Bike for beginners / Ergon GP1 Grips Tests – rubber, or BioKork Bioleder

Ergon GP1 Grips Tests – rubber, or BioKork Bioleder

Ergon GP1 bicycle grips in Test

Ergon GP1 L handle on bike

Ergonomic bicycle grips are not exclusively a luxury product, they can affect the driving experience and the hand position when cycling positively. One of the manufacturers for Ergonomic grips and a pioneer in this field is Ergon. Therefore, we consider today the Ergon GP1 more closely and put the handles in the size L before.

Delivery and packaging

The handles are supplied in a sturdy cardboard packaging to see is just one of the handles.This is mounted like a bike and you have the possibility a first sample handle to feel. The second handle, because the Ergon GP1 grips you buy always in pairs, is located in the carton itself. For the handles two caps are added to the handlebar.

Opened packaging Ergon grips

Texture and feel of the Ergon GP1

The ergonomic handles are made of rubber and aluminum. These are located at its outer end an Allen screw and clamp, with which you can adjust the fixed Ergon GP1 grips after their installation. For this you need a 4mm Allen key. The aluminum terminal is part of the design and interferes in no way to the touch and gripping. The palms take it on a roughened but soft surface with a diamond pattern. The palms get a large contact surface.

Two Ergon GP1 bicycle grips

The handles feel really grippy and each have a large bearing surface for the hands. While driving under real stress, the ergonomic handles Ergon can record the pressure of the upper body and arms well. The field of application of the handles is a mountain bike or touring bike.

Weight, shape and size of the handles

The Ergon GP1 is available in two different sizes. The picture shows the variant in size L – see (8.5 10.5); these handles are suitable 19.8 x 3.8 cm and a grip circumference of about 102 mm and are for men or women slightly larger hands a measure of approximately 17.8 x. The statements in S (6.5 to 8.5 – approx 92mm grip circumference) are particularly suitable for women. With just over 200 g handles (L) is not significant. The rubber grips can be purchased in stores from about 29,90 Euro – 34,99 Euro.

The handles are also in a Korkausführung (from 39,99 euros), which was awarded by Ökotest very good. Who rubber, plastic and cork do not like, which can set the GP1 leather version, this is priced at 79.99 euros proud. Here then you get the grips in premium quality with Bioleder. All items, such as the Aluklemmen, screws and caps can also be ordered separately.

material sizes Price from test result Buy
rubber S and L from 29,90 Euro not us bek. Amazon
BioKork S and L from 39,90 Euro Ökotest very good Amazon
CERTIFICATION. natural leather S and L from 79,95 Euro Ökotest very good Amazon

Bicycle grip from Ergon GP1 L

Fixing the Ergon GP1 Grips

The handles have an inner diameter of 2 cm, so that they fit on a normal link with standard diameter. The old bicycle handles must first be removed, a tutorial for it, we have in the article Ergonomic bicycle handles collated. This ergonomic feature can take effect, a correct installation is important. The hand should ideally form a line with the forearm , the less the wrist is bent, the better it is for the joints, ligaments and muscles. In the right position, you should always pay attention to a natural hand position.

Hand on bicycle handle GP1 with natural position

Conclusion on Ergon GP1-L handles

Who pain in the wrists felt when cycling or struggling with tingling, falling asleep fingers which should purchase ergonomic bicycle grips. The Ergon GP1 bicycle grips are a good choice – no matter what material execution, because the shape is unchanged. Men should select at least the size L and draw women with small hands on the S model.

After we returned to our test more than 250 km with the handles on the handlebarshave, we can say with certainty that acquisition and investment have paid off . No more aching or falling asleep hands.

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Our rating: 4/5


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