Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Garmin Varia TL301 taillight black

Garmin Varia TL301 taillight black


More safety for cyclists
— the world’s first radar system for bicycles that warns of coming from behind vehicles, from a distance up to 140 meters
— can be used as a standalone device or be connected wirelessly to compatible Edge® Bike computers
— the intensity of the radar return light is automatically increased, to oncoming vehicles to warn that a cyclist is in front of them
— the Edge® cycling computer or the Varia display unit can recognize several vehicles and shows the distance and the corresponding danger level tothe StVZO approved Varia TM bike radar Garmin increases safety during Cycling thanks to the integrated distance measurement, it detects approaching cars or trucks from a distance of approx. 140 meters and displays on the display unit or a compatible Edge wheel computer, thus warning the cyclist of the approaching danger. Not only the cyclist is attracted to other traffic users. If a vehicle approaches the cyclist from behind, the intensity of the taillight on the bike increases automatically, thus also warns the approaching vehicles.The device can be used as a single device or can be seamlessly coupled with compatible Edge® bicycle computers. The Edge® bike computer or the Varia TM display unit can detect up to eight approaching vehicles, showing the distance and the appropriate hazard level.Rear-end collisions — one of the most common causes of accidents for cyclists
According to a study of the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club) took place in Germany in 2014 almost 79,000 accidents involving cyclists, of which 405 fatalities. The most common cause of bicycle accidents is that cyclists are overlooked in road traffic. The Varia TM bicycle radar warns of approaching vehicles and informs the cyclist at the same time to give him the necessary reaction time and to ensure a safe participation in road traffic. The cyclist is no longer dependent on the shoulder or a good hearing. A breakthrough for the safety on the bike.

Varia Bike lights — more intelligent than regular bike lights
Among the products of Varia Biker assistant devices include intelligent headlights and taillights Varia.When these taillights are coupled to certain edge bike computers, you increase cycling safety by adjusting the light point according to the bicycle speed and brightness according to the changing light conditions. As the speed increases, the light is thrown further forward, where you need it most, with decreasing speed closer to the cyclist. When the ambient light decreases or increases, the brightness of the headlights and taillights automatically adjusts when coupled with an Edge 1000 bicycle computer with light detection.


  • ANT + compatible
  • Water resistant to IPX7 standard
  • Dimensions: 3,8 cm x 9,2 cm x 1,7 cm
  • Modes: Continuous
  • Lux (front only): N / A
  • Charging time: 2 hours
    <class=»ui-state-default ui-corner-top ui-tabs-selected ui-state-active ui-state-hover»>EQUIPMENT
Backlights Type: 1 LED | Luminous flux: 22 lm | Lighting: 300 min
Power source Battery / Battery
holder Assembly tool free
StVZO With StVZO approval
delivery Radar only WITHOUT control unit
Weight (g) 52 g
Model year 2016

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