Bike for beginners / Fahrradnavigation Test – Fahrrad Navi für Ihr Rad

Fahrradnavigation Test – Fahrrad Navi für Ihr Rad

Finding the right bike Navi – Bike Navigation Test

Bike Navigation Test - Teasi Plus

An extensive bicycle tour and a relaxing cycling holiday may exempt an everyday stress and let off his head once so correctly. Prior to planning a great track, looking up a few points for a break and a break, and the anticipation grows on cycling. So that one can always find the right path, a bicycle navigation device offers. Plan now by bike directions Your next route

With the right bicycle navigation to get to unerringly at its stops, and at the destination. The times of cycling maps are over, which are front mounted on the handlebars on a clipboard or pushed under the transparent cover of a handlebar bag. Who goes with the times, the reception relies on a digital bicycle navigation with GPS. General information and products from the Bicycle Navigation Test willing to help with choosing the right Navis.

The bicycle map should be stored locally on the navigation device

A classic bike card you get the most for under 10 euros, this is made of paper and brings all its disadvantages. If you have a smartphone that can use a navigation app. However, this works only if you can receive mobile data and the navigation can always reload the map.Especially in rural areas, this is quite possible times. Once one has no reception, so can not navigate it.

This is different to a bike navigation device, in this case the cards on the device are stored and do not have to be recharged via a data connection. The advantage is obvious, less battery consumption, faster displaying the maps and routes and a comprehensive map specifically for cyclists. Countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Italy are often included.

Results from a bicycle navigation test

picture Manufacturer / Model test result price provider
. 1 Garmin GPSMAP 64s handheld navigator - 2.6 Garmin GPS MAP 64s Very good € 265.63
€ 349.00
. 3 Garmin Oregon 600 GPS device (GPS + GLONASS, Bluetooth compatibility, robust 7.6 cm (3 inch) touch screen) Garmin Oregon 600 Very good € 293.90
€ 379.00
. 5 Garmin Oregon 650 GPS handset (inkl.robustem 7.6 cm (3 inch) touchscreen, 8 MP camera, data transfer via ANT + and Bluetooth and battery life up to 16 hours) Garmin Oregon 650t Very good € 349.00
€ 449.00
. 2 TEASI ONE³ - outdoor navigation device with Bluetooth and European maps Teasi One 3 Good € 149.76
€ 159.99
. 4 Falk Outdoor GPS Radcomputer PANTERA 32 mit topografischer Kartennavigation (EU 25), ANT+ ready, schwarz/rot Falk Pantera 32 Good € 295.37
€ 329.95
. 6 Bike Navigation Device Falk IBEX 32, 3 inch touchscreen, premium outdoor map and basemap Plus (EU 25) for tour cycling, hiking and geocaching Falk IBEX 32 Good € 368.23
€ 379.95
. 7 Bike Navigation Device Falk IBEX 32, 3 inch touchscreen, premium outdoor map and basemap Plus (EU 25) for tour cycling, hiking and geocaching Teasi One 2 Good € 368.23
€ 379.95
8th. Garmin Oregon 600 + Topo Germany V7 GPS device / cycling computer (Germany map, 7.6 cm (3 inch) touch screen) Garmin Oregon 600T N / A € 309.95
€ 429.00
. 9 Garmin Oregon 600 + Topo Germany V7 GPS device / cycling computer (Germany map, 7.6 cm (3 inch) touch screen) Falk Bicycle GPS N / A € 309.95
€ 429.00

Date: September 20, 2016 11:38

Operation and input the distance for bike navigation

The device is operated via a touchscreen and can then select the individual elements. The route itself can now enter via the touchscreen keypad or previously transmitted over the computer and data cables to the device. For this purpose, an additional, but bundled software is in most cases required.

