Best Bike Reviews / E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS

E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS

Review: E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS

Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS in Test
What we like
  • long range on the tour and in the city
  • Pushing / traction

Product data for E-bike / pedelec Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS

Weight Complete: 26.4 kg
Battery Weight: 3.0 kg
Price: 2599.00 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 899 Euro
Maximum weight allowed: 130 kg
Maximum load: 103.6 kg
Engine power: 250 W
Engine type: Impulse 2.0 midship
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion battery
Power output: 612 Wh (watt hours)
Battery voltage: 36 V
Charge: 17.0 Ah
Circuit: Hub Shimano Nexus with handle
Number of gears: 8th
Front brake: hydraulic rim brakes Magura HS11
Rear brake: hydraulic rim brakes Magura HS11
Equipment: Spring seatpost, rear stand, Vario Stem, Frame lock, Ergo handles, fork

The test results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec tests *

Range Tour: 83.9 km
Average Speed Tour: 25.0 km / h
Support Factor Tour: 1.3
Range Berg: 41.2 km
Average speed mountain: 20.8 km / h
Support factor Berg: 1.28
Range City: 51.0 km
Average Speed City: 15.2 km / h
Support factor town: 1.13

The results of the ExtraEnergy ergonomic tests **

Driving with engine support: 2.1
Riding performance without motor assistance: 2.1
Ease of use: 1.6
Carrying (upstairs and downstairs): 3.5

Review product group classification ***

Product group 1: Comfort
K-factor 1: 9
Product group 2: City Comfort pedelec


Much more comfortable can wheel drive is not. The Agattu combines a relaxed, upright riding position with good cushioning and ergonomic parts. Fits to the new engine pushes evenly, the switching operation is running smoothly thanks to a short power interruption. Are you the Kalkhoff Impulse Agattu 8R HS times the spores, it shows its powerful but always sovereign page. Thanks to the large battery it sees fit by long.


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