Best Bike Reviews / E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r

E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r

Review: E-Bike Test: Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r

Impulse Premium I8r


Kalkhoff impulse


Kalkhoff impulse


Kalkhoff impulse


Kalkhoff impulse

The e-bike / pedelec Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r costs 2699 Euro. It has a 250 watt motor means of pulses and a battery with a capacity of 612 watt-hours. You can find more information about the e-bike / pedelec Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r.

What we like

  • long range tour city
  • high support mountain
  • pushing aid
  • a key for battery and frame lock

Premium – sounds particularly. And that is the Kalkhoff Impulse I8r also.Approximately as endurance-rounder. Almost 90 kilometers on tour, over 57 km in the city traffic and more than 40 km on the mountain – with these values fades the competition.

The engine certainly conveys strength and well tailored. And the nature of the pulses like its balanced nature. Thus, the driving wheel also quite pleasant with no engine.

To feel-unit, the tour will also thanks to good spring elements, relaxed seating position, ergonomic handles and comfortable saddle . Even otherwise, the pulses Premium are well equipped.

Product data for E-bike / pedelec Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r

Weight Complete: 25.8 kg
Battery Weight: 3.1 kg
Price: 2699.00 Euro
Price Replacement Battery: 899,00 Euro
Maximum weight allowed: 130.0 kg
Maximum load: 104.2 kg
Engine power: 250 W
Engine type: Pulses middle engine
Sensor Type: Cadence, torque-speed sensor
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Power output: 612 Wh (watt hours)
Battery voltage: 36 V
Charge: 17Ah
Battery removable: Yes
Battery lockable: Yes
Battery charge indicator: I agree
Frame Material: aluminum
Available frame sizes: Diamond 50/55/60 depth 45/50/55 cm
Ladies model in test: 50
Fork: Fork Verso III Magnesium
Circuit: Shimano Nexus
Gear type: IGH
Number of gears: 8th
Gear lever: rotary handle
Front brake: Magura HS11
Brake type front: calipers
Rear brake: Magura HS11
Brakes Type Rear: Rim brake, resignation
Wheels / Rims: Concept hollow chamber, front: Shimano hub dynamo 3N72, Rear: Shimano Nexus brake hub
Tire: Continental Eco Contact 42-622
Front light: B & M Lumotec Cyro RT
Rear light: Busch & Müller Toplight Flat Safe
Particularities: Frame lock with a key, winkelverst. Stem, Rear, suspension seatpost, pushing aid, ergonomic handles

The test results of the ExtraEnergy pedelec tests *

Range Tour: 87.2 km
Average Speed Tour: 25.7 km / h
Support Factor Tour: 1.34
Range Berg: 40.5 km
Average speed mountain: 23.2 km / h
Support factor Berg: 1.42
Range City: 57.2 km
Average Speed City: 16.2 km / h
Support factor town: 1.14

The results of the ExtraEnergy ergonomic tests **

Removing the battery: 1.8
Clear assignment of the charger: 2.0
Fitting the battery: 2.2
Fix rear carrier: 2.9
Portability (possibility grip on the frame): 3.6
Wheel lift: 3.0
Ergonomically adapt: 2.2
Setting the driving mode: 1.8
Driving with engine support, Carrying (upstairs and downstairs): 2.0
Motor noise: 2.3
Ease of use: 2.1
Stability when parking: 1.9
Design and appearance: 1.9

Review product group classification ***

Product group 1: Easy
K-factor 1: 8th
Product group 2: Lifestyle 5 / City Comfort 4


Thanks to great runnability drives the Kalkhoff Impulse Premium I8r always pleasant, even without a motor. In the situation you seldom, because the battery lasts a long time through.


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