Bike for beginners / Finding the right bike for your child: impeller Test

Finding the right bike for your child: impeller Test

Wheel test – Then you should make buying the impeller

Wheel test - impeller Ratz brat

If children are to learn to ride a bike and parents looking for suitable auxiliaries are, the impeller is not far away. An impeller not only prepares the subsequent cycling, it also trains the sense of balance of the child. In order to find the right wheel, helps one of the wheel test. Before buying you should paying attention to a few things, it does not matter whether you buy a new or used wheel.

Wheel test: benefits from the impeller towards supporting wheels

So that the children can keep the balance well on the right bike should be practiced with a good runner early on. With the wheel the little ones can even strengthen the sense of balance and get a first feeling with the handling on two wheels.

Support wheels often give the child a false sense of security. The support wheels prevent the drop by bike, but the children rely on that sense of security and learn hard to keep the balance. It is similar to a tricycle or a four-wheeler. Accessories such as a bicycle basket or a bicycle rack may not be missing at a bike for children.

Stability and security are the nuts and bolts at wheel

When processing should be particularly pay attention to the individual connections and joints. An impeller is usually not processed in the Quality like a child’s bicycle, wobbling handlebars or tire with the game you should avoid. Not only for safety reasons, shaking the arm or the axis of the wheels, the children get a feeling of insecurity.

wheel axle

The compounds of the axis should always be fixed with metal screws. The seat post and handlebars should be made of a solid material. Some models have the handlebars a protection against too wide relent. This prevents accidental cross points of the handlebar.

Einlenkschutz the bike for children

Those who want to buy only one runner per child, can make sure that you can adjust the saddle height. Thus, there is the possibility to adapt the impeller to the growing child.

Seatpost adjustment screw

Wheel test: differences of impellers

There are wheels 2, 3 and 4 wheels, the latter are also suitable for very small children, here is a drop is not possible because the wheelbase of the four wheels is far enough apart. In such a wheel the forward movement is largely trained, less sense of balance.

Whether an impeller made of wood or metal one gets, is not only to the personal conviction and attitude. Also the child’s weight should be noted here. Basically you can say that even wheels made of wood are quite suitable. This is also important that one pays attention to the quality of material and processing. From the looks and design, there are several variants, classic like a bicycle or modified and built like a motorcycle or scooter.

Observe safety when impeller

A wheel should a certain size, also like a bicycle, also have a working brake. Before the child is traveling on public roads with the wheel, you should thoroughly explain the operation of the brakes and show. Intuitively, it will slow down with the feet, it is recommended in the first driving tests not just to attract the best shoes. Even sandals or open-toed shoes are unsuitable, since injuries can occur at the base.

Brake on the rear wheel

Most wheels have only a brake from a size of 12 inches. However, such wheels are mostly for children who are older, from 2-3 years. The handles should be safe and nonslip. The child must be well and safe can hold the handlebars, even if it is wet times.

Child with bicycle helmet kids helmet

Child with bicycle helmet

As you may well achieve higher speeds with a wheel, it is advisable a children bike helmet set up. This has some benefits, little accustomed early on to wearing a bicycle helmet and safety is also done something. Thus the driving experience for the child is not negative, and the saddle should be fitted with an appropriate padding.

Different impellers Overview

manufacturer Price from size Older material to the product
Puky LR M 2014 € 68 starting at 2 metal Amazon
Kettler Speedy (10 “) € 30 10 inch starting at 2 metal Amazon
Kettler Speedy 10 “Princess € 66 10 inch starting at 2 metal Amazon
HUDORA Ratzfratz Princess 12 inch € 55 12 inches from 4 metal Amazon
Pinolino Vespa Wanda € 62 3-5 Wood Amazon
Pinolino Pirate € 74 2-5 Wood Amazon
Pukylino My first Puky € 40 from 1 metal Amazon


A very important factor to having an Lauftrad is that the children feel is to be involved. If Mom and Dad walk and the Scion can keep fully satisfying the speed with the wheel, this is based on a positive feeling.

Safety is also at such a small “bike” like a wheel at the top of the list. The children were at the wheel make as little bad experiences to be so get used a bicycle.


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