Roof mounted bike carriers / EUFAB 12014 Superbike bike roof rack in the practical test

EUFAB 12014 Superbike bike roof rack in the practical test

EUFAB 12014 Superbike

This bicycle carrier can be a wobblyBy 12014 Superbike EUFAB brought a bike rack attachment for mounting upright on the market. Finished in elegant black attracts primarily the low price for this model. But is the bargain really recommended?

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Functional Overview

  • Up to 15kg load
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 3.3 kg
  • Rail length: 132 cm

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  • solid and safe processing
  • good driveability
  • very low price


  • complex assembly
  • Bicycle safety could be better



The data for EUFAB 12014 Superbike roof rack

The roof rack of EUFAB on the car roof without bikeThe data of the Superbike roof rack are not quite as great as the name suggests. In contrast to the leading models in our tests, the roof rack has no anti-theft device of the carrier. The lockable knurled nut for attachment of the support is small consolation here.

The bicycle carrier as suspect was designed for 1 bike up to 15kg and is mounted on a pre-assembled roof rack. This is mounted on an approximately 132 cm long steel tube rail. A singleroof rack weighs about 2.9 kg . This weight of the bicycle rack must be considered when calculating the total weight load on the roof support structure necessarily. With the successful TÜV / GS test the product classified in legal terms into the safe-use products for the German market.

Apart from the lack of anti-theft device, the Superbike roof carrier provides to the facts any more slip – but also offers no positive surprises, such as the winner of the house of Unitec . We are excited to see how the product performs in the following practical test.

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The EUFAB 12014 Superbike roof rack in the practical test

The bike is on the car roofThe delivery and the FBA were accustomed quickly and without a hitch. After the package opening made a first assessment of the components for a little surprise:

Who expected a poorly processed cheap product at this price just in terms of processing disabused. There is still much to air quality components, such as the renowned manufacturer Thule, yet the EUFAB makes 12014 roof rack before mounting a solid and -. Sometimes the most important thing – even a safe impression .

When mounting, make sure that a suitable substructure, otherwise this Part may be a significantly more complex matter. When ideally existing roof rails with matching dimensions makes itself at this stage of but significantly lower price to other models noticeable. The assembly of the roof rack is unfortunately not intuitive or quickly by hand. Many intermediate steps and a few quick fasteners rob time and breath. In our testing, we came in average on about 1 hour per roof rack. Especially with the placement of 2 or 3 bike carriers can this mounting of the wheel carrier so easily become a time-consuming endeavor.

Convert for mounting a sufficient time. This is complicated and takes about 1 hour.

The bicycle carrier is suitable for almost all bicycle types and sizes . When fixing is striking that the locking mechanism is not necessarily a thing of the jig to the variants with the best solution. Additional securing of the wheels is recommended from our side definitely.

In the subsequent test drive but there were no surprises. The bikes were securely fixed on the roof, neither potholes still cornering could mar them. Even when driving comfort , we found no major differences among the higher-priced products from our test.


Our conclusion

For absolute casual bike rack users a low cost solution only suitable for longer distances and more frequent use. The bicycle assembly wherein EUFAB 12014 is compared to the Unitec or Thule models significantly more complicated – and thus time consuming. Moreover, the fixing of the wheels of our tester did not convince 100%. Although there is a small advantage over the brand products, so customers pay this here with longer assembly and lower comfort. With the small price differences we advise just cyclists who want to frequently use the roof rack for transport to a more solid solution, such as the Thule bike carrier Pro Ride 591 .

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

7th place

Summary: For rare use a cheap solution. With frequent use, we advise you of this roof rack off!


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