Best Bike Reviews / E-Bike Test: Hartje I: SY (2014)

E-Bike Test: Hartje I: SY (2014)

Review: E-Bike Test: Hartje I: SY (2014)

Hartje I: SY
Hercules Edison Di2


Kettler Obra Ergo RT


Kettler Traveller E-Light


A2B Kuo

What we like

  • high coverage in the city and on the tour
  • Pushing / traction
  • Residual range indicator

Handy and practical must be such a space-saver spare. The fun is in towards the back. But there is another way – proves Hartje with the I: SY.The runabout grabs the test winner in the compact category.

But that’s not all: He is also in terms of driving pleasure in the favor of test driver on one of the top places – even compared to the sporty E-mountain bikes. The recipe consists of an agile but safe cycling , combined with a harmonic motor which always shows its strength at the right moment.

In addition, the driver sitting relaxed upright in the saddle. And despite the lack of spring members also like the comfort – thanks damping wide tires, a comfortable saddle , ergonomic handles. Even in the traditional space-saver spare disciplines scores, this chic white mini e-bikes. So it can wear well with low weight and balanced center of gravity.

However, a small drawback is the lack of quick release on the seat post .Thus, the I: SY not be adjusted on the fly to different users.

Product data for E-bike / pedelec Hartje i: sy

Weight Complete: 22.6 kg
Battery Weight: 2.4 kg
Price: 2599.95 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: na Euro
Maximum weight allowed: 120 kg
Maximum load: 97.4 kg
Engine power: 250 W
Engine type: Bosch mid-engine (Active-Line)
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion battery
Power output: 400 Wh (watt hours)
Battery voltage: 36 V
Charge: 11 Ah
Circuit: Hub Shimano Nexus with handle
Number of gears: 8
Front brake: hydraulic rim brake Magura HS11
Rear brake: hydraulic rim brake Magura HS11
Equipment: Rear, Speedlifter, folding pedals, Ergo handles, optional: front carrier

The test results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec tests *

Range Tour: 62.3 km
Average Speed Tour: 24.5 km / h
Support Factor Tour: 1.16
Range Berg: 28 km
Average speed mountain: 21.7 km / h
Support factor Berg: 1.11
Range City: 35 km
Average Speed City: 16.9 km / h
Support factor town: 0.98

The results of the ExtraEnergy ergonomic tests **

Driving with engine support: 1.8
Riding performance without motor assistance: 2.5
Ease of use: 1.4


From the comfortable bike to ride brisk – the I: SY always proves to be a reliable companion and makes its name.


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