Bicycle Lights and Reflectors / Lezyne PowerDrive 900 XL front light black – glossy

Lezyne PowerDrive 900 XL front light black – glossy


The Lezyne PowerDrive XL has been equipped with a CNC-milled housing, MOR lenses and the Constant Lumens electronics and develops constant 600 lumens of light. The side visibility cut was increased by the Side Visibility Cut. In addition, the PowerDrive XL offers the Infinite Light option, which allows the user to open the end cap and change the battery as needed. The charge status of the battery, when used or charged, is indicated by the Intelligent Power Button. Highly efficient loading, HE, offers the possibility to halve the charging time. The user can choose between the default mode and the overdrive racer mode. The PowerDrive XL comes with composite matrix brackets and 2 rubber spacers. The PowerDrive XL is also available in the Fully Loaded package.This is then next to a CM helmet holder also a second battery.


aluminum construction
aluminum is a rugged and lightweight material. At the same time, it is an exceptionally good thermal conductor and therefore Lezyne uses the design of the LED lamps.

Composite Matrix
Composite Matrix is a very stable, fiber-reinforced material, which used to Lezyne durable components to form.

CNC milled
CNC machined aluminum parts for precise and durable components.

Ongoing constant
Unique electronics allows the Lezyne lamp to maintain a constant lumen output. Resulting in higher lumen performance over a longer period of time.

MOR lens
MOR (Maximum optical reflection) lenses are made of one piece and generate a uniform light cone, is which is wider, finer and lighter. The result is more and optimally distributed light in front of the user.

Intelligent Power Button
Integrated Power button shows both the charge state during operation, as well as the charging process itself by Red or Green LEDs.

Rechargeable via USB
Lezyne LED lamps are rechargeable via USB. The included USB cable, or integrated USB stick (ONLY with Microdrive) can be plugged directly into a computer or wall charger for fast and effective charging.

Sites visibility

The unique design of the lamp housing permits 180Grad visibility, especially from the side. This increases the safety when using the lamp.

Race Mode
An alternative mode, which allows a quick change between Blast and Economy mode with just one click.


High engineering and quality design results in LED lamps, which are extremely weather and water resistant.


  • CNC milled aluminum
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Charge via USB
  • White light
  • Waterproof
  • Article number: 474911


Front lights Type: 2 LED | Luminous flux: 900 lm
Power source Battery / Battery
power supply Batteries included: yes
holder Assembly tool free
StVZO Without StVZO approval
execution Lamp white
Weight (g) 145 g
Model year 2016



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