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Feedback Sport Mechanic | Bike Repair Stand Test

Feedback Sport Mechanic in Test


 particularly variable

easily transportable

pleasantly light

very stable

Plastic at stressed points

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Feedback would provide a suitable stand that quality, functionality and a good price combines the collection in any hobby shop. Whether this is difficult with the 140-euro Feedback Sport Mechanic, or whether it is perhaps more useful to resort to alternatives we will clarify in this test. The fact is, the little brother of Feedback Sports Pro Elite appears like absolutely the top model, although the first difference begins with the lifting capacity of 29.5 Kg and is therefore 9 Kg less resilient. But this is still sufficient for the most common bikes and even electric bikes. Whether the rest also with less comes up we wanted himself determined to find out.

The Feedback Sport Mechanic

Who in his hobby workshop not always want to repair the bicycle on the ground, or will protect his back should definitely resort to a work stand. With Feedback Sport Mechanic dissolving, at least when it comes to the manufacturer, this issue. Not only that the bicycle is raised, better yet, the Feedback Sport Mechanic can be individually adjusted to suit the size of each person.

Of course, most manufacturers promise a lot, but in reality, unfortunately, this often looks different. This could not confirm the Feedback Sport Mechanic. Added to this is the lightweight construction which can be accomplished in seconds. These are the most striking features, which you can get the first impression. Whether you the Feedback Sport Mechanic simply want to store only in the garage, or directly packed into the car to him always to have it, both are possible without any problems. When folded, the assembly stand is the proud dimensions of 16.8 x 12.7 x 112 cm. Built and combined will of Feedback Sport Mechanic very simple three rotating handles that can easily tighten up by hand or can be solved.

Stability by three feet

Particularly noteworthy is the really incredible stability in the state. Here, all testers agreed the Feedback Sport Mechanic is really always optimally and securely. In addition, the excellent processing of steel and aluminum for a secure feeling and the durability of the model provides.The weight of 5.7 kg makes a very good balance between stability and lightness. The setting for the working height and the work area leave nothing to be desired. Wedged with the safe rotary-Lock clamping system is at a height of 1.0 m to 1.65 m.Whether the bike is then stabilized as normal or at an angle, is completely left to the free use. However, we noticed that the bike gladly again gives way to gravity when the thumbscrews were not bomb tightened. Here it is even worse that the set screws are made of plastic and thus might even break off excessive force. A snap adjustment would fit better here definitely. With the free-running wheels and adjusting the circuit and the use of is chain cleaners  greatly facilitated.In every situation the Feedback Sport Mechanic was a reliable helper, especially by the ease of use were all settings intuitively perform.

As another positive point can be highlighted the fair price. For comparable repair stand, which offer the same stability and quality, settling mostly in the range above 200 euros. In semi-professional area the Feedback Sport Mechanic commutes to the mid to low segment.

Accessories for simple work

The Feedback Sport Mechanic is delivered without accessories. Nevertheless, there are many other components to extend the mounting stand. Most buying accessories for a matching of the feedback tool holder , which is mounted directly on the shaft. It offers enough space for your whole smaller tool, which would otherwise lie on the floor. Whether impus, spray or small parts such as valve caps or screws. In the made of massive plastic holder all find enough space and is available for work immediately. The price is just over 20 Euro slightly upscale. When working, it is a support and should definitely be ordered.

Secondly, nor has the Sports Flop Stop Handlebar holder to. This allows you to fix the handlebar during the repair. Thus the constant enfällt back and forth shaking the front wheel. Especially when working the wheel you appreciate this accessory. The handlebar bracket is sandwiched between saddle and handlebars and can be adjusted by the length as desired. This tool is available for available for less than 20 euros.


  • stability
  • 9. 4

  • processing
  • 8. 3

  • functionality
  • 8. 9

  • Price-performance
  • 9. 1


Total score:


The Feedback Sport Mechanic a bad buy is definitely excluded. Minor problems, such as the yield at the oblique position of the bike and the plastic coverings on the thumb screws are present, but not tarnish the positive overall impression.Absolute stability and the compact and transportable structure make the Feedback Sport Mechanic for rounder among bicycle repair stands. The nutzvolle accessory costs together again, although about 40 euros more, but in our opinion is essential and justifiable.

Overall, we can give a clear buy recommendation for the Feedback Sport Mechanic and guarantee that your money is really well spent. All in all a safe and high quality repair stand that can safely recommend.


Buy now at Amazon for EUR 152.28!

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