Bike for beginners / Ergonomic bicycle handles – Loosen and remove the bicycle grips

Ergonomic bicycle handles – Loosen and remove the bicycle grips

Loosen Bicycle grips and exchange them for ergonomic bicycle grips

Ergonomic bicycle handle for screwing

Who bicycle grips made of rubber, knows the problem perhaps. The bike handles slip and for longer trips they turn down far.

The position of the palm is within a short time is no longer the one that had been at the start of the bike tour. Since we depending on seat location and type of the bicycle also weight on the hands derived and transmitted to the handlebar, the proper and secure fit of the handlebar grips is particularly important. After I already exchanged the Aheadset have and could achieve a much better seat situation, were now the grips turn.

Bicycle rubber grips that slip

Bicycle rubber grips that slip

With me was exactly the problem described above on the agenda. My bicycle grips slip, or rather it slipped, because I have dismantled the old bicycle handles and replaced with new, non-slip grips for screwing. I chose this ergonomic handlebar grips from Ergon, GP. 1

Ergonomic bicycle grips it should be

Ergonomic handles for bicycleI bought the new bike handles the brand Ergon for 29 euros a pair. More specifically , it was the Ergon GP1 L Grips with aluminum clamping.   I was important that the new grips can convince ergonomically. The support surface for the palm and thus its relief is greater than the old handles. I deliberately decided against a leather version, since I was disturbed here the seam when grasping the handles. The variant of cork and wood was not to my taste.

Loosen and remove the old bicycle grips

In order to solve the old bicycle grips I have used a simple trick. I have made the different properties of rubber and metal for the benefit of the removal of the handlebar grips.

Remove bicycle grips in waterAlthough the Grips slipped, but only under load, no load were stuck the handles. I got myself a plastic container from the kitchen and this is filled with very hot water. Rubber and metal expand under heat to different degrees, the rubber this much lower temperatures required.So the handlebar held in the container with the hot water, wait 3 minutes and could  solve the old bike handles easily. The whole thing on the other side and climb the handlebar was without handles.

Bicycle handlebars without handles

Install the new Grips

It may be that you have the add-on parts such as the shift lever readjust a little, so that the new grips fit. Then you just push the new add-on parts on the handlebars and solve the Shifters optionally and push inward.

Ergonomic bicycle handle for screwing

Ergonomic bicycle handle of Ergon, GP 1 L

Do not forget to tighten the screws. The new bike handles to screw, you have found the right one for themselves position, bolted to a bicycle grips so firmly. Not too hard, just that it strengthens the screw without effort. The new bicycle grips should not slip so.

My test for the new handles was then a 50 km bike ride on Geiseltalsee , while I had the left side and readjust adjust anything because my hand had fallen asleep here. More about this tour is following in a separate post.

The conclusion from the test of bicycle grips

After a total of 200 km to the growing the ergonomic bicycle grips I can write a small conclusion. The larger contact area for the palm is much more comfortable when driving. The new bicycle grips are secure and no longer slip. The aim of the reconstruction action was so successful. The strain on wrists and shoulders fell. I can thoroughly recommend the grips from Ergon.

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