Bike for beginners / Helmet Camera Test – This should be the camera can

Helmet Camera Test – This should be the camera can

Helmet Camera Test – you What to look for before buying should

Two Helmkaeras two bicycle helmets

Videos, YouTube and moving pictures are right on trend. Of course, in such a large boom and trend and the bike is not without camera, rather, the helmet. With a helmet camera can not only ride on a motorcycle, skiing, snowboarding or skateboarding capture amazing photos even while cycling, a helmet camera to capture impressive video recordings. Here you read what camera is and what you should pay in 2016 before buying.

Motorcycle Helmet Cross Helmet Helmet Camera

The helmet camera is, as the name implies, mounted on the helmet. This has the advantage that the camera always looks there and the areas to record that just sees the cyclists.

Weight and size of helmet cameras

When choosing the right camera, you should pay close attention to the weight. If you wear the helmet for a long time, a heavy, fixed to the side of the helmet camera can make quite noticeable when worn. The manufacturer of helmets are increasingly paying attention to the fact that they are easy and feel as if you go without. In wind, an additional braking effect can be felt. The less weighs the camera and the bracket, the better this is. But we must not do without an adequate battery life.

Various helmets with helmet camera

Battery life and the balancing act to weight

If you want to make extensive video footage and the camera will not turn off again, should pay attention to a long battery life. If the camera has a display, you should so, if possible, off – This saves a lot of electricity. A live view is not needed during the journey.

expand the camera by an additional battery. The GoPro as the ability to connect a battery pack and cliffs directly at the camera. The weight increases so that recording time but also (depending on the video quality and memory card).

Simple operating Dung helmet camera

When the camera is at the helm and in the bracket, this should be good to use as simple as possible and with little finger use. Optimally, allows all important functions such as turning on / off, video recording start and stop, operate its own button on the camera. So you have the advantage that you do not always from the head or the camera must take from the holder the helmet.

Mounting the camera on helmet

The cameras are mounted with specific brackets. In the brackets there are different models, which for gluing or the cliffs. Bicycle helmets with ventilation slits can as a basis for fixing serve. The brackets can thereby be clamped or strapped to a belt.

Helmet camera mi fastened a strap

If there are no holes or vents on the right and appropriate places available, a powerful are used (eg when Nutcase helmet ). The camera mount should be very firmly attached to the helmet, vibration, wind and even thicker flies and Brummer should account for the fixing anything.

Helmet Camera Test - holder glued to the helmet - Gopo 4 Hero

The holder should now be placed so that the camera points straight and filming at the right angle. One has to ask the question, I want to film predictively or in front of the bike. Good mounts offer the possibility of individual angle adjustment.

What the holder should be, drop-resistant! A good Action Cam is expensive. If it falls down once or one based in a maneuver, the camera should be well protected. Then there is the necessity that you can buy more the mounts and accessories individually needs.

Memory card and recording capacity

Because you never know when a something spectacular happened during the trip, when to stand the trick with the BMX or MTB or road holds a surprise for someone, filming many helmet camera owners all the time. However, this is only when the camera has enough memory or the memory card is large enough. So you should make sure that the camera detects not only 32GB cards. With Full HD and partially 4k resolution should allow 64 GB to 128 GB to use memory cards.

Our recommendation, cameras without built-in memory with a memory slot for an SD card or mini SD card. The advantage: If the card is full, you can directly use the next memory card without the camera having to connect to a PC.

Various Helmet Cameras / Action Cams in OVERVIEW

Technical Details and Features

  • Helpful but not required, a GPS receiver. With this information you later still know which video was recorded minutes of physical location.
  • Also helpful, an acceleration sensor, hereby one can for example represent the current speed.
  • WLAN, WLAN can be transmitted as live on a smartphone or tablet the images. Also the camera can be controlled mostly by WLAN and app. If you have a mobile phone holder on the handlebars, the camera can be easily operated.
  • The helmet camera should be and if possible waterproof waterproof. Sets a sudden rain, the camera may not suffer from the wet.

Everything at a glance, it should pay attention before buying:

  • Long battery life
  • High resolution for video recording
  • Memory cards with high storage capacity detection
  • Ease of use within the bracket
  • Mount with multiple angle settings
  • Expandability of battery life or quick charging system

Video recording helmet camera on helmet

Known manufacturers and brands of helmet cameras

One of the best known manufacturers is likely to be the GoPro brand. This Action Cam now produced in the 4th generation has a lot of functions in different models. Also known manufacturers such as Sony or Panasonic make small Action Cameras ago. Here the whole experience from the camcorder segment in the development of the Outdoor Action Cams is introduced.


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