Touchscreen operation menu Navi

The battery of the bicycle navigation device should last

Who long trips or in the cycling holiday would go, which was to establish a bicycle navigation, both the battery lasts as long as possible. Just when you make day trips or with the tent is on the way and does not come every day in the proximity of an outlet, could not live without on the second day on his navigation device you.

The charger for a built-in battery should not forget, in the ideal case, you can load the Fahrradnavi via a USB port . So can charge its power the battery while playing a computer new cycle routes to the device. If the battery is installed into the device, it is particularly important that the battery capacity holds long enough. Replacement of the power source is thus not possible. 10h to 12h battery life should bring any good bicycle navigation device. The battery life can easily test are recorded in bicycle Navi. The processor has the cycling maps can quickly and easily load and display.

Falk Navigation back battery cover

Falk navigation device – rear battery cover for easy opening – Bicycle Navi Test

Simultaneously, the weight should not be too high. Current models lie often around 200 g and not to burden the bike.

Congestion and traffic reports – TMC receiver in the device

Some devices have a TMC module installed, hereby current traffic messages are received and can be scheduled directly in calculating the route. Are sections blocked shortly because here is perhaps an accident, considered the navigation device and the calculated an alternative route. Works like a car navigation device. So you always have enough information about the site, it is advisable to choose that many GPS channels can operate a device. The more channels are accessed, the more accurate the route guidance from the bicycle route planner.

Storage of bicycle navigation device

Digital cards require while saving space. So you can install as many maps on the device, the built-in fixed storage should be as large as possible. Some devices also offer the possibility to expand the memory with an additional memory card.

If the memory is large, it may be more than just a country store in the device, in border regions and abroad, this can be particularly advantageous. Annoying is when you repeatedly have to remove cards from the device , just because you for another card a couple of days needed. If the navigation device a MICRO-SD input, you can insert itself such a memory card and expand the capacity of 64 GB thoroughly and more.

Trackback function of distance traveled

Who breaks forth by bike somewhere, also wants to return. It may not always be the same way it has, however, process once, you can just take the route via Trackback function returns that have been used on the way.

Route recording, statistics and calorie

Die gefahrene Route kann bei den meisten Geräten direkt so aufgezeichnet werden, dass man sich diese auch im Nachhinein wieder ansehen kann. Dies kann man für Analysen nutzen oder einfach um sich anzusehen wo man war. Gleichzeitig können so Statistiken wie die Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit, der Kalorienverbrauch, die zurückgelegten Kilometer und Höhenmeter aufgezeichnet und gespeichert werden. Mit diesen Werten vereint das Gerät eine Fahrradnavigation mit einem Fahrradcomputer.

Display brightness from Navi

Bright display with bike Navis

Teasi Pro im Vergleich zum Teasi One 2

The display should be recognized even in bright weather and sunlight. This also easily in the sitting position in the one riding the bicycle. The contrast is also important so that you can see differences on the map and thus obstacles quickly and easily.

Waterproof and Rain Rights must be the navigation device

Bike you drive in bad weather, good bicycle clothing protects oneself, the Navi, however, should this be not only waterproof but nearly waterproof. Only one is sure even at a strong rain that the device does not receive any water damage. Most devices are tours to IPX5 or better protected.

Mounting the navigation system on the bicycle

For most bike navigation systems of cultivation works on the handlebar or stem by means of rubber. Depending on the handlebar in this case the short bar can be used by Aheadset.Those who do not work, which uses the handlebar itself. The device is then clipped into the mount and is securely attached to the bicycle.

Free update function of the tickets

If you have the choice, be sure that there are free updates. Often manufacturers offer these updates to within the first 12 or 24 months. Since the cards already be out of date quite the run, in the normal case is always a free update it with. Who wants to be in the future Up2Date, selects a manufacturer of the updates inexpensive or free provides.

In summary, one can say, that is what matters in a bicycle Navi at:

  • Long battery life
  • A large storage or expandable memory
  • Display with good contrast
  • If possible, comprehensive, preinstalled map material
  • At least one map update for free

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