Rear mounted bike racks / Grenn Valley 620 Comprehensive test 2016

Grenn Valley 620 Comprehensive test 2016

Green Valley 160620 Bike racks Adventure


greenvalley 620A comfortable design and a comfortable use andmaximum safety are promised by this manufacturing for the product.

Anyone who opts for a bike rack would be to decide on a product that meets these requirements.

Now we will check in our practical test whether the manufacturer has given this promise to right.

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Functional Overview

  • for up to 3 bikes
  • Weight incl. Packaging: 5 kg
  • foam sheathing
  • pre-assembled and ready for installation

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  • solid workmanship
  • simple and fast assembly
  • fast loading and unloading of the wheels
  • space-saving storage
  • secure grip while riding


  • can not accommodate women’s bikes
  • Padding insufficient

The data for Green Valley Adventure Boot Rack

The manufacturer guarantees a preassembled carrier , by mounting the tail boom to be on the car a breeze.

In addition to up to three bikes on the Green Valley Adventure easily find space and safe and sound to their destination and can come back. So Perfect if you threes in the bicycle – holiday travels.

In addition, the Häckträger is made of solid steel made, which is to give him an incredible stability, so you can also soothes be traveling on rough roads a little bit faster and more.

greenvalleyThe attachment of the tail boom to the vehicle is only with straps and without tools happen. This is a quick installation from the support to be made possible to start the cycling holiday quickly and hassle free. These assured the manufacturers a stable and safe construction.

It should before buying necessarily the type list are considered to determine whether the vehicle is at all possible for this bicycle carrier.

In addition to the delivery of all materials for mounting theGreen Valley Adventure are necessary to be included. This is to ensure a comfortable and convenient construction of Heckträgerers.

In addition, is the delivery a detailed and easy to understand user manual and assembly instructions, which aims to facilitate the customer how to install the car accessories.

An easy and quick positioning of the bike carrier is to be ensured. In addition, the wheels should be firmly and securely attached to the wheel, so you can calm start to the holiday.

In addition, the bike rack is a thick foam sheathing equipped, that is to give the body protection against wear and scratches.

In addition, the Green Valley Adventure to be super easy to store. This saves the customer space and eternal clearing out the garage, if you will put away his knuckle once.

The Green Valley Bike racks Adventure in the practical test

When unpacking the Green Valley carrier we noticed immediately the very compact design of the product – the bike carrier acted insanely small . But despite its size, he makes a stable and high-quality impression . The individual parts of the tail boom can include the seemingly good workmanship, a long life.

The installation of the Green Valley Adventure Inert is as easy as the manufacturer has promised. The carrier is already fully assembled and therefore ready for installation on the vehicle ready. The installation itself is also a true royal cinch : you have to find the right angle of bike rack and cars only, then lashing straps – which allegedly are tear resistant – connect to the trunk lid, tighten and finished the entire installation. Whether this also holds what is promised, we will only see more.

The Green Valley 160620 Bike racks Adventure can be installed by one person. It is necessary to attach any tools to the carrier.

In the operation – and assembly instructions but everything is anyway again very closely and explained in detail, so that technically untalented should have no problems in building and installing the Adventure tail boom.

Now to some negative aspects that the mount of bicycles tackle on the wheel: on the one hand, the front wheel is too far to the outside and is not backed up again in addition. This may be the wheel move freely . One has to prevent this even come up with a solution. We have here resorted to straps from the construction to fix the wheel. The next and truly fatal flaw in the design of the support, we noticed that itis not possible to transport women’s bikes . In order to transport women’s bikes, a special bar – which can be purchased – needed. We think that is quite annoying, because the manufacturer could at least point out this mistake! In addition, bicycles are laterally so that the car is very broad. Must through narrow streets, where it is difficult even with the normal car width, you can not get through to the bicycle racks and bikes on it. This design enables increased air resistance and we find that it is an unnecessary and unusual situation simply that you will be suspended.

The factory carrier can not accommodate women’s bikes. For this purpose, an additional bar is necessary, which must be purchased separately.

In the strength and stability of the tail boom, the manufacturer has not exaggerated, since it also no problem at faster speeds may determine. We were really surprised because we did not believe that the construction really keep up with the belt as well as a “normal” construction.

While it is possible three wheels with the bicycle carrier to transport, but then takes it already many times longer because of the Adventure Boot Rack then is a little too small and it becomes a gimmick, the wheels to be mounted properly positioned.

Since we the foam sheathing not thick enough has been released, we have as a precaution decided to additionally add pieces of leather to the body really deliver no damage. Whether it would have really sufficiently secured, we can not say, because it was just us simply not worth damaging the body may unfortunately.

As guaranteed by the manufacturer, the rear carrier can easily back into its delivered size – are set back to be able to transport it more easily and thereby even the pack after use easily and quickly and – so the folded size saves space to ship in any space.


Our conclusion

The Green Valley Bike racks Adventure has some really good pages in which it is really worth its money.On the other hand it also includes a pluralitygreenvalley rear carrieron for improvement mistakes to which should be the manufacturer better care again to perfect the product. Especially the fact that you can without the addition of transport no ladies wheels can, is a reason for a significant withdrawal in the rating scale .

In addition, the safety and the driving comfort by too far outwardly wheels are greatly affected.

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test result

carrier assembly
bicycle assembly

3rd place

Summary: This carrier is not suitable for all bikes without addition.


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