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Lidl bike lock – Crivit® Faltschloss Tests – Sufficient

Lidl bike lock – Crivit® Sports Folding in Test

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At 12:03. Lidl had some offers for cyclists at the moment we set ourselves a little closer apart with accessory components and also the Lidl Faltschloss take a close look. The question that is in the room, a folding lock for 15,99 Euro may offer what competitors offer for partly 50 euro?

Let’s first look at the package, with this is of course the castle, the holder and the mounting material and installation instruction. The bicycle lock of Lidl is thereby supplied with three keys, one of which has an integrated blue LED lamp. The screws and Velcro are the prerequisite for securing the bracket.

Mounting bracket and the bicycle

The cyclist can choose between two options, even the packaging are the two screws at Mentioned and two Velcro straps. Who wants to screw the bracket firmly to the frame, for the existing under holes for example, uses the drinks bottle holder. Who has these holes not on his bike or uses already differently, which can fix the holder at any point with the Velcro straps. A bit is sent require and you can already pull the straps through the bracket and to the frame tube.


The foldable, like the competition locks slid into the holder, be different with this principleTrelock , Abus and Crivit ® not.

Contents and before the outside traps also protects a tab with a rubber band. The castle sits firmly in the holder and can not fall out, a rattle is hardly noticed while driving.

Processing from Lidl Fahrradschloss

In the package the Faltschloss claiming serious and sophisticated look. Put it out of the whole, they quickly learn the hinges look very shaky . Here you have a lot more game than, say, the Trelock FS 455 . The overall impression is less valuable and it makes a unstable impression. As we wanted to rely not only on the impression, we looked at the joints even closer.

Fahrradschloss cracked in 90 seconds

The rivets or bolts which are connected to the joints, however, have a weak point. They are having an engagement surface for a drill. Our theory, with an ordinary cordless screwdriver and a metal drill would have the rivets in less 60 seconds of pure drilling time can drill. It can be heard in the video that the electric screwdriver used was with a weak battery is at work. In addition still 4 hammer blows and the rivet is no longer an obstacle. With a full battery, the time for drilling could well be even less. These were not to special tool. It was a commercial metal drill.

Material used seemingly soft

The material used on Lidl bike lock is apparently very soft. Crivit® are on the packaging: “safety cylinder lock for high theft protection.” This brings a naturally nothing if the proverbial weakest link can be found at a different location.

This attack surface provides the more expensive Faltschloss of Trelock or Abus ( Abus Bordo Big ) as irrelevant. Here the rivets and the connector is flat. Game, there are between the segments hardly. A drill would slip off when applying slip off the flat surface.

Folding Connector comparison Crivit® and Trelock

Of course, one should not get open in the short time a castle. For shopping and in busy areas the castle should be well off. A 1000 Euro bike we would therefore not secure.

Folding Unfolded

The individual Faltschlosselemente are coated with a plastic such scratching is prevented from bicycle varnish. Overall, the Folding of 6 elements. The Folding of Crivit® with 85 cm length (manufacturer) almost too short than you could connect the bike so to another subject.

Our conclusion for Faltschloss from discounters – Sufficient

From this Lidl Faltschloss gets unfortunately not advise. A bicycle lock should be able to attack a longer oppose something. With 15,99 Euro , the castle is not expensive. However, one should not save in the wrong. At the same time you also have to say that for the money simply can not wait. Why do we evaluate the castle yet with plenty? For the money of € 15.99 the folding lock offers protection that certainly corresponds to the price.

Our rating: 2.3/5


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