Folding Bikes / Folding bike Dahon Vitesse D7 HG 2013 with Shimano Nexus 7 planetary hub

Folding bike Dahon Vitesse D7 HG 2013 with Shimano Nexus 7 planetary hub

Dahon Vitesse D7 HG 2013

The Dahon Vitesse D7 HG is one of the most impressive folding bikes, ideal for commuting. Because of its excellent technical characteristics, a huge number of people buy the Vitesse D7 HG as their work bike, which is practical, convenient and easy to use.

Why the Dahom Vitesse D7 is the perfect folding bike for commuting

In my opinion, the first and most important feature is the standard trunk and wings that come with the bike. Most people who want to buy a folding bike for work can’t do without these simple but necessary extras. Wings guarantee cleanliness and dryness of clothes. The backpack can be put on the trunk instead of carrying it with you. The Vitesse D7 HG also features a front-mounted bike carrier that can carry special Dahon bags.

Most cyclists do not have much interest in gearshifting, but on a Vitesse bike it plays a very important role. Why not? Because this bike is equipped with a 7-speed planetary bushing Shimano Nexus 7. What does that give you? The gearshift mechanism is safely concealed in the rear hub. This gives your folding bike three advantages.


The first advantage is the ability to change gears without pedaling. Just imagine: you’ll never get stuck at an intersection, you won’t have to start off with a high gear, you’ll never fall on a steep climb, trying to shift down. Thanks to the planetary hub, you can change gears with one turn of the wrist. Which can be easier.

Because folding bikes are hard enough to travel to work, the second advantage of a planetary bicycle with a hub is that it is completely immune to any shocks and shocks. The gearshift mechanism is safely hidden in the planetary hub, which is very hard to damage.

And the final advantage of a folding bicycle with a planetary hub is that this gearshift system requires minimal maintenance and virtually no adjustment. Since the chains no longer need to be moved between the different sprockets? The protection of the gearshift mechanism against water and dirt also contributes to its longer service life. What a useful thing this planetary bushing is!


As with most folding bikes, the Dahon Vitesse also uses super-powerful neodymium magnets. Sometimes you can read on the Internet about folding bikes that some models can be unfolded in the most inopportune moment when the owners least expect it. I’ve never seen a single review of a Dahon bicycle that describes a similar problem. This is prevented by a special magnetic locking system built into the frame.

Another unique feature of the Vitesse D7 HG, like most other Dahon folding bikes, is its powerful pump built into the seat tube. No more pumping the flat tire with a weak hand pump, you’ll never forget to bring the pump with you and you won’t have to ask anyone else for it. The pump built into the Dahon Vitesse bike seat tube is part of your folding bike and can easily replace a conventional floor pump.

An additional plus of the Dahon Vitesse folding bicycles for commuting is the Biologic chain protection. This chain protection works differently from conventional chain protection – it protects the chain itself, not just the transmission. It is easy to install. It effectively protects both your trousers and the chain from dirt.


Thus, the Dahon Vitesse B7 HG is indeed the perfect folding bike for commuting. Not only is it practical, reliable and portable, it is also easy to operate and pleasant to ride. It is by far the best folding bike from Dahon for commuting. Buy a Dahon Vitesse D7 HG folding bike and it won’t disappoint you.


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