Bike for beginners / Kreidler Vitality Elite Tests – Pedelec with Bosch technology

Kreidler Vitality Elite Tests – Pedelec with Bosch technology

The pedelec Kreidler Vitality Elite in Test

Kreidler Vitality Elite is on a road

During today review we have taken the pedelec Kreidler Vitality Elite Bosch closer look.We have received the pedelec test ride and made us our opinion.

In the test, we are scheduled on different things in the handling and ride comfort. Of course we also have the battery power and the drive looked at more closely. Our test model was a Kreidler Vitality Elite 2013 with an output of 250 watts and a shutdown of 25 km / h. Thus, we are in the legal guidelines for a pedelec and may the bicycle without a license or insurance plate drive.

The bike itself is a 28 inch ladies bike, but called Unisex, in black without additional attachments. It is located in the delivery status and there were grown no additional parts.Only the bicycle lock was upgraded – better safe than sorry. The base price for the model is the merchants at 1,799 Euros. The internet address of the Kreidler Vitality 1 from 2013 already for 1599, for example, on Amazon . Here is dispensed with, however, at the service of a specialist dealer.

Technical details for Kreidler Vitality Elite

The Kreidler has an aluminum frame and weighs together with the motor and the battery just 25.9 kg. Despite this weight, it was easy to ride the bicycle without engine power and move.The battery life is 8 hours, and it takes about 2.5 to 3, so that it is fully charged. In front, V-brakes mounted rear also are rim brakes. The gearshift is a Shimano derailleur with 8 gears.Fork, hub dynamo and a gel saddle are included. The rear light has an integrated parking lights .

Gearshift at Kreidler pedelec at the rear

More I do not want to say about the technical details, this can be read on each sheet. I am talking about to describe in the report more what one has no data sheet and to clarify the questions that one really interested.

Power, motor and drive from Kreidler pedelec

The Vitality Kreidler is powered by a 250 watt motor, the engine as a means or bottom bracket is mounted under the bottom bracket. Both a Bosch drive. Bosch has specialized on Tretlagermotoren and can at this point score by long experience. The deep attachment point the Kreidler gets an excellent focus and is very good on the road. The often small distance from the road is nothing to complain about, because it does not there is. There is enough space between the engine and road available. The motor is always switched to only when its own power is brought by stepping into the pedals. For this purpose there is a pedal sensor at the bottom bracket. Due to the direct power transmission to the chain has little delay in performance gains.

Bottom bracket on Kreidler Vitality Elite Bosch

Controlling the power levels and indicator of reach

The motor is operated by a control unit on the handlebars, here you can set different power levels and read the battery level. If you select a different power level, the range is automatically recalculated and displayed. There are thereby at least 5 different settings. They can be found setting. Eco, Tour, Sport and Speed The display is an LCD display, also clearly visible when the sun sparkle. On the day of the test, the pictures were taken just falling in bright sunlight.

The operating unit can be removed when Kreidler Vitality Elite. So it is optimally protected against rainwater. You do not go once, you take the computer just out of its holder. With a simple twist lock that is easy to assemble and dismantle. The handlebars can be adjusted individually by an adjustable angle A headset on each driver. The bike handles are ergonomic bicycle grips from Ergon and provide a good grip on the handlebars.

Mount the LCD display

Battery range during our tests

In our test, we have the Eco mode with a missing battery bars (4 of 5) still 147 kilometers calculated on the ad had. We turn on speed, we still are at 85 kilometers. Supporting the speed mode is very strong, although one has become even themselves, this is the principle of a pedelec ago, but it makes it seem as one must do not have much on their own.

LCD display from Kreidler Vitality Elite

At the end we have come in through testing of various power levels with an average speed of 24.9 km / h on a single charge on well 131 km. This can be quite impressive and is certainly competitive. Of course, the battery consumption is always dependent on personal driving.

The battery sits under the rear luggage carrier

When Kreidler Vitality Elite battery sits under the luggage carrier, a so-called Porter battery.He we pushed from behind on the rear light into the holder. On battery is a charging control, which can be activated on the battery with a button. Now showing LEDs on the charging status.

Battery from pedelec Kreidler Vitality with 8Ah power and a charge indicator

This button is activated and starts to even the display and operating unit. Despite this construction of Porter still has enough space to attach panniers . Matching bicycle bags are not included in the delivery. With 8 hours of power supplied to the battery has enough power for long bike rides. We tested the reach of our countryside, without great slopes and overcome height differences.

Castle from the battery to the rack battery

The battery is secured with a lock, so it is protected from theft. To remove an item it only if one has the key to the lock.

Porters without battery on Vitality Elite Kreidler

Gearshift when pedelec Kreidler

The Shimano 8 speed gearbox is sufficient for a City Ebike. With this you can all the necessary claims covering and should not even be in the right gear case, you can still change support mode.

Feel and overall impression from Kreidler Vitality Elite

From ride forth the Kreidler Elite is very harmonious, the motor to one takes hardly true, there are no shocks and one always feels safe. We had at any time feel that we have the bike completely under our control. It is good in the corners and also the operation of the power levels easily been possible while driving. The operation of all elements was carried out without major problems. Whether it was the removal from the board computer or the battery, everything went smoothly.

Kreidler Vitality Elite is on a road

The Kreidler Vitality Elite is the perfect companion for everyday and is well suited to have the normal bike trouble overcoming slopes and longer routes for those. Even those who always competes against the wind, the Kreidler has the feeling that he had a tailwind. With the parts and the construction of Bosch one is far on the quality front. Who does not come in everyday life with a normal bicycle zurrecht which is well served with the Kreidler Vitality Elite.And even those who ride a bike to work would not arrive sweaty, is very well advised by the City Ebike.

Experiences Kreidler Ebike of a cyclist

“We young people can talk a lot,” said a cyclist I met on my test drive. You also drove the Vitality Elite Kreidler and told us her story. They previously had a normal bike and had lost the fun of driving. She could no longer cover even short distances, since it was not enough physically and from the force. She then delivered her normal bicycle dealer and the electric bicycle Vitality Elite Kreidler gained. Since then she moves back a day by bicycle shop and according to their own statements, they had the first 200 kilometers after one week on the odometer. Give them their would Ebike Kreidler no longer so much was certain.

If you have questions about the report or bicycle, it can make us happy about the comments.I look forward and hope to have an answer.

Our rating: 4/5

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