Best Bike Reviews / E-Bike Test: Diamant Zouma Supreme +

E-Bike Test: Diamant Zouma Supreme +

Review: E-Bike Test: Diamant Zouma Supreme +

Zouma Supreme +


Diamant Zouma Supreme +


Diamant Zouma Supreme +


Diamant Zouma Supreme +P


Diamant Zouma Supreme +

The e-bike / pedelec Diamant Zouma Supreme + costs 3599 Euro. It has a 250 watt rear hub motor from BionX and a battery with a capacity of 422 watt-hours. You can find more information about the e-bike / pedelec Diamant Zouma Supreme +.

What we like

  • high support tour and mountain
  • pushing aid
  • high payload
  • quiet driving noise

What we do not like

  • high price

Chic and swift – two perfect attributes for a modern commuter bike. On the glossy black Zouma Supreme + with red anodized accents on handlebar , seat clamp and rear derailleur, the driver simply makes a good impression – and it feels good. Because the noble Ross spoils thanks to its suspension fork , ergonomic handles and a very relaxed sitting position with rich comfort.

At the same time, it shines through direct obedience: steering commands sets the Zouma to quickly and accurately. And thanks to the Flüstermotors the rear it roars his aim against almost noiselessly. A too pronounced forward momentum shows the diamond bike but not necessarily. The test driver missing a bit the “bang” that a S-pedelec otherwise may well evince.

Simultaneously, the bike, the rear is the range check. On the bike ride, the battery lasted for the full support of just over 38 kilometers. Hillside was over already after 22 kilometers. As might be needed in the office so reloading. However, the rear-wheel drive also offers a recuperation. So the battery can be fed about on sloping passages by braking energy.

The big advantage: Unlike many other Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs can the Zouma drive very neatly without switched in engine power through the streets. This is partly due to the relatively low weight of only 23.7 kilograms, the other at the well-graded, high quality Shimano XT derailleur with 27 gears.

Ever convinced the high-quality equipment, such as hydraulic Magura disk brakes, Supernova LED headlamps or the Suntour suspension fork with lock-lever on the handlebar. Also the cycling computer knows how to please: The display is easy to read, and use the remote control on the handlebar of the driver shifts quickly and intuitively through the modes.

Product data for E-bike / pedelec Diamant Zouma Supreme +

Weight Complete: 23.7 kg
Battery Weight: 3.4 kg
Price: 3599.00 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 699,00 Euro
Maximum weight allowed: 159.0 kg
Maximum load: 135.3 kg
Engine power: 250 W
Engine type: BionX rear engine
Sensor Type: torque sensor
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Power output: 422 Wh (watt hours)
Battery voltage: 48 V
Charge: 8.8 Ah
Battery removable: Yes
Battery lockable: Yes
Battery charge indicator: I agree
Frame Material: aluminum
Available frame sizes: Men: 28 “50/55/60 cm, Ladies: 28” 45/50/55 cm
Gents in the test: 50
Fork: Fork SR Suntour NCX D LO Lite magnesium Lockout, 63mm travel
Circuit: Shimano Deore XT
Number of gears: 7
Gear lever: Rapid Fire
Front brake: Magura MT4 Carbotecture
Brake type front: hydraulic disc brake
Rear brake: Magura MT4 Carbotecture
Brakes Type Rear: hydraulic disc brake
Wheels / Rims: Grünert AirTec, front: Shimano Deore XT rear: RIDE + SL rear engine
Tire: Schwalbe Energizer Pro 40-622
Front light: Supernova E3 with Side Illumination
Rear light: Mr. Mans LED Track
Particularities: Center stand Pletscher Twin bipod, pushing aid, Lockout remote controlled, recuperation, ergonomic handles

The test results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec tests *

Range Tour: 37.7 km
Average Speed Tour: 31.6 km / h
Support Factor Tour: 1.78
Range Berg: 22.0 km
Average speed mountain: 26.4 km / h
Support factor Berg: 1.56
Range City: 27.5 km
Average Speed City: 17.7 km / h
Support factor town: 1.30

The results of the ExtraEnergy ergonomic tests **

Removing the battery: 2.0
Clear assignment of the charger: 2.2
Fitting the battery: 2.3
Fix rear carrier: 2.1
Portability (possibility grip on the frame): 2.3
Wheel lift: 2.3
Ergonomically adapt: 2.5
Setting the driving mode: 2.3
Driving with engine support, Carrying (upstairs and downstairs): 1.9
Motor noise: 1.5
Ease of use: 2.2
Stability when parking: 2.0
Design and appearance: 1.6

Review and product group classification ***

Drive model: Ride + SL
Product group 1: Business
K-factor 1: 5
Product group 2: no


Top-comfort for the quick ride. Diamant Zouma Supreme + offers the comfortable sitting position, high-quality equipment and great driveability. However, the battery is relatively early at the end of his tether.


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