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Bike for beginners / Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30 gear in the test – 2015 Model

Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30 gear in the test – 2015 Model

Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30-G in focus

Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30-G Trekkingrad

We have the Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30-G risen and covered the first 100 km, so. It will draw a first summary time.

Before the acquisition we did not realize what wheel, model and manufacturer which we should set for the editor. At the end we had three bikes to shortlist and the Kalkhoff Endeavour XT has this most convincing. Criteria for the acquisition were:

  • Bike, either
  • cover long bike rides comfortably
  • Visually appealing with a akzeptierbarem weight
  • Full street legal on delivery
  • High quality crafting
  • Diamond frame desirable

Among the last two bicycles we had the Koga – F3 5.0 S and the Kalkhoff Endeavour XT 30-G.At the end of the Kalkhoff were impressed by the facilities us. 28 inches, 55 cm frame height, in color “nimbus gray matt”, powder coated with brushed welds. The frame (diamond frame) is made of aluminum, the fork is a Suntour NCX-D Magnesium suspension fork with remote lockout.

With the Remote Control of the front suspension, one has the possibility to block the suspension while driving. What only the state is otherwise possible can be activated or deactivated at the Kalkhoff Endeavour XT while driving and a steering lever. one often Switches from smooth tarmac to rough terrain, the hydraulic suspension is a button off and on. During the first 100 km we have this naturally caused intentionally, but we have this feature already fast gentuzt intuitive and learned to appreciate.

Remote Lock lever

The hub dynamo is small and is hardly noticeable. The reaction of friends was often “battery lamps are installed”? The front hub is difficult to see as a hub dynamo. movement was used here Concept EX hub dynamo, the small size brings advantages in weight (399g manufacturer). Despite their small size, the Dynamo is powerful and brings his 3 Watt and 6 volts the desired performance.

SP Dynamo HUB

Must operate the SP Dynamo HUB of Shutter Precision a headlight with LED technology and a capacity of 80 Lux, a Concept EX Pro 80 Lux LED headlamp with parking light and daytime running lights. With a switch on the headlamp can switch from the daytime running light function for active operation. Our Trelock LS 750 ION from the bicycle lighting test can remain in the drawer thus first.

Concept EX Pro 80 Lux LED Spotlight

For the rear safety a AXA Riff Steady LED rear light with parking light function was blocked.The porter protects the LED taillight well against unwanted Rangierunfällen.
AXA rear light with parking light function

The supplied stem we have directly through a shared porch that can be adjusted. The plant stem (Stem Concept SL) is rigid. We also have had the aluminum exchange 2-leg Porter. Was mounted for us a porter aluminum with pocket pursuit. This has the more comfortable mounting of panniers and a second Einhängebene for side pockets. Our goal is, by bike also wide tours and routes to cover. Our Bike bag of MSX should thereby have a good seat.

In the circuit, a Shimano Deore XT 30-speed with Shimano Deore XT shifters combined. This is a very fast and flowing turn about without great delay. At this point, the reference should not be ignored that these parts should be continuously maintained and serviced.

Shimano crankset crank and circuit

Personal impression from Kalkhoff Endeavour XT

We have the Kalkhoff Endeavour XT driven both on tarmac and on dirt and gravel roads. It drops to clear too coarse of gravel surface should not be. The Schwalbe Marathon tires are inflated to 6 bar. The road profile leaves a sweat on coarse gravel thoroughly. Small gravel stones are no problem about it.

The entire bike makes a valued and good impression, the wheel brakes are good and can still dispense as needed. were installed here Shimano Deore T615, hydraulic disc brakes having a diameter of about 18 cm at the front axle and a diameter of about 15 cm at the rear axle.

Disc brake on the front wheel

We have a good feeling and can leave us rolling on level ground well without that we are slowed down noticeably. What us is very important, we have no rattling or jingling when we ride a bike. Even with slight bumps on the road, there is no disturbing noise from the bike or its attachments.

For fast back up and complete, we opted for a AXA Defender frame lock decision. In addition a from our test known Trelock FS 455 folding lock . Is delivered the bike without a bike lock.We have in this case against the Kryptonite Evolution 4 decided since we a bottle holdershave mounted and the padlock and the 0.75 liter bottle would otherwise come in the way.

Our personal conclusion

So far we are very pleased with the hybrid bicycle from Kalkhoff. It has all our needs, all at once, even if we have just exchanged when purchasing a few accessories. The bike itself has a great base to make it conform to his personal needs. From this Endeavour XT gets an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 points. Owed by the fact that we had to change a few accessories to create a bike great for us. It must be said, there are probably very few bikes that meet the needs of the cyclist in the delivery to 100%.

With a purchase price of 1099 Euro, Trekking Bike is located in a price range in which the chaff already separates from the wheat. In this price range should a bicycle not only like, it should convince. Our 1100 km tour through Germany can play safely to us. With this bike this distance should make no difficulty. We will this product again enrich with new knowledge for Kalkhoff Endeavour Trekkingrad XT 30-G. We ourselves are curious how the hybrid bike designed.

find the Kalkhoff Endeavour from 900 euros now

Our rating: 4.7/5


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