Child Bike Trailers / Kid ‘s Tourer M bike trailer in test

Kid ‘s Tourer M bike trailer in test

Kid’s Tourer M bike trailer in the test

Type Children’s trailer
brand Kids Touring
Testnote GOOD (1.5)

Test report Kid’s Tourer M Fahrradanhänger

Overview of the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer

Kids-tourer-m-overviewMeanwhile, the brand Kid’s Touring seven bike trailer available commercially. The Kid’s Tourer M can be considered as the smallest version of the Tourer models, came the end of 2014 on the market.When Kid Tourer M is a children’s bicycle trailer with aluminum tank, which can be used in conjunction with additional equipment as buggy, stroller or jogger. With all of its models, the company Kid’s Touring GmbH has the quality “Made in Germany” prescribed. The trailer is designed for one to two children and is priced in the upper center.


Scope of delivery and first impression of the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer

Wheels and supplied small parts can be found in the collapsed trailer

Wheels and supplied small parts can be found in the collapsed trailer

The delivery of the Kid Tourer M bicycle trailer includes a folded passenger cell with pre-installed seats, a multifunctional cover, two inflated 20-inch pneumatic wheels include the quick release, a manual, an active LED rear light, a safety flag, a Weber coupling and a lockable low drawbar with two Keys. The first impression of the trailer wasconsistently positive . The passenger compartment is robust and precise. This suggests a long life of the bicycle trailer. Used materials are high quality and visually very appealing.



Commissioning of the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer

Quick tensioners facilitate the assembly of the drawbar

Quick tensioners facilitate the assembly of the drawbar

An included manual contains detailed information about all functions of the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer. Large color photographs illustrate in detail the entire structure and help with commissioning. At first sight the structure looked complex, but emerged as intuitive and easily comprehensible. As described, we lifted both sides of the trailer and jammed them with the stern bar. Then we fastened the backrest, which was very easy and did not take long reading. We were able to attach the supplied air-impellers to swallow tires with the included quick-release clamps on the chassis. We mounted the drawbar at the bend of the bicycle trailer for mounting on the bicycle, which was easily removed by tightening on the left side of the bike. Then we tied the multifunctional convertible top over the Kid’s Tourer M using well-positioned push buttons and fixed the adjustable push bar at the rear.



Kid’s Tourer M is the only trailer in our test a tail light

Final we just had to screw on the LED light on the rear of the tub and fix the pennant with Velcro straps. The entire structure is without toolsfeasible. A 6mm key is only necessary for the installation of the tail light, but this is not included in the delivery. The commissioning in our test took scarce six minutes what the best value of our practice testsequivalent. All the parts were perfectly adjusted, so no fumbling work came to us and a test ride was nothing in the way.




Kid’s Tourer M Bicycle trailer in Praxistest


The compact dimensions of the Kid’s Tourer M bike trailer were convincing in the test

In practical tests we have the Kid Tourer M made bicycle trailer in terms of handling, ride comfort, handling, safety and processing under the microscope. The rigid aluminum tray of the trailer was initially a little unusual for us. However Proved during the test as a great advantage over other children bicycle trailers . Completely built the trailer appears a bit clumsy, but this deceives because of the small overall height. In fact, the Kid’s Tourer M bike trailer is even narrower than most single-seater competition models. So the trailer fit fully loosely loosely through the narrow door of our test lab.




The only lockable clutch in the test

The only lockable clutch in the test

The supplied Weber coupling connects the Kid’s Tourer M bike trailer bike. Weber couplings are known for their reliability and high safety standards known, so this left a feeling of trust with us. However, it is necessary to observe individual assembly steps meticulously in order to avoid errors since the coupling consists of several parts. Very commendable we found the lockable function . This enables the trailer to be safely parked, such as when shopping. Less praiseworthy we found in our test the assembly of the clutch, this was complicated and needed an extended quick release, which was not included in the delivery. So we had the equipment of competitors operate .Furthermore, it is advisable to dismantle the clutch after each tour, since this is very far to the side and could be a risk of injury.


Comfortable seating position for one or two children

Comfortable seating position for one or two children

The Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer has one or two children, plus loadenough space . The continuous seat is excellent padded and provides a comfortable and back-friendly sitting position. We especially liked the5-point harness . When transporting only one child, the seat belts must not be buckled complicated because in the trailer interior are three sewn-buckles which variable can be used. Furthermore, the belt system is designed so that shoulder straps can be locked individually in the buckle. This benefits parents from fidgeting children and makes it much easier to strap on. Seat position of the bike trailer is optimally selected and ensures perfect balance of the vehicle. The lightness is especially noticeable when climbing stairs or curbs in buggy mode.Unfortunately, the balance worsened behind the backrest, which meant that the bike trailer was prone to instability in the practice test and threatened to tilt backwards. The unfavorably shifted center of gravity was particularly noticeable on mountain terrain on unpaved terrain. So we lost all traction when driving up steep hills and had to dismount and push.


