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Kreidler Vitality Eco test

Kreidler Vitality Eco Test

Naughty, smart and full of power: These are the pedelecs and e-bikes of the new generation. Boring days! Incredibly versatile, the all-rounder present with electric drive of its sporty side. Here the bikes and individual situations fit: Bergfexen opt for a mountain bike with electric support while connoisseurs are enthusiastic about convenient low step. The sporting enthusiasm knows no bounds. Here an E-bike is lightweight: Show Average 25 kg net weight brings a pedelec on the scale. The maximum load is approximately 115 kg. In other words, the picnic basket may be quiet a bit crowded!… We take ‘the back a report in which we introduce a Kreidler Vitality Eco Test.

individual parts

In Pedelac test was Kreidler Vitality Eco tested. Let the specifics of the pedelec ahead: Insurance is not compulsory. The 250 watt Bosch mid-engine with a 36 V voltage required for empty battery only 2.5 hours, until the total charge. The range is proud 100 kilometers a maximum authorized total weight of 140 kilograms. The Vitality Kreidler Eco has an 8-gear Shimano Nexus hub gear; is braked the passion of e-bikes from a Magura HS11 rim brake. For women, the different frame sizes are 46, 49, and 53 centimeters, and the colors black, matte, silver or red to choose from. In the men also like to needs for supplies be higher: 49 and 53 centimeters frame height and simple gray design completes the elegant appearance of the Vitality Kreidler Eco. The cables are well run and barely visible. What the Vitality Kreidler Eco test is particularly jumped into the eye, was the obstruction of battery: Smart engineers have thought along and at the heart of e-bikes as appropriate, where it neither optical nor technically cumbersome appears: Under the luggage rack! The center built engine (in the pedal area) is almost not make out at first glance, and also contributes a great deal to clever picture. So much talent does not remain hidden: The bike will hotcakes and enjoys great popularity with all age groups. A comfortable saddle and the slightly curved handlebar ensure ride comfort at the highest level! If locked, simply provides you the e-bike on the side stand down, and treat themselves to a break. If you straight sehends surprised by the gathering darkness, so no one has to also fear: The headlight and rear light have inKreidler Vitality Eco Test catered for radiant results.


The customer in Pedelac Test

The German merchant “Bicycle Becker eK” has its customer service address in NRW. The main customers are the major mail order company Amazoncared. In this case the customer from the German-speaking countries has really two competent partners, who are very concerned about customer satisfaction. Both the customer of bike Becker eK and the service from Amazon are very well set up and trained on weekdays (Amazon including weekends and holidays) for the subjects of various kinds. In Pedelac test has shown that on Amazon is a contact person on the spot immediately.


Design in E-Bike Test

What makes this pedelec so likable, is woken Design. The one a processing provides a summary optics which brings it to the point: The Vitality Kreidler Eco VE6 test showed well-integrated and guided along the frame cable. The well sprung saddle takes road bumps terror, also the seat is rather broad and bidding shaped space. So also cycling amateurs are to cope effortlessly. In Kreidler Vitality Eco test has been confirmed again that the low step simply show a lot more advantages in handling, as the sporty E-Bike variations. The coloration of the aluminum frame harmonizes with the elegant black of well-designed rack. The houses not only the bicycle-motor of the pedelec – it is procure so that good luggage (for example in sidebags) can be positioned on it. Especially on extensive stretches of cyclists is grateful for storage.


For just 2,450 Euros the bike fan can take the bike in possession. 700 charging cycles, the manufacturer guarantees the 250 watt motor assists up to a speed of usual 25 Km / h. This versatile bike can variously be used: Whether only just quickly goes to the baker, or remotely located targets in vegetation rich natural plant – the all-rounder does it all. Rolling hills, or steeper passages – also there are the Vitality Kreidler Eco from a good figure.The price of two and a half-thousand euro is not quite justified if the financial aspect to the particularities and exquisite workmanship (processing) is counterbalanced. Even if the e-bike has adneren significant advantages over.


In summary it can be said that this fun device meets all requirements of a sporty everyday needs. Would be a pity if this would mean only drive to work. Sure – the fellow had every reason to envy. But this polynuclear bike has much more to offer than vile everyday. Not only the warranty speaks for itself: The chance is great that the smart pedelec rather fall apart before the warranty ends it. Fun warranty included. Robust processes and graceful in design, the E-Bike is flirtatious to business. The only where it would possibly deny his faithful service, would rocky terrain. but the one or other stone also neutralizes the Suntour suspension fork.



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