Rear mounted bike racks / Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke

Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke

Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke in Test

Rear carrier of EUFABThose who want to transport bicycles, which often do not fit in the trunk, over long distances, requires the right support which is simply attached to the vehicle. Different manufacturers produce thesetransport systems , with which the bike can be moved. A company that provides support, is the EAL GmbH , which already has more than 20 yearsthere.

To the current range of the GmbH, which specializes in the manufacture of transport systems, including the support of the brand Eufab . The bicycle carrier can be easily at the rear of the automobilemounted, in which they in the commercial trailer coupling are installed. In this way, the will Eufab 11514 clutch carrier hatch connected to the vehicle.

We have the cheapest carrier by a detailed test checked. We discovered strengths and weaknesses, which we explain with this review. We also disclose whether the purchase of the transport system is worthwhile.

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Functional Overview

  • Trailer hitch Fahrradtäger
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • 70 kg payload
  • electrical lighting elements

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  • very robust steel linkage
  • with electric tail lights
  • additional license plate can be attached
  • high quality
  • Quick fasteners for bicycles
  • low air resistance
  • very quiet


  • sharp edges
  • assembly required

Delivery and packaging

The Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke is in a massive box delivered when the user on the Internet will be ordered. The wrapper provides the necessary protection . So there is little risk that the transport system is damaged to the consumer before delivery.

The durable casing, in which our Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke was, we receivedno damage.

mounted EUFAB rear carrier at BMWSo we could start directly with the test. We first examined the components that were in the box. This is initially 25 kgheavy. By the removal of the metal parts which must be assembled by the user, the weight is gradually reduced.

The structure of the transport system in a manualexplains that is also in the box. The manual describes theassembly in German and French. Additional graphics facilitate assembly of the carrier. All required handles are written exactly. So the assembly is carried out very quickly. We needed about 20 minutes to the transport system of EAL GmbH was mounted.

However, other models require no assembly.

So is Westfalia 350030600001 hitch carrier , which we also tested, installed during manufacture. The user only has to fix on the coupling of the automobile ours.

The transport system in the overview

The 1.14 meter wide support consists largely of steel , which was well finished. Other parts were fromplastic manufactured. So are located on the front of the construction, the lights and an area to which thelicense plate can be attached. These parts, as well as some mounts are made completely out of the artificial sweetener, which was, however, also be processed appropriately.

The operation of the lamps energy they need the Eufab 11514 clutch carrier hatch of the vehicle to which it is connected. The carrier has a practical combi-connector that fits on almost any commercial connection.

Thus, the transport system, energy from either the new 13-pin or a traditional 7-pin connector refer.

Hecktäger mounted on carThe 85 centimeter deep model of EAL GmbH offers up to four bikes Place. These are practical quick release fixes that provide great safety. The support may also be secured against theft. Finally, the transport system, which is 65 centimeters high has, a protection mechanism. Then there is no danger that the metal construction is stolen.

The bikes are easy on the provided frame holder fixed.Additional tension belts provide additional safety . So there is little danger that the beloved bikes are thrown from the vehicle at full speed. Of this we could by apractical test to convince, which we explain in the next section.


Practical test of the support

After the first installation, we connected the Eufab 11514 clutch carrier hatch with the couplings ofvarious test vehicles . We found that the transport system with all major automobile can be combined, which were available to us. Then we tested the weight. We have seen that the carrier 20 kilograms is difficult.

After this test, we tested also whether the bikes are really fixed. We discovered that the bike sit very safe.

However Something danger by some sharp elements . The extremely stable edge stand should with caution be treated. They are so sharp that the user can hurt.

When the owner of the support is however aware of this danger, there is hardly any risk that the sharp metal cuts in the skin.We transported the bikes over many kilometers . We drove on highways, country roads and dirt roads.We found that the Luke manufactured by EUFAB rear carrierblank carriers use very well. The wheels are very safe when they are fixed with the tensioning straps. With more than 70 kg of the support, however, should not be charged.

All wheels can even at high speeds are very safe moves.Due to the low air resistance of this popular support, the transport system is only a slight effect on the vehicle. It also remains relatively quiet . If required, the carrier can be folded with a simple grip. Then even that is boot through.

Robust support for many wheels

The Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke is a robust model, with up to four bikes over many kilometers are transportable. The carrier is characterized by a good workmanship from. Because steel was used it was somewhat heavier than other models, which are made of aluminum.

The simple construction of the carrier is carried out rapidly. Thereafter, the transport system can be used directly. However, there are some sharp edges that increase the risk of injury. Who this danger is aware will hardly cut. So even four bicycles can be fixed very easily. Therefore we can Eufab 11514 Coupling support Luke thoroughly recommended.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

5th place

Summary: Solid model, which is suitable due to its large capacity of up to 4 bikes for families.


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