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Infantastic FAH17 – Child Bike Trailer

Rewarded for around 50 € a useful bicycle trailers for children? Yes, we must indeed take some drawbacks in purchase, but these are far less than expected.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger infantastic-fah17At least one argument convinced the Infantastic at first glance: The price. With significantly less than 100 € it is just one-tenth as expensive as the luxury cars the market leader Chariot. Luxury you can because then, of course, do not expect – we’ll see whether he met the bare minimum satisfactory.
In the color selection it trumps already some competition: it comes in Chestnut (brown), Bijon Blue (blue), Cherry Tomato (red) and Mustard gold (beige).We are not big fans of beige variant, but the other colors and the design are impressive times. The front window is spacious and has a notch.

What can he all?

When multifunctionality one has ever compromise. The Infantastic is as buggy suitable for shopping and all the parts necessary are included. The assembly is described by most customers as straightforward as the most necessary is pre-assembled and can only “make broad” it must.

If the safe?

We were pleasantly surprised! Although the Infantastic FAH17 comes without suspension, but the basic safety criteria are met.
The steel frame has can prevent a reasonable rollbar of just in case serious injuries. The 5-point safety belts keep the little ones firmly in their seats. If the bike should fall over while standing prevents Safety swivel coupling the trailer with falls. So for normal driving on asphalt it served its purpose. If you are planning a lot of dirt roads and Away from civilization go they should be access to a sportier model.
It should be noted yet that he only fulfilled if one still attaches the StVo an additional taillight.

Luxury car or clunker?

Must be made in comfort at the price a few drawbacks. For two children, he falls out pretty tight, especially if thicker jackets can come into play this for all parties are exhausting. The quality of the seats is not striking well. Some customers have also noted that the height of the trailer for older children incl. Helmet is no longer fast enough, and the screen door must be left open then.
The big picture window has in strong sunlight also has its drawbacks, and a UV-protection does not exist. This must be manually “retrofitted” with a blanket and clothes pegs.
For short trips or shopping all is not a problem, but if you plan longer trips with the kids to make the offer more expensive trailer considerably more comfort.

And the driving experience?

The Infantastic is not an athlete. The handling characteristics are due to lack of suspension and plastic wheels only on flat and paved roads well. The steel frame and less maneuverable than the competition models.
Points he can but respect. Foldability faster, for example, if you want to get take him briefly in the car it is rapidly reduced.

Keeps the well for a while?

The processing is consistently perceived as okay. However, some customers describe strange exceptions, of which one can infer possibly to a less than ideal quality control at the manufacturer.A customer, for example, noted that the cross road about 5mm long was to the strip to the fabric with ease about it. The problem was indeed solved with a cable cutter, but drops still unpleasant.
The quality of the seams is people who do not even notice look closely just positive, but we have not heard of any specific complaints regarding. Defects here.
As a whole, one can say that it is processed fairly decent, but the quality of the materials used in the price of course, suffers somewhat. The rims are, for example, made of plastic, which although does not directly affect the driving experience, but decent spoked just feels more sustainable.

What do I get for the price?

For the very low price you get a usable trailer can even be used as a stroller. The price / performance convinced – but of course you can see the power no longer compare the luxury models.


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For the small bicycle trips and tours to kindergarten, I think this pendant for a great deal. For frequent drivers, long-distance drivers and wind-and-weather-drivers but I would probably rely on a high-quality model.Satisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total 3/3
functionality    3/5
safety    4/5
Comfort    2/5
Price-performance    5/5
processing    3/5
maneuverability    3/5


  • Low price
  • Good for beginners
  • Important safety criteria are met


  • no “athletes”
  • too uncomfortable for long trips for the kids
  • almost too small for two children
  • few problems with the clothing (too tight)


We are still surprised! The Infantastic FAH17 met the most necessary and is even properly processed. For beginners and short trips, for example to kindergarten, well suited.

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Technical specifications

seating 2
Size bicycle trailer 140 x 90 x 75 cm
folded ca. 76 x 60 x 13 cm
payload 35 kg

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