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Kids Tourer M2 – Child Bike Trailer

Today we look at a child’s bicycle trailer that can be uniquely associated with the upper class. We were interested to know whether he keeps the high standard that it promises and have us once umgeschaut precisely which opinions and experiences there. The most important advance: the Kids Tourer M2 for one or two children excited by the bank and scores in every respect.

practice test

kinderfahrradanhaenger kids-tourer-m2On the quality of the equipment and safety, the manufacturer has kids touring not saved, rather “padded”. It is very much on the trailer is already available, special requests can be supplemented through additional products, such as a buggy set, a jogger skaters set or a wheel-carrier. Blessed is querbeet especially the reliability, good workmanship, the weight technically high load-carrying capacity and durability of the trailer.

What can he all?

Attach particular importance to the parents that the kids Tourer M2 already longer go to the excellent safety features. Safety-top is the aluminum tank, which is equipped with elastomer springs. Short digression into technical: Elastomer springs springs not only from the interior, but they also have a dampening effect, are originally from the mechanical engineering field. Safety-very successful is also the Weber E-coupling, which is secured via additional cable, which is also repeatedly mentioned for praise, and the lockable Weber drawbar. The sports-spoke wheels correspond to the current standard of 20-inches in diameter. Reflectors, reflectors ribbons, pennants and a LED road lighting complete the overall picture round. The 3 in 1 soft top on the stable double tubular frame is made for the Kids Tourer by Eco standard, an added plus, which is very important many buyers, as well as the production, which takes place in Germany. The hood next performs three functions: it is raincover, mosquito net and equipped with UV protection sun umbrella in one. The also incorporated sun protection factor is as high as 17%. Let’s see in the interior: the seats of the trailer are comfortably padded and also adjustable, even up to a comfortable Ruheposoition and also provided with the indispensable and additionally padded 5-point safety belt. The liner with a 7mm carpeting is a nice candy which contributes significantly to the convenience. The outstanding space of the trailer is also true for the Zuladeoptionen. It can easily, for example, the beach bag, and all what is needed even at the lake or the purchases, large-volume, be transported beside one or two children. Here, the Tourer is still a lightweight at 14.5 kg tare weight, calculated without optional accessories. At load more generous 80 kg are permitted, which means there is enough room to carry with two children still a lot of equipment.

If the safe?

Definitely. Starting with the double-secured Weber E-coupling, on the solid aluminum tray, to the high quality LED lighting, the 5-point belts, and the eye-catching colors that perfectly him especially at the sides and at the back make visible in traffic.

Luxury car or clunker?

Clear trend towards the former. The Kids Tourer M2 is a high-class children’s bike trailer, which is all that drive him absolutely thrilled and quite contender for a place in the league of luxury cars.

And the driving experience?

By maintenance-free elastomer suspension and the multi-adjustable stabilizing upholstered seats conveys the Kids Tourer an excellent driving experience, was the unanimous opinion. Even something longer distances are for younger riders so no problem, thanks to the adjustable seat position.

Keeps the well for a while?

Definitely. The high quality workmanship and materials of Kids Tourer lasts a long time and is absolutely worth the money.

What do I get for the price?

A high-class all-rounder. He plays in the same league as the Winter Dolphin or the Chariot Cougar 2 . Those who opt for the Kids Tourer meets definitely a good choice, because the money is very well spent in a very well-equipped and extremely finely crafted child bike trailer. By the way, especially the fast service and good communication is praised with the manufacturer Kids Touring.


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We do everything with the Kids Tourer. Drive our son to daycare, bulk purchasing, errands in the city, … he is no longer imagine life withoutSatisfied customers at Amazon


test criteria

criteria rating
total 4/5
functionality    5/5
safety    5/5
Comfort    4/5
Price-performance    4/5
processing    5/5
maneuverability    4/5


  • equipment
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Öko-Text Standard
  • Production in Germany + Good service


  • Extras must be purchased via additional packages


Top-quality, very good quality, to a very clear advantage for the compliance of the eco-text standards and the whole still at a fair price. In addition, there is also a special offer: The manufacturer offers the Kids Tourer also in XL for somewhat older children as well as a custom-made, eg for handicapped children.

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Technical specifications

seating 2
L x W x H (base with handle) 88 x 81 x 93 cm
L x W x H (folded) 88 x 81 x 22 cm
tare 14.5 kg
payload 80 kg
interior width 64 cm
head height 63 cm
footwell depth 55 cm
storage space 62 x 26 x 38 cm

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