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Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC E-Bike Test

Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC E-Bike Test

General information in Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC test

The Haibike Sduro HarNine RC 29 belongs to the new of Sduro 2015 placed on the market E Mountain Line. The special thing about this series? All wheels come with Yamaha drive, which also applies to Haibike Sduro Hardline RC .
Basically the pedelec can be referred to as the golden mean of the series. But only because of its tire and frame size. In Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC test has been shown, the model does not hide. It convinces with quality and meets what should fulfill it: A high performance with even greater driving pleasure, quality items, and a feeling as if you sschweben. In pedelec test especially the new was Yamaha Motor scrutinized. Because that is one of the key innovation in the mountain bike series 2015. The E Bike Test results show: The engine brings with its maximum torque of 70 Newton Metersfull and very satisfactory performance . Crucial in the development of the series was a good balance between performance and quality . That’s Haibike here definitely succeeded.

However, we give the testers in this video partly wrong, for about the tire brand can argue. After now use more than one year, we never had a flat tire! As the holder of the display, we can only agree.

Items Haibike SDORO Hard Nice RC

The Yamaha Motor is not the only redeeming feature of this e mountain – even if it is one of the central innovations. But the engine is only the beginning. This way, is a mid-engine with 36V . The battery is a lithium-ion battery, 250 watts . Also the selected display convinced the E Bike Test.It is a 400 WH Yamaha multifunction display . Operating element naturally included.
The selected brakes are Tektro ; disc brakes 180mm . . Here was chosen for professionalism and performance The gearshift comes from Shimano and is a 20 speed gearbox .
Whatever is still besoners is on the Haibike, shows for the first time at an E bike a ride control , e: i shock , which has been integrated here. The system was separate from Haibike developed. Together with Gist, Lapierre, Rock Shox and Trelock . The system is connected directly to the E Bike and ensures a constant attenuation compensation . The direct connection eliminates the need for an e: i shock battery lapses. It also recorded on the system cadence and speed . The main highlight, however, is the automatic transfer of occurring obstacles and shocks affecting the suspension. This transfer has to compensate for the suspension resulted. This is unique and provides indescribable driving pleasure.

customer Support

While in Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC test the Mountain Bike E has convinced this can also be said from the support. Because Haibike is a name and a brand that not only stand for high quality and products, but also excellent customer service are. E bikes are generally indeed already very widespread, but in their development and perfecting still in the making. That as a good customer support important is there is no question … and the Haibike comes after more than satisfactory. Warranty, spare parts, support, repairs and Co appear in seeking help E represent Bike riders no problem for the company. Haibike convinces with speed and expertise .


Sleek. Lively – sums it up best. In Haibike Sduro Hard Nine RC test the pedelec proved an absolute eye-catcher . An e bike with character and statement . Whether in black, gray or blue , the mountain is contemporary and sober. Who loves it durchztuführen to the biking adventure in nature and risky maneuvers in the city, the place visually appealing stylish Mountain Bike E in Hard Nine RC pedelec . Sitting upright is just as possible as dynamic mountain biking. In fast terrain the bike performs quickly and simply beautiful.
The used for the frame of aluminum makes the bike not only easy and visually appealing. It is characterized not prone to rust and a very easy pedelec .

Price-performance ratio

The price of the enjoyment Bikes is absolutely fair, but unfortunately not affordable for everyone. Just under 2600 Euro . This is certainly an investment, but a good and especially long-term. We had big and long driving fun in Haibike Hard Nine RC test . The engine is the decisive factor for the high price . But it pays off. Who wants to have an E Bike, which will meet all needs, which is the Haibike Sudoro Hard Nine RCrecommended. Who an E bike of superlatives wants that can not get around the pedelec Haibike. Here one can choose a high-quality and tested product that worth every euro is.


A masterpiece like the SDURO series to develop it requires fascination and intelligence. The Yamaha Motor has to be mentioned here again, as well as the stable tire that above-average range and the low weight of the aluminum electric bikes. In design is hardly any other pedelec to the beauty and elegance ran the Hard Nine RC’s. An E-Mountainbike-class, which meets the needs of any bicycle lover. Nevertheless, almost € 2,600 a princely sum, in this case, but worth the investment.


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