Bike for beginners / Folding test: pros and cons of the folding bike

Folding test: pros and cons of the folding bike

Folding test: pros and cons of a folding bike

Folding bicycles in a row - folding bike test

The folding bike test – cycling, a passion, a fulfillment and sometimes just a means to an end. Every day many cyclists to bike to work , some of them on a folding bike and folding bike. The path from collecting parking area to the office or from a bus stop to the next can be done with the folding bike. Again adere use the handy little and compact bicycle in everyday life and for normal cycling, sometimes even with electric drive.

Folding bike on a bicycle parking lot

So a folding bike is to use very multifunctional.Who wants to buy a folding bike and do not know exactly should be paid to the criteria for which we have compiled a few pointers. In a table, we will also introduce test winner from folding bike test.

Why Folding bikes are popular among working train commuters

Who his commute by public transport as the must travel train, bus or tram which comes often not directly to the office and have to walk the last few meters. Here then the folding bike comes into play. Quick out of the pocket, if packed, it can be opened or unfolded and in no time, the mobile and wrinkled Velo is ready for the rest of the way to the workplace.Whenever the workplace is too far away from the last stop, it is worth considering the use of a folding bicycle.

Bicycle compartment in the train

Folding in the web

Is the folding bike folded and packed in a bag, it is considered as baggage and may be combined in German trains currently free. An extra bike ticket is not necessary here, even in the ICE bicycle should arrive must be taken. For more detailed bicycles at Deutsche Bahn can be found here .

Traffic safety with folding bikes

As a normal bike in Faltausführung also the folding bicycle must comply with the current standards of the Highway Code. This also applies to the lighting system, especially small folding bikes usually have no bike lights installed here retrofitting is recommended with a battery bicycle lamp. 20-inch models, however, are often equipped with a hub dynamo.

How does a folding bike

In the operation, there are different models and different manufacturers have different folding or folding mechanisms in use. The classic folding bicycle (DDR folding bike folding bike 20 inches Mifa) is known yet of the 70’s and 80’s, it was blue, green or orange in 20 inch version. It was folded into the main frame via a joint rod.

Folding joint

The seat post could go straight and with a quick release. So you had the opportunity at the middle joint to fold the wheel and then to adjust the handlebars and the saddle. The bicycle now had only half the size. With a Vorderradbreme and a coaster brake could get the train to a halt. A gearshift (3 courses), usually installed in the rear hub, you could activate on different Tretstufen. More on this in the paragraph to the gearshift.

Folding bike hub dynamo 20 inches

More occur than a normal bike?

Contrary to what one would have more contact with a folding bike, this is not the case with the correct translation. Depending on tire size 16 to 20 inches, is located on the folding bicycle a corresponding translation to one does not have to be occur more often.

Please do not confuse with the rolling resistance, whether a folding bike heavier rolls depends on the used techniques and materials in the axle and the tire. With high-quality models here smooth axles and bearings are installed. Also the correct tire pressure is decisive on rolling resistance and involved in the wear, but to do more in a further paragraph.

Folding bikes from different manufacturers

Data as of September 20, 2016 11:28

Why a good folding bike is not shaky – Quality has its price

One can not expect to get a high-quality folding bike that is stable and nothing to be desired for 100 euros. Who wants to have fun with the use of his folding wheel, which should select when purchasing a high-quality folding bicycle. Brand models often have made a better processing and just in the folding structure and in the joints / hinges a high stability.

folding bicycle handlebar

It should be purchased in any event only tested and approved folding bikes. One of the high-class provider such as English company Brompton who have put their folding bikes a new standard of comfort. The acquisition certainly not affordable for everyone, these models usually cost a four-digit euro amount. Also good models have manufacturer Pegasus, Tern or Dahon.

Who assembles the bicycle properly and according to the manufacturer, must have no fears that something happens during driving.

Where folding bikes find their use

  • On boats and yachts in the harbor
  • As spare car on the way from a stop to the office
  • Get as Camping bike to roll
  • As normal bike to commute to work

Benefits of folding bicycles

The biggest advantage is obvious and is already included in the name, the bike is foldable and thus to store very little space. Most models fit easily in the trunk of a compact car or mid-sized car. The lower weight is also a big factor when buying a folding bike. By eliminating unnecessary attachments and saving use of less material for the bicycle frame, the folding bike can be made weight-optimized and located partly below 10 kg. Typical weights move around the 10 to 15 kg.

Pegasus folding bicycle folded

So you can use quickly and easily the wheel well, the folding mechanism should be as simple as possible. A few manipulations should make the bike ready. Who is late and still want to get a train, will learn to love this feature. Models where you have to assemble the front wheel or fender separately, nothing is for use as a commuter bike.

Gearshift at a folding bike

A gearshift is recommended in any case. Anyone traveling with only one gear, the translation can not adapt to the personal performance and environment variables such as poor roads, slopes and weather conditions. There has to be no 18-speed gear shift, a 3 to 7-speed gearshift but is advisable. If the bike a derailleur, the chain may well slide in which fits in a pocket or in a careless folding operation times from the pinion. With hub gears, the chain is stretched and can bad fall from one of the gears.

For whom a folding bike / folding bike is not suitable?

For particularly large man, the use of a folding bike could be problematic. For persons taller than 185 cm some models reach their limits. The seatpost and handlebar are usually pulled out completely and are at maximum extension. Who is greater than 190 cm, should have quite a bit krummere sitting posture on a folding bicycle. When weight is always to pay attention to the manufacturer’s specification.

Seatpost Folding

Disadvantages and wear of folding bicycles

The wear of tires may well be somewhat higher, they rotate, the smaller the tire, often around their own axis and therefore have more frequent contact with the road. The forces acting on the seat post and handlebar differently because they are longer than average to a normal sitting position to allow for a much smaller scale. All wear parts are however nachzukaufen in normal trade action. The 20-inch models, this is most not a problem because you a coat size goes here, which are also used in children’s bicycles.

Folding and folding bikes are simply not good Geländegänger. In terrain makes a folding bike not a good figure, we make but nothing before, usually is given to the folding bicycle in the city and on bike paths a.

Folding open and close – Example with Aldi folding bike

Conclusion and what to look for before buying

Who would long have some of his folding bicycle, a bicycle looking out, that was a good figure when folding bike test. The build quality is largely responsible for the stability and security.The vulnerability of a folding wheel are the points at which the wheel is folded or folded. Here you should look very closely. It should also be ensured that the bicycle is allowed on the road and all the ingredients for a roadworthy bicycle fulfilled. Who would not want an extra retrofit, engages directly back to a model with lighting.

Make sure that the weight is not too high

Who wants to take the wheel every day in the train, a little more money should take in hand to buy a lightweight bike. The customs size of the tires should not be too small. 16-20 inches are a good size, smaller tires are prone to uneven ground as gullies and paragraphs of the road. We must at the folding bikes not the comfort expect to be experienced with a classic 26 or 28 inch bicycle. Who will save on the wrong end have no friends at his folding bike, shaking the frame and makes you feel insecure, you tend to accidents.

The bicycle needs a bicycle lock

Not to be forgotten is an attachment for a bicycle lock. Even if it is a folding bike, do not allow all employers the entrainment in the office or workplace. Thus, the folding bike has to be just finished like any other bicycle. The cradle for the lock should make sure that this can permanently stay on the bike and is not even in the folded state in the way or interfere.

A foldable bicycle as need ideal for all commuters overcome the distances in the city, to get from the last stop to the office. Usually we always present a table with already tested products, we don’t have to folding bikes no meaningful data.


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