Bike Racks & Bags / Lenkertasche MSX CLS 55 Avantgarde MX in test

Lenkertasche MSX CLS 55 Avantgarde MX in test

Lenkertasche MSX CLS 55 AVANTGARDE MX in test

MSX CLS 55 Avantgarde MX handlebar bag test

On our tour in Germany we have had next to Panniers a handlebar bag with it. The MSX handlebar bag is now the second bicycle bag for the driver, we take a closer look. The focus is on the processing, assembly, the weight, the operability and the volume. Also interesting is whether there are differences with other bags.

MSX CLS 55 MX Mainstream

Delivery and processing of the CLS 55 Lenkertasche of MSX

The handlebar bag itself, a bracket for mounting on the handlebars and a strap was supplied to can reassign the bag after removal. When fastening sets MSX on a Klickfix system. Also included in the delivery, an instruction manual for installation.

Mounts for mounting on the handlebar Klickfix

The bag is made of waterproof tarpaulin and was high frequency welded, this is a familiar feature of the MSX SL 55 AVANT ZX and other models of the manufacturer. The plus sign reveals the bag clearly as MSX product.

Mounting the Klickfix mounting on the handlebar

For mounting the main unit is held prior to the desired location in front of the handlebars.The supplied mounting elements are chosen according to the handlebar diameter and wrapped around the handlebars and introduced from behind into the Klickfix mounting. Now is screwed from the front 4 screws through the holes provided. The more you put on the screws and purely rotates, the more stable is the maintenance of the holder plate.

Klickfix mounting the bicycle handlebar

In addition, everything is still locked with a steel cable. This cable simply insert a loop around the stem and tighten the screw in the holder plate. Already attached to the handlebar bag holder.

Attach the Handlebar Bag CLS 55 of MSX to the bracket

The Klickfix system is very easy to use. Hook the bag just above the bracket and carefully edge back down. Already snaps of red lock and the bag has a tight fit on the bracket and stable on the bicycle. To release just press the red button and gently pull the CLS 55 Lenkertasche forward.

MSX CLS 55 handlebar mount

The advantage of Klickfix support is on hand. Other manufacturers such as bicycle baskets also use this system. If the holder of the bag to be worn once, you can exchange the adapter plate separately.

Processing of MSX CLS 55 Lenkertasche

The processing of different materials is to the point. No sharp edges, no loose near or excess material. All eyelets and brackets make a very solid and stable impression. The transitions from different materials are worked accurately and precisely.

Compartments on the handlebar bag

Looking from the front of the bag, are to the left and right, a mesh pocket. A small compartment for quick access, not protected from the weather. The lid of the bag is a mesh bag which can be closed with a zipper. In the main body of the bag, the known Velcro zipper bag is to be removed.

Subjects is open to the handlebar bag while

The main compartment is the heart and is formed from the pocket design. Here fit well two liters of milk in the Tetra Pack. For Move optimal for the mobile phone, repair kit or bandages.For the summer, the bag is perfect as a pool bag. A small towel, sunscreen, an apple and shower Show find its place. Along with the strap ideal and compact.

On the bag there are two Velcro strips. Here you can attach a transparent card holder. When no longer required, the card holder, the holder can be easily released again. Optimal for additional bike tours with a map.

Card bracket MSX CLS 55 Avantgarde

The shape of the pocket

The stable base construction, the bag falls after opening not in themselves or lose their shape. This is a big plus, want once you see while driving or take something out of the bicycle bag.

Opening and closing the pocket

The special feature of the case is, it opens to the cyclists. Unlike as with other manufacturers, to get so very easy to connect with the content of the bag. For this, the bag cover is easily dissolved and folded forward. It has to be opened no more complicated zipper. The closing mechanism operates in a manner via a magnet system coupled to a pin type.

360 ° view around the bag

Conclusion for MSX CLS 55 AVANTGARDE MX handlebar bag

The bag makes a very valued and well-made impression. Everything is put together on the spot. By Klickfix support you is very flexible when removing the bag. The principle that the bag opens in the direction of travel, are additional points. The bag also keeps open its shape and is very solid. A Tool-free assembly would be desirable, but not mandatory. Overall, the handlebar bag gets 4.4 out of 5 points. Please note, this is a dynamic valuation can be adjusted in the course of a long-term tests.

Additional bags can be found in bicycle bags Test .

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Our rating: 4.4/5


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