Very good handling characteristics characterize the Kid

Very good handling characteristics characterize the Kid’s Tourer M

Points could be the bike trailer on city trips. Because the ride there we liked right away. The Kid’s Tourer M plus. Luggage was barely noticeable on the rear axle and there were no uncomfortable pulling forces either during acceleration or braking. The Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer could be due to its low level excellent maneuver through narrow passages and narrow streets. We could not find any swinging out.Thanks to the narrow design of the trailer there is no danger of parking cars, facades or other traffic. Thus, the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer can be safely driven through the traffic without a noticeable familiarization phase. The bike trailer was able to overcome low to medium-high curbs in the test almost effortlessly. Unfortunately, the descents were due to the suspension , which consists of a solid rubber member less gently , and the occupants were shaken vigorously. Evasion maneuvers in the Elchte were also seen as discomfort, since the rigid suspension only slightly cushions and transmits the entire movement energy to the passenger compartment and thus to the occupants. So the Kid’s Tourer M remained extremely sturdy, even with violent feedback, and made a solid impression on us.


Aluminum pan and aluminum frame ensure all-round protection

Aluminum pan and aluminum frame ensure all-round protection

A typical feature of Kid Tourer M is the massive security pan made of aluminum. Thanks to this feature is the bicycle trailer ideal for difficult and rough terrain. It is also possible to undertake discounted trips with the Kid’s Tourer M, because the inmates will not notice anything. For long-lasting service, this also speaks of the convertible top of the trailer, which can be tensioned around the frame of the trailer like a hood during rain and reliably protects against water penetration.Furthermore, the multifunctional convertible top is equipped with a sun protection and a fine mesh net. The mosquito net can be comfortably clamped on the front of the car and reliably protects the travelers from the turbulent pebbles and dirt particles. When not in use, the layers of the convertible top can be organized properly on the top of the bicycle trailer. A supplied Taillight contained as well as reflective stripes on the body of the trailer provides the necessary safety at night .Unfortunately the Kid’s Tourer M was the only bike trailer in the test a reasonable lighting.



Kid’s Tourer M is also available in smaller trunk rooms

Compact dimensions of the Kid’s Tourer M have convinced us in every respect. All outstanding parts such as wheels, drawbar, pushbars and the buggy wheel can easily be stored in the aluminum basin. By folding the side walls, the height of the bicycle trailer shrinks to about 24cm. In this condition you can park the Kid’s Tourer M anywhere. Be it in the garage, cellar or house floor. A further advantage is that the few individual parts are not lost, since they always remain together in the interior of the trailer. These also benefit from transport in the car. The Kid’s Tourer M fits easily into the trunk of a middle class sailor. In our test, there was still enough room for payload.

Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer

An indestructible aluminum pan, excellent materials and their processing as well as reliable quality characterize the Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer.Who should buy the Kid’s Tourer M?

Parents who are looking for a sturdy “Made in Germany” children trailer are well advised with this model. This trailer is the right vehicle for every surface. However, the buyer should not expect too much from the functions as a buggy or jogger, since these are usable but not mature.The strengths of the Kid’s Tourer M lie clearly in the function as a bicycle trailer. Who wants to make greater use of additional functions should rather the Chariot Cougar Thule or Croozer Kid Plus take a closer look.

Test result in detail

Driving behavior Note: 1.7
Comfort: 1.7
Handling Rating: 1.6
Security rating: 1,2
Processing Note: 1.0
Overall Rating: 1.5

Kid’s Tourer M bicycle trailer picture gallery

Kid’s Tourer M bike trailer in brief

model Kid’s Tourer M
Seating For 1-2 children
Dimensions constructed (L x W x H) 88 x 81 x 93 cm
Dimensions folded (L x W x H) 88 x 81 x 22cm
own weight 14.5 kg
Maximum payload 80 kg
wheel size 20 inches (50.8 cm)
trailer hitch (Axis)
application areas City driving, country driving, gravel roads,
forest rides, Stock & Stone
safety Variable belt system, parking brake, rollover protection,
reflectors, flag / pennant bottom apron, lighting
Comfort Adjustable push handle, storage / luggage bags,
interior upholstery, UV sun protection, wind protection,
rain protection, inlets for air circulation, suspension

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