-bikes for women in the test

E-bike for ladies in the test of 2017: the best E-bikes for women in the test

E-bike for ladies in the 2017 test: comparison on

Cycling with technical support

each E-bike for women allows according to test driving fun even on longer tours. An E-bike is an electric bike, which means that it has a motor. The term is most „ Pedelec “ used as a synonym for the E-bike. There are however some differences. The driver must appear to move a Pedelec, where he is assisted by the electric motor. When an E-bike, a pedaling is not absolutely necessary to move forward. Pedelecs are therefore the sportier version of this bike. Each E-bike for ladies in the test is a Pedelec. Such bikes are the required power for the motor from a battery. In our report on the E-bike for ladies in the test, you will learn which criteria when purchasing a Pedelecs of importance are. We also go into the legal situation to the E-bike. In addition, we will show the best, suitable for ladies electric bike from the test.

The best E-bikes for women from the test at a glance

Differences between E-city bike and E-trekking bike

Also an E-trekking bike in addition to E-city bikes is found under the Pedelecs for ladies in the test. How do these bikes differ? Briefly summarized, it can be said that the E-city bike is rather designed as a wheel for opportunity rides on pavement, while the E-trekking bike for longer tours in the area. Tend to the former wheel provides more comfort, while E Trekkingräder are typically more gears. Table of contents:

  • cycling with technical support
  • the best E-bikes for women from the test in the overview of
    • differences between the E-city bike and E-trekking bike
    • benefits of E-bikes
    • buying advice to the E-bike for ladies from the test
    • conclusion to the E-bike for ladies from the test
    • rules in relation to the E-bike

advantages of E-bikes

for women an E-bike from the test has the advantage of including , that thanks to the motor, longer routes can be operated without themselves having to strain. This is particularly useful for the ride to the Office, because so it avoids the driver to arrive there in verschwitztem State. Also for older bicycle enthusiasts, who can travel no long trips on normal bikes due to physical limitations, the E-bike is a good solution. In addition, Pedelecs are environmentally friendly and promote physical activity despite drive support through the motor. There are also disadvantages. The battery of an electric bicycle must be charged regularly resulting in electricity costs. Therefore, the maintenance is more expensive than a conventional bicycle. Due to the integrated motor, the electric bike also has a substantial weight. By the way: If the battery should once be empty during a ride, the E-bike must be not moved. It works, apart from the engine, just like a normal bicycle and can be moved forward by the usual appearance in the pedals.

Purchase advice on the E-bike for ladies from the test

In the following, we present the main aspects that should be considered when choosing a Pedelec for ladies. is the electric bike in the test in two variants for ladies.

  • Bike type: in the test E-city bike and E-trekking bike are available. The former the latter for use on other surfaces such as such as forest roads are more suitable for driving in the city,.
  • Frame size: the height of the frame should be, depends on the size of the driver. The corresponding figures, see table overview.
  • Circuit: with help of the circuit the E-bike for ladies from the test can be adapted to the respective degree of increase. The differences in the number of gears in the test are however minimal.
  • Speed (max): each E-bike for ladies in the test driving no more than 25 km/h. When the driver reaches this speed level, the electric motor will shut down its performance. Due to this lock, no license and no insurance is necessary for the Pedelec. For more information about the final chapter of this test report delivers.
  • Position of the motor: motors can be attached to the front or rear (front hub motor or rear wheel hub motor) or in the middle (bottom bearing motor) of E-bikes. The latter position is the best for the stability of the bicycle.
  • Range (maxima l): The larger the range of Pedelecs, the longer tours are possible. Because it indicates after how many kilometers, the battery is exhausted.
  • Weight: E-bikes weigh significantly more than normal wheels, because they have an electric motor and a battery pack. The models in the test in terms of weight not very strongly differ.


conclusion to the E-bike for ladies from the test

we will explain which convinced the winner of comparison. Also we look at little closer also the award winner.

Comparison winner of E-bikes for women

The model of prophets E-novation 6.7 52556-0111 (Note 1.3) is the E-bike for women, which has comparison winner. It offers an appealing design. The resignation contributes to safety. A quieter motor prevents a noise of other road users. In addition, the prophets scores E-novation 6.7 52556-0111, the highest coverage in the test – proud 150 km are possible without in between having to load up. A bottom bearing motor provides stability. However, the winner of comparison with a weight of 26 kg is one of the heaviest Pedelecs in the test.

Winner of E-bikes for women

a Pedelec for ladies from the test is not considered motor vehicles. The award winner is the only E-trekking bike in the test – the Toppedo electric touring bike (Note 1.9). This model is characterized by great robustness. With the rear wheel hub motor, the winner of the prize has a powerful drive. Withdrawal also exists as in the comparison winner. With 25 kg, the winner of the prize is a little lighter than the prophets of E-novation 6.7 52556-0111. With regard to the range, drops the Toppedo electric touring bike however strongly in comparison. But also at 70 km, longer day trips are possible.

Legal regulations in relation to the E-bike

Each E-bike for ladies in the test has been designed so that it is not considered despite electric motor vehicle. A Pedelec is namely in German law dealt with a bike, as long as certain factors are given. These are defined in article 1 paragraph 3 in the road traffic Act (HCP). It says:

no motor vehicles within the meaning of this law are country vehicles which by muscular be moved with an electrically operated auxiliary drive with a rated continuous output of not more than 0.25 kW equipped, whose support is decreased progressively with increasing vehicle speed and 1 achieve a speed of 25 km/h, or sooner, 2. should meet the driver in appearance, interrupted.

Important: The Pedelecs fulfilling HCP which formulated terms in article 1, paragraph 3, no licence is necessary. In addition, also no liability insurance must be completed. Also eliminates the helmet — and indicator required.

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