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“Wow …”, much more is needed in order to Kids Racer describe of Kid’s Touring. The single-seater promises maximum comfort, superior amenities and a maximum of quality and safety. And best of all: it promises not only, but also considers it. Following is the list of their top qualities.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger kids-racer“Top notch” on four wheels describes what provides the sporting followers in practice, the best. He is an agile, lighter child bike trailer with plenty of storage space, excellent amenities and many thoughtful details, such as the Weber drawbar with two keys or the maintenance-free elastomer suspension to name just two examples. Spitzenmäßig also be Zuladevermögen with incredible 80kg.

What can he all?

It is versatile as a bicycle trailer, buggy or Jogger- or skater cart. A wheel carrier is mounted. The seats are made with high-quality 3D fabric and easy to adjust even at rest position. The fabric is removable and washable. Thus, the sun does not shine too strong, waterproof 3 is equipped in 1 top with UV-resistant UV protection. The windows are a good size and is additionally provided with insect protection. Inside, the Racer is a small living room, equipped with a 7mm carpet on the Security aluminum tank. In a normal head height of 60 cm and a depth of 55 cm footwell their child has relaxed enough space to. For the assembly or the pooling of Racer functions without any tools, so it is everywhere and always ready for use. The Alumniumspeichenräder are 40.6 cm / 16 inches.

If the safe?

Kid’s Touring advertises rightly thus provide optimum safety features. Basis of Racers is a solid aluminum safety trough. The five-point harness is adjustable in height, length and depth, and is equipped with shoulder sleeves. Side reflection bands are mounted for optimal visibility. And the carpet was thought along: He is only flame-resistant and is abdampfbar.Exemplary is also equipped with LED light according to traffic regulations, reflectors and pennants. Anyone interested in the in-house crash tests of Kid’s Touring, which had this site on the website of the manufacturerrecommended ..

Luxury car or clunker?

A luxury car, the loosely with the Chariot Cougar 1 can measure. Both play a leading role in the upper price segment and offer for highest level in the technical field and in the equipment. Real differences are found more in the equipment area, as in the technical equipment. So has the Chariot as a ski set, which does not provide the Kids Racer. Compared to a better single-seaters as the Croozer Kid for 1 shows on the other hand quickly, why the price difference is justified, whether the elastomer suspension of Kids Racer, the processing or the quality of the harness and seat system.

And the driving experience?

“Top notch on four wheels” describes the overall feel is best. The low center of gravity, he is comfortably in the street, which is very convenient for the driver, especially in the steering response, while providing the elastomer suspension and the stabilizing seat comfort for the little passenger.

Keeps the well for a while?

Processing according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 leaves nothing to be desired, so that a long service life can be expected.

What do I get for the price?

A single seat of the way you want it, because in the basic equipment all has been what’s needed for everyday use. And moreover, a trailer whose materials withstand the Oeko-Tex standard.


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test criteria

criteria rating
total 5/5
functionality    5/5
safety    5/5
Comfort    5/5
Price-performance    4/5
processing    5/5
maneuverability    5/5


  • low center of gravity, good road
  • Strong basic equipment
  • High safety standard
  • quickly folded without tools
  • Aluminium safety tub


  • an objection


A clear decision: Whoever is not necessarily the ski set needs and who in black like the color with red, has found its optimum child bicycle trailer in Racer. It offers all the advantages of a high-end product and will continue to be manufactured by Kid’s Touring in Germany.

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Technical specifications

seating 1
L x W x H 88 x 81 x 87 cm
L x W x H (folded) 88 x 81 x 22 cm
weight 13.5 kg
payload Max. 80 kg
footwell depth 60 cm
head height 60 cm

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