Bike for beginners / E-Bike Test – Then you should make before buying – guide

E-Bike Test – Then you should make before buying – guide

E-Bike Test – Then you should make before buying

E-Bike Test - What you should pay attention before buying

Buying an e-bike is not easy and should not take place thoughtlessly. So that one buys the right to be an electric bike, you should consider a few things before purchasing and compare the bikes from the E-Bike Test together. This guide is intended to address the most important factors before buying. Theme will be: The Engine, the battery, the technical components of the e-bike, reach and weight.


Various types of drives the E-Bike Test

The drive is the centerpiece in an e-bike. There is a distinction between this case under two drive types.

  • Classic and started has everything with the front engine and the hub motor. The hub motor can also be installed in the rear, both in front and. In the motor unit usually is a planetary gear, this is normally maintenance free.

Hub motor in the front wheel on the electric bicycle

  • In addition to the hub motor, there is the widespread central engine or Bottom bracket.Here, the motor is mounted on the bottom bracket, and transmits its power directly to the bicycle chain.

Bottom bracket on Kreidler Vitality Elite Bosch

Advantages and disadvantages of types of drive

Both drive types have their advantages and disadvantages. While the front engine is easy to retrofit as a kit, it may well be impaired in focus. The bottom bracket shifted the focus positive downwards, but the chain suffers greater wear. Both the hub motor and the bottom bracket act Tretunterstützend.

The most famous bottom bracket, Bosch ago, the manufacturer has established itself on the Elektrofahrrad- and pedelec market.

Check motor power in the E-Bike Test together

As almost everywhere, there is also in e-bikes and regulations. The engine must not provide more than 250 watts of power. Is he there yet, you have to equip the bike with an insurance plate number. This one should make sure that you compare the electric bikes from the e-bike test on a consistent engine performance. With the same engine power and different battery gives quite a different range.

About 250 watts of power is an S-pedelec. It is perfectly legitimate to buy such a bike and ride, here, however, the rules and regulations for mopeds and scooters are. Note: The e-bike is allowed to drive only when a pedaling motion exerted by the cyclist, because this is a pedal support concerns.

Does the e-bike a gear shift?

What kind of gear is installed? Compare only IGH with other hubs and derailleurs with derailleurs. The individual components of the switching groups differ from manufacturer to manufacturer in quality. A derailleur for example, requires regular cleaning and maintenance.In the city area you are traveling with a 7-speed hub gear mostly from Land You on the other hand in a mountainous area, should you choose a derailleur.

Compare battery life & make comparable (Wh / Ah)

The battery is responsible for the range of pedelecs in combination with the engine and the area of use of e-bikes. Battery performance is thereby in ampere hours (Ah) or watt hours (Wh). Comparing the battery, you should definitely make sure that you do not confuse these values, otherwise is not comparable battery performance. In addition to capacity, the charge time is an issue. One can say roughly, the more battery power is present, the longer it takes to fully charge the battery.

Battery from pedelec Kreidler Vitality with 8Ah power and a charge indicator

Note weight for transporting with a bike rack

Who wants to go with his e-bike in the holiday that should also take on the total weight. 25kg to 30kg are not uncommon. Two e-bikes can thus quickly 50-60 kg come. A normal bicycle rack can already come up against its limits. It is advisable to remove the battery from the bicycle in order to save weight. In addition to the battery and other loose attachments should be removed.

E-Bike Test - e-bike on a bike rack

If the battery is empty and needs once the e-bike only be moved by muscle power, extra kilos are also evident. It is then important that the other components on the bike are high quality and easy.

Components and accessories in the E-Bike Test

Speeds up to 25 km / h need to be good brakes. Ideally, one uses disc brakes or roller brakes.Through the increased weight and higher speeds, the braking distance is longer. The bicycle brake should therefore be designed for e-bikes and have a correspondingly high braking force. Especially important is this aspect, when an existing bicycle with a pedelec conversion kit retrofit.

Rollerbrakes Shimano

The frame should have sufficient thick pipes, the bicycle fork should the higher load withstand.

Particularly important are:

  • A stable framework
  • And good brakes
  • The lighting at the E-Bike

Make sure that you have a self-sufficient functioning bike lights have. If the battery once you empty or without battery on the go, it is imperative that the bicycle lighting works. Ideally, this is a hub dynamo is installed.

Hub dynamo in front

To sum once, pay attention to when comparing e-bikes:

  • The battery capacity and charging time
  • The range
  • The weight
  • The Engine
  • The engine power
  • The tires on the wheel

Only when all values are given in the same unit, they may be used for an e-bike test or comparison.

With the E-Bike for Service

As an e-bike must also to service and regular maintenance needs, you should inform yourself before buying over the service fees and prices for known wear parts. For example, what does a new lithium-ion battery?

can save, Anyone choosing a model from the previous year. Because the batteries and the control units are controlled with a software update can bring to current firmware software definitely improve and let the e-bike drive more efficiently.

Various types of bicycles as an e-Bike

In addition to the classic city bike with an electric motor, you get mountain bikes, trekking bikes and folding bikes with electric drive.

Depending on the application, one should opt for a frame shape and a type of bicycle. Who travels a lot in the city and cycle to work, of the Ebikes should watch with a diamond frame or a low step. The diamond frame has worked with one of the most stable Statics.

manufacturer model drive Price from provider
BikeTec flyer mid-engine n / A
Kreidler Vitality mid-engine 1999 Amazon

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